So I managed to get caught up on the bird section of the website this week.

The last of the diurnal raptor pages was added–for the osprey, including information on the family (Pandionidae).

Osprey flying over Boomer Lake

There are 24 diurnal raptors within the Acciptriformes order that can be spotted within North America. I’ve gotten pictures of six of them (so basically a quarter of them). While there are two other groups of raptors that are also consider diurnal–they’re in separate orders, and therefore will be having their own pages added throughout the year.

I also added in the pages for the order (Apodiformes) and family (Trochilidae) for the ruby-throated hummingbird as well this week. In terms of this group–there are twenty-two species (between two families), and I’ve only spotted one of them (the ruby-throated hummingbird).

Ruby-throated hummingbird at the nectar feeder.

So now that I’ve caught up with the orders and families of the birds I originally posted starting last fall, now I will be continuing to add more orders/families/species to the section throughout the year.

One hope is that with currently two vaccines for the SARS-CoV2 pandemic being available, I should hopefully be eligible to get the vaccine by late summer/early fall. This means that I might be able to plan a trip for sometime in 2022 or 2023–which hopefully means somewhere new, and possibly spotting more birds and continuing to increase my personal bird sighting (and photograph) list–which currently is sitting at about 90 different species.

I currently have 21 species pages posted (32 pages, when including the order and family)–which means I have basically 70-90 pages still to add to the section. I just haven’t decided which of the remaining thirteen orders I’m going to go with–but will start with another order within the next two weeks.