So, it doesn’t look like I set any goals during the Leo new moon last year–which isn’t that surprising since I think I was in a mini-meltdown due to the numbers skyrocketing and everyone complaining about things being closed, but unwilling to sit at home any longer. This year, the moon will make its transition into Leo either today or tomorrow (depending on where you live in the world), marking the eight new moon of the year.

I’m still having minor anxiety attacks and meltdowns due to the fact that we’re sixteen to eighteen months into the pandemic and while the numbers started to fall a couple of months ago, they’re on the rise again (due to people not getting vaccinated and the spread of the delta variant of the virus). But, I’m trying to work with the anxiety and hopefully not have that many days where I just sit and do nothing.

So, what are some of the things that one can do during the Leo New Moon?

  1. Show off–celebrate life
  2. Flirt
  3. Be creative
  4. Love thyself–self-love, work on confidence and leadership skills
  5. Spoil thyself

Well, since we’re still in the middle of the damn pandemic–I’m not going to be flirting with anyone (still trying to figure out my life), and I doubt I’ll be showing off that much (though this might change). I will be working on self-love/self-care, building my confidence (in terms of writing, crafts, and so forth), and possibly work on improving my leadership skills along with being creative and spoiling myself.

These are all good for being within the Leo constellation, but one should also look to see what house/zone the moon and Leo are progressing through as well. For me, it means that Leo is going through my 10th house (or my career zone). This is about my career and reputation (professional brand).

So what are some of the things that one can do during this time in regards to the career zone?

  1. Speak to your boss about how you’re doing
  2. Help a colleague out of a rut
  3. Check that you’re not becoming status mad
  4. Start a new business as close to the new moon as you can
  5. Apply for new jobs with confidence
  6. When you’ve earned it, take the credit
  7. Plot your next best career move

It’s nice that we’re reminded to check in on our careers twice a year (when the moon moves through our tenth house–both new and full). Since I’m still on a ‘reboot break’, there are a few things from the above list that currently aren’t happening–basically numbers one to three (speaking to one’s boss, helping out a colleague, and checking one’s ‘status’).

In terms of the others: I’m combining the next career move and ‘new business’ into one–I’m leaning more towards online/remote/contract/freelance writing, then looking for an in-person position currently (though this might change once the pandemic is hopefully under control again). Since I’m thinking also in terms of ‘contract’ positions–once I have my ‘ducks’ i a row, I will also be applying for new jobs with confidence as well.

The writing won’t be the only part of the ‘new business’; I’m also going to be doing some crafts, photography, and other things as well (to ensure that I won’t be super bored). Therefore the look and organization of the blog will be changing slightly over the coming months.

Looking at the lists of things that one can do during the Leo new moon, my goals for this period will include:

  1. Continue developing my self-care/self-love routine. This will include meditation time, time outdoors, journaling, stretching, and figuring out what type(s) of exercise I enjoy the most.
  2. Continue with the creative/reflective and minor research content posts for the blog, but also start working on creating more in-depth pieces as well (in addition to new pages, and consolidation of other pages)
  3. Determine the top five to ten (maybe even fifteen) types of freelance/remote/contract writing I would like to do, and start drafting examples of each, in addition to start drafting my ‘own’ medical content pieces.
  4. Determine the top five to fifteen items/sponsors/affiliates and so-forth for the other three ‘blocks’ of my business foundation.

Above all else remember: Progress over perfection, and keep in mind three of the words chosen for 2021: growth, creativity, and curiosity.