So the moon will be transitioning through the Cancer constellation tonight—marking the sixth new moon of the year; and somehow there are only two more days left in June, and then 2022 is halfway over.

That means I should be spending a good chunk of the next few days, reflecting on the past six months, the goals I’d set and whether or not I’ve reached them…and whether or not I’d be reaching them by the end of 2022. As of Friday, there will only be 184 days left in 2022…

If one looks to the book ‘Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles’ by Yasmin Boland, there are various things that one can focus on during the Cancer new moon. They include:

  1. Family time (checking in with relatives)
  2. Banishing insecurity
  3. Get in touch with your caring nurturing side
  4. Review your goals
  5. Take a hot bath

Three out of the five things seem straightforward (family time, reviewing goals, and taking a hot bath). I probably should try to get in touch with various family members (at least through social media), since our paths really don’t cross that much and travel is still currently out of the question (at least for me). I have plenty of family time with my immediate family (since I still live at home and we see my younger brother quite frequently now that he is back in town).

The other two items (banishing insecurity and getting in touch with your caring and nurturing side) may not seem so straightforward, and may actually require more work to begin with.

Since I like what I wrote last year, I thought I’d ‘recycle’ my thoughts on banishing insecurity and getting in touch with ones caring nurturing side.

How I picture these areas:

Caring and nurturing side:

In terms of getting in touch with your caring and nurturing side—basically this means that you’re going to try a little harder this month in terms of self-care. You’re going to try to rephrase negative self-talk into more positive self-talk, you’re going to take time to focus on your breath, and you are going to be more gentle and understanding with yourself.

Banishing Insecurity:

In terms of trying to banish insecurity—this means being honest with yourself in terms of different areas of your life. Do you feel insecure in an area? Fearful? Or are you being overly possessive of things? The best work is to try to identify and work at getting rid of barriers in different areas of life (if possible).

Where do I feel ‘insecure’?

  1. Oral communications (talking in front of people)
  2. Written communications (sharing my writing)

How to work through the ‘insecurities’?

  1. Setting up more coffee/water zoom and/or Google chats
  2. Starting a podcast (or just recording myself talking about various things)
  3. Figure out where I can ‘publish’ different styles of writing (and then work on those projects)

If one also looks to see what house the moon is moving through, it will give you a few other things to also take into perspective. For me, the moon is moving through my ninth house (or my big picture zone). This is all about adventure, travel, and personal development.

While a lot of people will say we’re in the epidemic stage of the virus—I’m still calling it a pandemic, and will still be doing mostly ‘virtual’ traveling (Google meet-ups, zoom meet-ups and so forth). As I mentioned last year: we live in a digital world, so there are others ways of ‘traveling’—reading, communicating with others (email, online meetings, phone calls), and writing (creative, poetry, and journaling). So what are some of the things that one can do in regards to their ninth house?

  1. Find a way to explore the world
  2. Read those books you know you should be reading
  3. Do a personal development course
  4. Manifest a new spiritual teacher
  5. Think about what you have faith in–and what you don’t
  6. Make a cyber pal on the other side of the world
  7. Have something you’ve written published

So it seems fitting that the universe is pushing personal development again—I was just talking with a couple of people about this and how I have a bad habit of trying to throw everything on the calendar to do all within a week—instead of spreading out the tasks. I’m still working on ‘slowing down’ and processing what I’ve learned and also figuring out how to share it with the world.

So what are a few goals that I can set during this time?

  1. ‘Explore the world’–do research over different countries, geographical landmarks, historical landmarks, (items from my ’90-day content challenge creation project
  2. Reading–finish the follow books: ‘Unlike a Boss: Positive People Leadership Skills You Wish Your Manager Had by Alexander ANdrews; A Short History of Humanity: A New Hisotry of Old Europe by Johannes Krause & Thomas Trappe; and Dinosaurs Rediscovered: The Scientific Revolution in Paleontology by M.J. Benton
  3. Start (and hopefully finish) at least one personal/professional development course
  4. Start participating in the 100 days of coding challenge that starts July 1st (and runs through Oct 8)
  5. Work on getting back into my evening oracle card drawings and sitting quietly

I originally had the courses listed out (and will copy them out into a journal)–but I also developed a major anxiety attack (I’d say an EF4) due to at first putting too many courses down and thinking I could finish them all within a two-to-four week period (I mean I could if I didn’t take any time to reflect and try to implement what I had ‘learned’).

In addition I will also try to be working on developing my personal/professional development plan (and not try to throw everything onto it and assume that I can accomplish everything in the quickest amount of time).

Overall, the biggest goals for this period will be writing, self-reflection, and pushing myself a little more each day to get out of my comfort zone. Staying within the comfort zone won’t help me get a remote position or start a freelance business—all it will do is keep me within the lab…it’s time to start breaking out…

And always remember: Progress over perfection.

What is one of your Cancer goals?