So, we’re going to be entering the second full moon of the year, probably tonight (or last night, or Thursday night depending on where you are in the world). That means, 2022 is officially off and running. That means we are six and a half weeks into 2022—and truthfully I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Before looking ahead to the next full moon, I need to look back at the goals that I set for the Cancer full moon and see how I did with each of them.

The goals that I wrote out for the Cancer full moon included:

  1. Nightly oracle card drawings and meditation
  2. Draft a three-to-five year plan (with yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly goals)
  3. Finish at least one non-fiction book
  4. Work through at least another three-to-five videos (possibly one or two modules) of a personal/professional development course)

How did I do with each of them?

In terms of the nightly oracle card drawings—I’ve been fairly consistent, there have only been a day or two (at least in Feb) that I didn’t do it in the evenings. I’ve been considering January to be my ‘tester’ month for most goals.

I’m still working on trying to get back into a meditation routine—especially after ‘losing’ both meditation mat and yoga/fitness mat to animal accidents. I think the meditation mat might be salvageable, but the yoga/fitness mat was a total loss. Basically—I’m trying to find something comfortable to sit on, and hope that the animals won’t ‘wreck’ it like they did with the yoga/fitness mat.

The three-to-five year plan… This has been a ‘stumbling block’ for quite awhile. Then I finished reading ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson last week (or possibly the week before). Anyway, my biggest takeaway from the book was on goals/habits/plans—and that was have a plan to get started and goals to meet—but don’t try to set up this intricate multi-year plan, as things have a habit of changing, and we need to be able to go with the flow. With that being said, I’m in the process of writing out one-to-three ‘big’ goals for different areas of life, and figuring out what the one thing I can do today (and everyday) that will bring me closer to that goal.

So far this year, I have managed to read (and finish) three non-fiction books:

  1. Work Quilting by Vicki Walton
  2. Girl: Take Back Your Career by Solange Lopes
  3. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

I’m also bouncing between probably another three-to-five non-fiction books (aim is to have at least one more finished before the end of February).

Working through another module (or possibly two) of a personal/professional development course…Well, I did manage to watch two short courses on Skill Share:

  1. Productivity Basics: How to become more productive in 4 steps
  2. Personal and Lifestyle Branding; Build Your Story

Plus I’m trying to work through the following two courses:

  1. Write Your Way to Freedom (course on becoming a freelance copywriter)
  2. Work For Yourself (course from Udemy on self-employment/freelancing)

Though all of the work was done towards the end of January—I just can’t get into the mindset (so far) this month.

So, I would say that I’d managed to meet about 80% of the goals—figuring out the ‘alternative’ to a massive three-to-five year plan gave a small ‘check’ on that goal. My problem this year (so far) seems to be getting into the mindset to do the work. I’ve realized that since the one time management app isn’t currently working on the computer—I’m going to be having to log out of various social pages, and then probably ‘un-bookmark’ others. I also need to ‘create’ a mediation area that is easy to set up and take down (to try to minimize the number of possible pet accidents in the area).

Therefore, 2022 is off to a slow walk…Life isn’t suppose to be just about the end point, but the journey as well—and that is something I’m trying to enjoy as I still work on finding the ‘career’ endpoint.

How is your 2022 going so far?