So, Carrie Ann Ryan has come out with a new paranormal romance series: Ravenwood Coven.

This series is based in Ravenwood, Pennsylvania and focuses on the citizens of the town: the witches, the shifters, and the fae.

Dawn Unearthed introduces us to the world, as Sage (Prince) Reed moves to Ravenwood, Pennsylvania with the palns to open a bakery and start fresh, away from the grief of losing her husband, and the constant memories that surrounded her.

Sage is introduced to her heritage and the secrets of the town, both sooner than expected and in a way that was not foreseen.

The town has been able to keep its secrets for years, even with the everyday citizen that may live in town, and the visitors passing through.

What happens when a witch (still learning to control her powers), meets a semi-grumpy bear shifter, and finds more trouble than she can handle on her own?

She may find her ‘sisters’, her mate, and her future–all within Ravenwood and the coven, if they can survive the darkness that is threatening the town.

What are the ties between the Ravenwood Coven and the dark forces that seek to engulf the town? Those answers will be unveiled throughout the series, and it starts with Dawn Unearthed.

I enjoyed the introduction to Ravenwood and its citizens. I look forward to see what the future holds for Laurel, Rowen, and the others.

I give Dawn Unearthed five out of five stars and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal (or even just shapeshirter) romances.

Dawn Unearthed is available for download at Amazon on August 19, 2021.