**This series spins-off from the Fatal series by Marie Force. So if you’re a fan of her Fatal series and haven’t finished reading the books–come back after you’re read those, unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Picture of the paperback edition that I ordered from the author

So this is the first book in Marie Force’s new First Family series. This book (and series) starts right after the last scene in Fatal Fraud (the last book in the Fatal series). Therefore, if you haven’t read at least that book–STOP reading, unless you don’t mind spoilers.

This ‘new’ series follows Nick and Samantha as they make their transition from the second family (which was back in book eight or nine of the Fatal series) to the first family after President David Nelson was found deceased in the White House on Thanksgiving.

Without giving too many details away–it is a fast pace book, where instead of things happening over a couple of weeks, it is focused on the first week or so of their ‘new’ lives.

There are compromises from both Sam and Eli in terms of protection, and everyone trying to figure out what their new ‘normal’ is going to be. Everyone from the Fatal series was back (including those that are a pain in the backside for both Sam and Nick), and more characters are being introduced.

I loved the Fatal series (and actually started re-reading it before State of Affairs came out), and am planning on another re-read so that I can post brief reviews here on the blog, and am absolutely in love with the First Family series. It is going to be wait for the second book (it is due out in December), but Marie Force never disappoints so the wait will be worth it.

State of Affairs gets an A+, 10 out 10 stars review and I highly recommend the book to anyone who has read Marie Force (but may not have read the Fatal series), and even to those who haven’t but enjoy a little mystery/suspense to their stories.