So the moon will be entering the Pisces constellation either tonight, tomorrow, or possibly last night (depending on where you are in the world). This entrance into the Aquarius constellation marks the third new moon of 2022. We’ve made it through the first 60 days (or so) of 2022—and it is looking like 2022 wants to be even a bigger ‘problem’ than 2021 (see my February in review post for my rant on current world issues).

Therefore before looking ahead to the Pisces new moon and the goals I could set—I need to look back at the goals I set for the Aquarius new moon and see how I did with each of them.

The goals that I set for the Aquarius New moon included:

  1. Sorting and editing the large number of digital pictures on the computer
  2. Go through the large number of shirts and decide what I want to keep and what I possibly want to donate
  3. Set up an area for reading oracle/tarot cards
  4. Continue working on my three-to-five/ten year vision/plan

None of the goals were completed during the past few weeks.

I did slowly start going through the digital pictures on the computer—but when you have over 100Gb of pictures, it takes a while to decide which pictures to keep and which to get rid of (especially the bird pictures).

I’m hoping to possibly get rid of five to ten Gb worth of pictures over the next few weeks. I just need to decide how many pictures of various birds I actually want (and possibly back everything up before deleting—that way I still have all of them for awhile).

In terms of going through my shirts—I probably could just donate anything that isn’t in a ‘large’ or ‘x-large’ size. Since I’m not trying to ‘actively’ lose weight or ‘change’ my body—a lot of the shirts aren’t comfortable to wear, and I probably could half the number of ‘large’ and ‘x-large’ shirts I own.

While I have a ‘spot’ for reading my oracle cards, it isn’t permanent, and doesn’t have the ‘vibe’ I’d like for a permanent reading area. As I mentioned in my Feb in review post—I’m in the process of designing an area that can be taken down when I’m done meditating or reading cards (due to elderly cat issues).

The long-term ‘vision/plan’ is still a work in progress—mainly because I’m figuring out my ‘now’—where I’m at in terms of different things and figuring out how to move from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Both ‘spots’ have to be identified before one can move forward. I also like the idea from ‘The Slight Edge’ of just determining the ‘starting’ point/goal and working towards that, instead of trying to work towards a ‘three-year goal’.

So I would say that I made possibly twenty-five percent progress on some of the goals. This past month has been trying and I know that the next few months (to possibly a year or more) will be even more trying. I’m going to aim to be more focused, more productive, creative, and so forth. That may also mean unplugging from the world, curling up with a book or trying to complete a cross-stitch project.

Happy thoughts/vibes/feelings to those who are fighting for their country tonight; your determination, commitment, and strength in spite of what another country is throwing at you amazes me…