So the trio of owl pages (Order Strigiformes, Family Strigidae, and currently the only member that I have pictures of–the great horned owl) are live under the bird tab.

As I mentioned on the great horned owl page–while they may not be the best pictures of a great horned owl, I’m extremely proud of them for a couple of reasons:

Great-horned owl roosting at Boomer Lake

  1. I wasn’t expecting to see an owl (even roosting) in the middle of the day. I always thought that they retreated to their nests and stayed ‘hidden’ until nightfall.
  2. I felt like seeing the owl helped reinforce the notion that I needed a ‘reboot break’. Because if I was at work–I wouldn’t have seen one, and it would still be on my ‘birding’ bucket-list.

They also reinforced my notion of going birding or walking with no particular goal in mind. I know that some people go out birding with a certain goal (of either hoping to spot a certain bird or a specific number of birds)–I just go out with the hopes of getting at least one good picture of a bird (and it doesn’t matter which bird).

We live close to a wooded area of town, so I do occasionally hear the calls of great horned owls, plus the occasional screech of a screech owl–now the goal will be to get a picture of a screech owl, possibly roosting during the day on a tree branch, or in its nest.

The next series of pages possibly will be the New World Vultures (turkey and black), and those will finish up the raptors (both diurnal and nocturnal), and then I will continue working my way down the list of birds I have.

Have you seen a great horned owl (or another owl) in the wild? If so–where?