So I’ve spent the weekend thinking on a few things and decided that moving forward I would be doing the following in terms of some of my posts.

After looking at the metrics for the science new posts–they are going to continue, but will either be biweekly or monthly. In addition, since they’re rather long (depending on how many articles I’m recapping)–they will be added as ‘pages’ under a new subsection of the all things science section (the subsection will be News Recaps).

I will also have a smaller blog post announcing the pages (similar to what I do for the bird pages), hopefully giving a decent overview-but also tease a little to where you will want to go read the longer posts.

The same will be done with the paper reviews (under a subsection called Paper Reviews) once I start up with those, and they will also probably be either biweekly or monthly.

I’ve realized that it may take me awhile to build a community, as I’m not focusing on a single area for my site (and I don’t share posts regularly to the Facebook page). I know that in theory that is what I should be doing—but truthfully, I can’t think of anything currently that I could write about consistently. Having different areas (science, birding, travel [which I will be adding more to over the year], photography, fitness, crafts, reading, and all the other ideas bouncing around in my head) gives me numerous ideas to choose from for writing. My biggest problem at times is writers block—the choosing, and the starting; but once I start I can usually get a short blog post out.

My goals this year for this site are simple: consistently post, possibly add new pages, add more content to the pages I have posted already, possibly change the name, and hopefully double the number of followers.