Welcome back again to Ravenwood, Pennsylvania—a small town both like and unlike others.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy (Dawn Unearthed and Dusk Unveiled)—I suggest you stop here, and go read both Sage and Rome’s, and then Laurel and Jax’s stories before continuing…

Evernight Unleashed is the final book in the Ravenwood trilogy and is Rowen and Ash’s story.

What happens when the ‘family’ curse takes your soul?

What happens when your mate bond breaks?

Rowen and Ash grew up together, loved each other, and then ‘loss’ each other—or did they?

While trying to save her town, Rowen discovers the enemy’s ‘tie’ to both her and the town.

The coven needs to break the Christopher family ‘curse’ once and for all in order to survive…

What is ‘buried’ beneath the town?

All these and yet more is revealed in the pages of ‘Evernight Unleashed’.

While I enjoyed the trilogy—I think that this one was my favorite. I was always wondering what secrets Ash was hiding when he came back to town.

There are a few other little twists thrown into the story…Possibly another mystical creature…

Paranormal romances are one of my favorite genera, and this book (and actually trilogy) did not disappoint. I highly recommend Evernight Unleashed (and the previous two books) to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance with a few twists.

Carrie Ann Ryan doesn’t disappoint whether it is contemporary or paranormal romance. I highly recommend the Ravenwood Coven trilogy to anyone who wants to take a trip without leaving the comfort of his or her home (or favorite chair).

So, pour yourself some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and settle into getting to know some dear friends. I give Evernight Unleashed five out of five stars.