So the moon should be entering the Capricorn constellation tonight or tomorrow night (depending on where you are in the world), and it will mark the sixth full moon for the year. There are now only six days left in June, and 190 days left in 2021. The summer Olympics start sometime next month (since they had to be postponed from last year), and as much as I like watching them–I’ll porbbaly just catch the highlights on replay (or watch them on the computer).

I’m slowly figuring things out-in terms of what I possibly want to do professionally, but one of the things that I really need to work on (creating and using an editorial calendar) still seems to elude me–may July will be better.

So looking to the book ‘Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles’ by Yasmin Boland, what are the questions that can be asked during this time?

Have I been ambitious to the point of ruthlessness?

Have I been obsessed with work to the detriment of my personal life?

Have I been hard headed, hard nosed, or just too hard on others?

Have I allowed my head to overrule my heart?

Have I been planning my life enough? Or have I been planning it too much?

If I were to number the above questions 1-5, my answers would be as followed:

  1. No, I haven’t been ambitious to the point of ruthlessness. While I’m slowly figuring things out, I also realize that there is enough ‘success’ to go around for everyone. One of the big things I’m trying to do is limit my time around toxic people (and I consider highly ambitious leaning towards ruthless people as toxic people and people to avoid).
  2. Prior to the last year and a half, I would say yes I had been obsessed with work to the detriment of my personal life. Currently, that isn’t a problem since I’m still slightly uncertain about the path I would like to take for my career. Also, I am working on striking harmony in terms of different areas of life–not balance, but just the understanding that at times some things will be a little more focus and while that is okay I need to pay attention to make sure it won’t be going overboard.
  3. Nope, I haven’t been hardheaded, hard nosed, or too hard on others. Mainly because I’m still self isolating for the most part (yes, I have gotten my vaccine but I really don’t trust other people much these days).
  4. In what context? Truthfully, there haven’t been that many decisions to make that would have been a head versus heart type of decision.
  5. No, I haven’t been planning my life enough. While I’m slowly making my way up the ‘staircase’ from the pits of ‘burnout’, I ralize that I do need to try to set some goals–they can be fluid in their ‘timeline’ for completion, but they do need to be written down, and then steps thought of in order to achieve them.

In addition, the Capricorn full moon is traveling through my third house–or my communication zone. This zone deals with verbal communications with people that you would see on a day-to-day basis (more or less): friends, co-workers, and possibly family; but also written communications (including with yourself) such as to-do lists, emails and so forth, in addition to self-expression. While it is a time for communications–the communications are best done when people are in a ‘good’ mood–you don’t want things to spiral out of control and a disagreement started because someone took something you said the wrong way.

Currently, I’m not in the middle of any type of major disagreement with people I talk to on a day-to-day basis, which since I’m still self-isolating are basically just my parents (and my younger brother every so often). I’m trying to avoid getting into ‘disagreements’ on-line (usually by just hiding the posts or unfollowing the particular person).

I’m finding my to-do lists easier to keep up with (especially if I write them up the night before) and I am working on trying to develop an editorial calendar that will work for me.

Therefore what are my goals for the Capricorn full moon period?

Continuing with resistance training (I’m following the schedule for LIIFT4 more or less, but just listening to music as I lift weights instead of trying to stream the program)

Creating a new long-term goal list; since I have a couple of ideas for what I would like to do career wise–I just need to write them down and figure out the ‘timeline’ for different aspects of each of them. The goal would be to have an rough outline for the major goals in different areas: health/fitness, finances, career, personal/professional development, spirituality, hobbies, and living space.

Continue with my personal/professional development journey by completing the following:

Writing my semi-technical document: ‘Troubleshooting Tips for Molecular Cloning’

Reading the following books: ‘Why You’re Stuck’ By Derek Doepker; ‘More of Less’ by Josh Becker; and ‘Master Your Core’ by Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak

Starting (and possibly finishing) at least one copywriting course.

Progress is being made by holding tight to the quote: ‘Progress not Perfection’