Welcome back to Colorado and the Montgomery Ink family…where the next generation is taking center stage.

Best Friend Temptation takes place shortly after Longtime Crush and is Greer, Noah, and Ford’s story.

Greer was introduced in Longtime Crush—she’s Raven’s best friend and business partner in the bakery that is next door to the Montgomery Ink Legacy tattoo parlor.

Noah works with family security company, and is the son of Maya, Jake, and Border (the original Montgomery Ink trio).

Ford Carr is Noah’s best friend, and a fellow employee in the security business.

Greer has a crush on both Noah and Ford…but doesn’t think anything would come of acting on it…as she thinks they’re a couple and she doesn’t want to get between them.

Ford and Noah….have feelings for each other…and are both crushing on Greer…

Men…especially when one is a Montgomery…have the tendency to over-think things…

Greer becomes their roommate after her rental house is set on fire and she needs a place to stay.

As they navigate becoming roommates and housemates…they all realize they want more—together.

Strange things then start happening…

Can the three of them figure out what is causing the strange (and sometime dangerous) incidents? Will they figure out that they’re perfect together? The answers and more are within the pages of Best Friend Temptation.

I always love returning to the Montgomery Ink world…it’s catching up with old friends and making new. This book was an extra treat—we got to meet Ford & Greer’s siblings…siblings that are probably going to get their own spin-off series…which means more sightings of Ford, Greer, and Noah in the future.

I also loved this book, because it gave a chance to catch up a little with Maya, Jake, and Border and see some of the other Montgomery Ink family members.

Five out of five stars. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever; a comfortable chair, and a copy of Best Friend Temptation—the best way to spend a Monday night.