Welcome back to Denver, and the Montgomery Ink world. A world—where once you become friends with an Montgomery—you’re now family for life…if you work with an Montgomery—you’re family for life.

Basically—you end up with a very large family.

Happily Ever Maybe is an novella within the Montgomery Ink Legacy world—and is Gus and Jennifer’s story. Gus and Jennifer are two security specialists that work with Noah, Daisy, Kane and others.

Gus and Jennifer have been ‘secretly’ crushing on each other for over a year…neither wanting to make a move that could damage their friendship or work relationship.

So what happens when they give into to their mutual ‘secret’ crush on each other? 

What happens with various obnoxious clients, including client ‘x’?

Can they figure out their ‘relationship’ and how to make everything work…I’d say smoothly—but there are always bumps in the road when a Montgomery is around.

How big of a pain is their latest client?

The answers…are within the pages of Happily Ever Maybe; and it will be available for purchase on Feb 13, 2024 from all major sites.

I love the Montgomery Ink world…whether it’s in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins. They’re a large, close loving family—one that I think just about anyone would want to be a part of…children are encouraged to be whatever they want when they get older…whether it’s a tattoo artist, a teacher, baker, or IT specialist. 

If you’ve never jumped into the Montgomery Ink world—grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a comfy chair and settle in to meet Gus, Jennifer and various Montgomerys…and the best part—there is a whole world waiting to be explored after you’re done with Happily Ever Maybe.