So, we’re going to be having a blue moon on Wednesday, August 30th. This means that during the month of August there were two full moons. In addition to being the blue moon, it will also be a super moon (meaning it will look slightly larger than normal, because it is at its closest orbital point to Earth). Depending on what site you go with (and where you are in the world), this blue super moon will either be back in Aquarius or it will have moved into Pisces.

But before looking ahead to the blue moon (and moving through Pisces), I need to look back at the goals I set for the Aquarius full moon and see how I did with each of them.

So I only set a few goals for the Aquarius full moon…in part because I’m just starting to get back into a routine, and because I’ve realized in the past—setting more than four usually means I only get possibly half of them done (or semi-met) before the next full moon (or even the midway point of the new moon).

So what goals did I set for the Aquarius full moon? They included:

A large open-ended goal of working on my time and project management skills. Since I left that ‘open-ended’, I made some specific mini-goals:

Finish reading: It’s Okay that You’re Not Okay by Megan Devine & Oracle Cards 101 by Sunny Johnson

Unplug for at least 90% of one (or more) weekends (knowing that I will possibly give in and check social media on the phone)..

Start creating content for both blogs and various other social media sites as well.

Continue working on my very large abstract needlepoint project

So how did I do with the more specific mini-goals?

In terms of reading:

Well I finished reading Oracle Cards 101 by Sunny Johnson.

This book was basically an introduction to what oracle cards are used for, and the biggest takeaway message I got from it was to not always rely on the guidebook for guidance in terms of interpretation of the cards.

This is something that I’m slowly working on…as I will be the first to admit that I usually open up the guidebook to see what it has to say for each card. This is in part due to just randomly pulling cards at the end of the day (I’m never quite sure if I actually have a question in mind when I’m pulling cards), and other times I’ll continue flipping through cards until I get to one that I hadn’t pulled recently. 

I also realize that I do need to downsize the number of oracle card decks that I own, and that way I’d be using decks more often (currently I can cycle through a different deck each month and not have to use the same deck for at least fifteen if not sixteen months)—so yeah, few decks of cards are key here. I’ll be posting a more consist review of the book during September.

I’m still reading ‘It’s okay that you’re not okay’ by Megan Devine. I’m almost two-thirds of the way through this book, and will possibly finish it before the end of August, or at the very latest early September.

Though I did finish reading another non-fiction book: ‘Survivors: the plants and animals that time forgot’ by Richard Foley. I’m thinking of posting the review of this book on the science/health blog come late September or possibly early October (once I have the blog/website up and running).

Unplugging/staying off social media & the phone:

I did unplug for least 80-to-90% of the time over the weekends. I haven’t been participating in any social Saturday events on LinkedIn for quite awhile, but I usually checked social media briefly in the morning and evenings on the computer; and I still need to work on controlling the ‘doom scrolling’ on the phone during the weekend.

Crafting update:

I’m making progress on my large abstract needlepoint project—hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving (since I’m only putting in about thirty minutes a day on it).

In terms of content creation….

Well, I have an rough outline for topics for the science/health blog that I will hopefully be getting up and running by mid to late September.

I have some ideas for other types of content to put on the portfolio page (to highlight what I can create)…just haven’t lined up what exactly I want on the page.

I know the types of content I want to create (blog posts, infographics, posters, slide decks, and other educational type pieces; in addition depending on the topic, I may also consider mini reviews, abstracts, data analysis type pieces as well)—I just need to put them on to the calendar in terms of research, drafts/edits, and final posted project.

In terms of content for the creative blog—I have a list of bird pages that are ready to be posted, I just need to write the corresponding blog post for them…and then I have about another eighty to eighty-five birds to research.

I’m also going to start trying to do a book review a week (or biweekly to start), since I enjoy reading fiction so much; the non-fiction book reviews will be divided between the two sites depending on the topic of the book—the more science based books on the science/health blog, and everything else on this one.

In terms of other social media sites…I know that I will be using LinkedIn (and possibly YouTube) for the science/health/medical blog, and I’m still in the drafting stages for content for LinkedIn (especially after pausing two series that I had started last fall). I may add in Instagram (but will probably start a new account)…

In terms of social media sites for this blog…I have Facebook (just haven’t really posted on the page for the blog), my personal Instagram account (again may start a new account), Pinterest, GoodReads, and BookBub.

I need to come up with a schedule and ideas for Pinterest and the Facebook page…GoodReads and BookBub will see me posting whenever I do a book review (so hopefully I’ll be posting to those sites at least once a week), and they may see posts from the science/health/medical nonfiction books as well.

Instagram will be used…but a new account started…so stay tuned to for whenever I change the handle….there have been some problems in the background…needless to say I haven’t done changes yet—only because I need to schedule the time to set up a new one.

Launching a YouTube channel (and then a potential podcast) is probably a good year or so off…in part because I need to save money to buy a decent microphone and all that jazz…but also because I will need to figure out how to merge the content types into a video/podcast style of content…so yeah—there is quite a bit of work to be done for this one.

Recap of my progress:

Overall…I would say that I managed to probably hit 80% of the goals. I read two non-fiction books (and am slightly over halfway through with the second one I stated I would read). I did unplug on the weekends—but still ‘doom scrolled’ on the phone, and broke down at the end of each day to check email and social media (briefly…but I still did it). Total unplugging is something that I’m still working on.

Progress is being made on the needlepoint project—not as much as I had done during June, but that is because I’m also slowly starting to focus on other things as well (so, yea progress in other areas of life)…and if I can focus thirty minutes or so each night, I may get it finished by Thanksgiving.

Two non-fiction books have been read, while probably another dozen or so have been bought and added to the list (which is up to roughly 442 books—I say roughly since I think there are some historical fiction books that are on the list, so if that’s the case…there are probably about 430 non-fiction books on the list).

I’m actually going to be trying to schedule more time for doing research for the various topics for the science/health/medical blog…but also doing some for the creative/hobby blog at the same time. In other words—when I get slightly bored doing research for the science/health blog, I may look up something for this blog.

So—that’s my recap of my goals for the Pisces full moon—I managed to do each (though possibly not 100% for unplugging and content creation). I’m looking at those as stepping stones, and realizing that I need to make note of when I start getting back onto social media (when I’m trying to unplug) and see if it’s because I’m bored or whatever.

Now, it’s time to look forward to the blue moon—making goals, and also putting aside time to journal, have a brain dumping session, and try to get all ideas into one central notebook (instead of being scattered among a dozen different notebooks and journals).

So tell me, how did you do with your Aquarius Full Moon Goals?