I’d stated that one of the goals I had this year was to become a better global citizen. That means educating myself on various global conflicts…unlearn and relearn various times in history. One way I’m doing that is sharing an weekly update here on the blog…This weekly update is starting with what is currently happening within Gaza & the West Bank–but will later include topics such as what is going on in the Congo, Sudan, Yemen, and various other areas of the world.

Basically—this is a ‘recap’ post of my daily posts that I’ve been doing on LinkedIn and Instagram. Now, I know that there are going to be people that tell me to stay in my ‘lane’ and not write about global conflicts since I’m not a political scientist…and since ‘global conflicts’ technically isn’t my ‘niche’…

Well..what I will say to those people…’there’s the door…unfollow this particular blog…or maybe ask yourself why the post upset you…you might have some ‘unlearning and relearning’ to do as well.

Today marks 91 days…91 days since Israel launched an attack on Gaza. Before anyone tries to throw ‘self-defense’ and ‘but…Hamas’…at me—international lawyers have stated that when you occupy a territory (Like Israel has been occupying Gaza & the West Bank)—you loose that argument & ‘defense’…you have no rights to ‘self-defense’…but the other side does have the right to resist.

Now…all my updates to LinkedIn and Instagram come from summarizing live news briefs from Al Jazeera news, where they’re running (and updating) a daily blog on what’s going on. The numbers cited come from either Al Jazeera or the Euro Rights Monitoring group.

So in basically three months:

Over 30,000 Palestinians are dead, missing, or being ‘detained’ for questioning. It was just released earlier this week that 51 of the women & children being ‘detained’ from Gaza are now being held in the Damon prison.

Over 58,000 Palestinians have been wounded, and thousands have had to undergo surgeries without the benefit of anesthesia…thousands of children have lost at least one limb.

Approximately 90% of the population within Gaza has been displaced and is homeless. Winter is arrived, and people now are also (unfortunately) freezing to death as well at night.

Basically everyone within Gaza is starving…people are only able to have single meal once (or sometimes every other day) a day. There is also limited clean water coming into the area as well.

Over 70% of hospitals and clinics are non-functional. Those that are still ‘functional’ have to deal with dwindling medical supplies, limited staff (as numerous doctors & nurses have been killed or ‘detained’ for questioning), and being targeted by missiles and snipers.

Over 100 journalists have been killed in three months—this is more than the number of journalists killed during WWII, the Korean, or Vietnam wars—and all of those lasted a hell of a lot longer.

200 historical and/or archaeological sites have been destroyed—including the oldest church and mosque within Gaza.

This is also an ‘ethnic cleansing’ against the Palestinian Christians as well…there are less than 700 living within Gaza.

The history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israel go further back than Oct 7 2023. The problems and conflicts started in the early 1900s…before the state of Israel was established. There is history that has been left out of history books (or rewritten to make the west & Israel look ‘good’ and to try to paint the Palestinians as the ‘problem’). 

I’m still educating myself on the past 100+ years (basically from 1917 to present), and have bought the following books:

  1. Palestine, Peace not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter
  2. The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017 by Rashid Khalidi (I’m about a quarter of the way through this book)
  3. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe
  4. The Crime of Nationalism: Britain, Palestine, and Nation-Building on the Fringe of Empire by Matthew Kraig Kelley
  5. The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories by Ilan Pappe
  6. The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a US Spy Ship by James Scott
  7. Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History by Nur Masalha
  8. They Call Me a Lioness: A Palestinian Girl’s Fight for Freedom by Ahed Tamini & Dean Takruri
  9. Gaza: An Inquest into its Martyrdom by Norman Finkelstein
  10. Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on the US-Israeli War on the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappe (I’m about a third of the way through this book)

Before anyone say’s that the reading list is ‘bias’ towards Palestinian voices—Ilan Pappe is an Israeli historian…and currently I’m more interested in hearing the story from the side of the oppressed than the side of the oppressor.

I’m also going to start learning of some of the other global conflicts that are occurring (the genocide in the Congo, the ongoing civil war in Sudan, the issues within Yemen, and other problems throughout the world). While there are usually two sides to each conflict…the current conflict in Gaza is the result of 75 years of suppression, death, destruction, and force exiled. While violence shouldn’t be the answer—sometimes it is the only thing that the bully/oppressor understands.

So…that is the recap of the last three months of the genocide and ethnic cleansing that has been going on in Gaza. We’re in 2024–and ‘Never Again’ is suppose to mean exactly that ‘Never Again’. It’s sad, frustrating, and maddening that this happening and being carried ‘live’ across social media. The conflict has also shown exactly how little power the general assembly of the UN has, and how the permanent members will abuse their powers to keep others out of ‘trouble’.