So I shared the above image on LinkedIn and Instagram earlier today, and it got me thinking that it could also become part of a running blog series.

Last fall I decided that I wanted to start creating ‘bird pages’ for all the birds that I managed to get a picture of over the years, and that I had digital pictures of on my computer. This started the evolving ‘birds, birds, and birds’ section of the blog/website. Currently there are about seventy-eight pages under that tab, with another ninety-one pages to be added.

As the bird section has grown, so has the potential number of side projects that I’m thinking of doing in terms of I’ve learned about various birds or minor issues I’ve discovered.

Since molecular testing has become ‘cheaper’ over the decades, bird families and orders have been reconfigured–to where the cormorants, frigatebirds, and boobies are no longer classified with the pelicans, ibises, and herons. They’ve been given their own order: Suliformes, which doesn’t seem to have much information on it (something that has slightly bother me).

I also found that the orders Gaviiformes (loons), and Coraciiformes (kingfishers and other brightly colored birds) also have very little information on them.

Researching all three could generate at least one to two small ‘blog/science’ posts/articles in addition to a simple summary post as well.

I also found out that the dodo was within the same order as the pigeons and doves–I never knew that. I don’t think the classification of the dodo was ever discussed in any science class.

I also learned that the order for swans, ducks, and geese (Order Anseriformes), in addition to the order for turkeys, quails, and pheasants (Order Galliformes) have been around since the dinosaurs. I knew that bird evolution started during the age of dinosaurs, but I didn’t realize that there have been two orders that have been around since that time.

Those are just two of the ‘weird’ facts that I’ve learned since starting this project. I’ll be sharing a couple every week or so both here and on LinkedIn and Instagram.