Blackout After Dark (image (c)

So the latest book in the Gansett Island series by Marie Force came out yesterday (February 9, 2021).

If you follow Marie on social media, you will know that she referred to this book as the ‘Frankenstein book’ because it has 45 chapters.

I decided yesterday, that I was going to binge and try to finish the book–and I did finish it, at roughly 10pm last night.

Blackout after Dark takes place roughly towards the end of summer–think late July/early August. The whole premise of the book is that there is a massive island wide power failure.

Since it’s a really hot summer–it wasn’t surprising for the power to go out (and if you’ve either lived or visited the east coast–not that many places have central air), since everyone was running their air conditioning.

What I really loved about this book was that it included all the couples from the previous 22 books, and also introduced new people who will hopefully be getting their own stories in the future.

So without too many spoilers, ‘Blackout after Dark’, allowed us to check-in with all the members of the McCarthy family (and I did guess right with one of the story lines–but you have to figure out which one), and all their friends.

While one would think that having 22+ couples weaving in and out of the chapters would be hard to follow, the stories actually flow quite nicely together. A little background is woven in for each couple, then Marie seamlessly weaves in the next couple as we move about the island (and even the US). There were several surprises for various people on the island, and now I’m impatiently waiting for the next several books.

If you haven’t read the series, you can start with any book–there are no cliffhangers, but to get the most out of the series–I suggest you start at the beginning with ‘Maid for Love’ featuring Mac McCarthy and Maddie Chester.

Since we’re still in the middle of the cold front being pushed down from the Arctic, I actually plan on binge reading the entire series again this weekend. Because if it’s cold outside I might as well mentally transport myself to an island during summer time.

I give this book (and the entire series) 5 stars. Kudos again to a great book and continuation of a great series.