So, it’s now September, which means there only four months left in 2021—with four new moons, and four full moons. The September new moon is coming up, for those in the US it will be on Monday, September 6th (Labor Day), but for others it could be on Tuesday. Therefore, before looking ahead to the Virgo New Moon, I should look back at the goals I set during the Leo New Moon and see how I did with each of them.

So what were the goals that I set for the Leo new moon? They included:

  1. Continue developing my self-care/self-love routine. This will include meditation, time outdoors, journaling, stretching, and figuring out what type(s) of exercise I enjoy the most.
  2. Continue with the creative/reflective and minor research content posts for the blog, but also start working on creating more in-depth pieces as well (in addition to possibly new ‘landing’ pages and consolidating other pages)
  3. Determine the top five to ten types of freelance/remote/contract writing I would like to do and then start drafting examples of each. Also start drafting my ‘own’ medical content pieces.
  4. Determine the top five to fifteen items/sponsors/affiliates and so-forth for the other three ‘blocks’ of my business foundation.

So how did I do with each of them?

In terms of developing my self-care/self-love routine, I’ve been doing evening meditations, spending some time outdoors (either sitting & reading, having my camera, or doing some yard work; currently it’s a little too warm for walks), journaling a little in the evenings, and figuring out the exercises/intentional movements I’d prefer doing.

Those movements include lifting weights, shadow boxing, walking, yard work, stretching, and dancing (as long as I’m by myself). I’m planning on probably canceling my Beachbody-on-demand subscription this month, which means I will be needing to find things that I can do that really won’t require ‘streaming’ workouts on the computer (as I’m going to be trying to limit my screen time).

The first goal was the only one I managed decent progress with, I didn’t publish as many posts/pages last month as I’d done in previous months (though it doesn’t look like it hurt the traffic to the blog that much), but I’m behind on the las three goals that I set for the Leo new moon.

I’d planned on getting several bird pages, travel pages, and reworking the science section done last month, and I’d only managed to get a couple of the bird pages done. I also hadn’t gotten around to figuring out the different top groups for the writing or other blocks of my future business foundation.

I would love to say that it was so nice that I was sitting outside all the time not wanting to be on the computer, and that was a small portion of it—the main reason is I was just so irritated with how quickly things have gone downhill again in terms of dealing with the pandemic, that I just wanted to ‘ignore the world’—so that is what I did. I ignored the world, and only did the bare minimum amount of work each week to meet my goals.

This is something that I’m going to be working on going forward—staying more optimistic, focused, while still ignoring the world (but not letting it irritate me to the point I try to ignore my goals).

So, I managed a quarter of my goals for the Leo New Moon, which is better than what I managed in 2020 (since I hadn’t set goals for the Leo New Moon), and that is what progress is—forward movements with the occasional backwards slide.

As I look ahead to the last four months (and series of new and full moons), I know that there will be progress, as well as a few steps backwards—but I also know that I’m further down the road this year compared to last year. In addition, I can see the ‘signs’ for doing freelance/remote/contract work starting to shine a little brighter.

How are you planning for the fall and winter?