While I do post plenty of political things on my personal Facebook page (I’m a proud liberal), I try not to post as much here on the blog. Not to say that I’m ashamed or trying to hide my views (I’m not), but because I really don’t want to be getting into arguments with strangers. So as a reminder–all comments are considered spam until I un-spam them; so if the comment is too hateful or mean-spirited it will be deleted without second thought.

Well hopefully after the 20th (when Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are sworn in as the new president & vice-president), the country can slowly start to heal.

Congress is meeting to ratify the Electoral College vote (which certified Biden & Harris as the winners) tonight and/or tomorrow morning. They should have been done by this evening–but the orange anus riled up his base and they actually stormed the Capital and caused chaos and mayhem for several hours today.

That also shined a blinding light on the biggest problem facing the US: white supremacy. These home grown terrorists were ransacking and destroying property and the cops really didn’t do anything–if their skin color had been different, there would have been a different ending.

I hate to break this to all the knuckle draggers out there–but everyone on the planet has the same DNA. The only difference is the order of the nucleotides (A,T,G, and C). There is no supreme race, or any of that other shit. Also news flash: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are basically the same religion–just different versions (Christianity arose from trying to reform Judaism, and Islam arose from trying to reform both Christianity and Judaism).

I also hate to break it to various idiots out there–the US was founded by illegal immigrants who stole the land from the people who lived there for a couple of millennium before Europeans accidentally landed in the Caribbean. Therefore before spouting crap about people needing to go ‘back to where they belong’–unless you can trace both sides of the family back to pre-1492 Americas, they may want to figure out where they need to be migrating to as well. PS–Mexico isn’t going to be paying for a wall–and the wall isn’t going to be finished either.

We’re in the 21st century–we’re suppose to be advancing as a society not going backwards (though I know that is the direction all the old white men would love to go). We should have been closer to building colonies on the moon or under the oceans, or traveling to Mars–instead we’re arguing over whether the earth is round or not (News Flash: It is!), the moon landing (News Flash: It happened!), and whether or not vaccines are good (News Flash: they save lives, plus for those anti-vaxxers out there–this is the world lacking a SINGLE vaccine).

End of rant. Let’s all try practicing compassion, kindness, and treating each other humanely. Also for everyone who is pissed about jobs, housing, and all that crap–look to see how your elected officials are voting and don’t always believe what they are spouting on the new shows.