So I’d mentioned in ‘2021 in Review’ that I managed to read at least 105 fiction books.

They were all within the romance genera (paranormal, romantic suspense, contemporary, or a combination of the three).

While it would be difficult for to pick my top three (or even five)—believe me, someone asked me on LinkedIn for my top three fiction choices, and it took me three hours to pick them, I’d like to share my favorites (ones that I will re-read again). While I thought of including both 2021 releases and then others that I bought last year–I decided to make it just a 2021 release list.

My favorites included:

The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers (first three books were technically released in 2020–though I read them at the beginning of the year) and Luna Harbor Series by Claudia Burgoa (both to have new releases in 2022)

  1. Call You Mine (Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers #4)
  2. As We Are (Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers #5)
  3. Yours to Keep (Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers #6)
  4. Finally You (Luna Harbor #1)

Books by Avery Gale:

  1. Catalina (The Alders, #10)
  2. Falling for Fallon (Master of the Prairie Winds Club #12)

Books by Marie Force:

  1. Blackout After Dark (Gansett Island #23)
  2. State of Affairs (First Family #1)
  3. How Much I Love (Miami Nights #3)
  4. Come Together (Butler, VT #7)
  5. Temptation After Dark (Gansett Island #24)
  6. State of Grace (First Family #2)

Books by Bianca D’Arc:

  1. Snow Dragons (Dragon Knights #16)
  2. Gatekeeper (Dragon Knights #17)

Books by J.S. Scott:

  1. Billionaire Unexpected–Jax
  2. Billionaire Unnoticed–Cooper

Books by Carrie Ann Ryan:

  1. The On My Own Series (four book series that was released in 2021)
  2. The Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins series (fourth and fifth books set to release in 2022)
  3. Ravenwood Coven trilogy (final two books set to release in 2022)

Books by Shelly Laurenston:

  1. Breaking Badger (The Honey Badger Chronicles #4)

Books by Cara Covington:

  1. Love Under Two Warriors (Lusty, Texas #42)
  2. Love Under Two Explorers (Lusty, Texas #43)

Books by Rhyannon Byrd:

  1. A Scent of Magick (McKendrick Warlocks #3)

Books by Catherine Coulter:

  1. Vortex: A FBI Thriller

Some of these books I’ve waited literally decades for (A Scent of Magick), and I did go back and re-read the previous two books to remind myself of the overall plot line. Other books (such as the Lusty, Texas series) I don’t really go back to re-read, because the new book may (or may not) build on previous story line.

I had bought the first three books of the Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers series at the end of 2020–but read them during January 2021. Those books were included in the long list of books in my 2021: year in review post.

I did re-read the entire Fatal series by Marie Force prior to State of Affairs being released in April.

Other books from the 2021: year in review will probably also end up on a ‘re-read’ list over the next few years, but were left off this list–since they weren’t technically released last year.

Heading into 2022, I have numerous books pre-ordered (but currently not the same number that I did in 2021)—but I also purchased a ton of free e-books during 2021, so I have plenty to chose from to read this coming year in addition to the few that have been pre-ordered.

My fiction reading goals for 2022 include:

  1. Reading at least forty fiction books, and I know that I can easily double if not triple that number (since I do enjoy re-reading certain books/series).
  2. Write a mini-book review for each ‘new’ book that I read this year (so that will hopefully be at least thirty mini-book reviews for blog and other sites)
  3. Expand my reading genera (since I usually stick with the umbrella of romance). So I will probably look at sci-fi/fantasy and mystery/thriller releases and possibly try to find an new author or two (possibly even more).

Who are some of your favorite mystery/thriller or sci-fi/fantasy authors?