So we’re going to be heading into the September full moon tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday), but before I can look ahead to the Pisces full moon—I need to look back at the goals I set for the second Aquarius full moon and see how I did with them.

My goals for the second Aquarius full moon were similar to the ones that I’d set for the first one, and they included:

The larger ‘open-ended’ goal of working on time and project management skills, by finding time for crafts, making progress on projects, and feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

The specific mini-goals within that open-ended goals included:

  1. Creating a timeline/schedule for my various writing projects that I’m coming up with
  2. Create a timeline/schedule for the rest of the bird pages for the blog
  3. Start a 30-day journaling challenge
  4. Continue working on the cross-stitch project
  5. Start working through various e-courses

Looking at this list, the only goal I managed to accomplish was the cross-stitch project. I’ve managed to finish two pieces within the past six weeks (mainly because I’ve been frustrated, irritated, and feeling down/depressed).

My second cross-stitch project: Rainbow squares. Total time for completion: three and a half weeks.

So, the other goals had a little work put into them–but I stress little. I’m playing around with how I want to combine pages, rework other pages, and so forth on the site, and those ideas are tied into the first, second, and final goal (timelines and working through other courses). The journal goal just didn’t happen again.

One of our younger dogs has just been diagnosed with hemolytic anemia and she’s back in the vets getting a second transfusion, and more tests will be getting run on tomorrow. So last week, nothing (other than working on the cross-stitch, and some minimum networking) was really completed.

I’m actually perfectly fine with the fact that most things haven’t been accomplished—because I knew that I wouldn’t be mentally functioning very well last week. While I’m still semi-depressed (especially since it isn’t looking good for our pup), I’ve also realized that I need to start getting various things done during the day/week and that I really shouldn’t spend all day working on my cross-stitch projects.

So, I’m going to try to figure out the timelines for different projects (including reworking the blog/website—I have basic ideas of how pages are either going to be combined and/or renamed/worked), and actually try to stick to the schedule. I have discovered that there are certain times of the day that I prefer doing research, or reading a small article and sharing it on different sites (after writing a brief introduction to it in my own words).

I don’t have to be busy all day, every day—but I do need to be productive. The different writing projects that I’m brainstorming are also to showcase different writing styles (technical, educational, and then communication with the general public) and to help serve as a ‘portfolio’ as I try to navigate the online freelance/remote/contract work environment.

The third quarter isn’t going the way I’d hoped—but I also know that it could be going way worse as well. The plan is to take every day as it comes, plan out what I want to get accomplished for that day (and at the beginning of the week—the week), and focus on those small tasks.

The goal of life is progress and not perfection, and no path is ever totally straight—so while it feels like I’m winding backwards on depression/anxiety, there is progress from where I was several years ago (when we were dealing with the health issues of three dogs).

Tomorrow is the Pisces full moon, and the start of another year around the sun.