The first Friday & Saturday of March marks ‘National Day of Unplugging’. It runs from sundown to sundown, and was established as a day to urge people to step away from electronics.

So, besides being the first I heard about it, this was also the first time I actually ‘unplugged’ (more or less). I’ve had it listed as a goal to try to go a weekend a month without social media (semi-unplugging)–and I haven’t met the goal yet.

I actually was able to more or less ‘unplug’ for the day. I turned off my laptop (not quite at sundown, but after my bath) Friday night, and didn’t turn it back on until Sunday morning. The phone I left on–mainly because it is also one of my clocks–when it’s dark & one isn’t wearing their glasses, it is the best clock in the room, but other than one brief look at email, I only used it for the camera throughout the day.

I kept my kindle on, as I don’t have that many actual physical books in my room (and none that jumped out at me for reading).

So what did I do yesterday?

I wrote in my journal, and I managed to get a rough draft going on the topics of assessing/monitoring and dealing with other health areas (specifically emotional & spiritual health, which can fall under mental health).

I also go a rough draft started on my thoughts and opinions of possibly doing data analysis (either freelancing or joining a company) and what technical skills I still need to learn.

I added a little more to my cross-stitch troubleshooting piece, and realized that simple designs are the way to go in terms of learning. No one usually starts out trying to do a seriously complex design with a new craft the first time–does this mean I’m going to go looking for a design or tutorial?

Maybe–but probably not. While tutorials are good, currently my printer is not working & therefore I will only go looking for a tutorial if I need to look up a technical aspect of cross-stitching.

I also started to patch my two afghans that my dog chewed holes into. The first one is almost patched (hopefully a post on that later this week or next weekend), and then I will work on figuring out how to patch the other one (that has three holes in it).

I’m actually going to try to do this weekly–turn off the computer on Friday night and not turn it back on until Sunday morning. I usually leave the phone in the house (unless I’m going for a walk) if I go outside. This way since we’re heading into spring weather–I can try to make Saturdays (weather permitting) the days for doing the outside chores, and not feel guilty about being away from the computer.