Welcome back to Colorado and the Montgomerys—where once they bring you into the fold—you’re a Montgomery for life. #CHEESEFORALL!!

Last First Kiss is Daisy & Hugh’s story…and picks up just after Happily Ever Maybe. 

Daisy Montgomery Knight is owner of Montgomery Security along with several cousins. Hugh Hendricks is one of their new security hires. 

How did they meet? A wedding…and nope—not a Montgomery one. They shared a dance (since he caught the garter & she caught the flowers), one night of passion…and unfortunately no last names…

Imagine Daisy’s surprise, walking into work on Monday morning…and seeing the man that gave her a unforgettable night of passion…

Daisy is still healing from being injured in the warehouse explosion (confused…go read Best Friend Temptation…the explosion is at the end)…and everyone is still trying to figure out who was behind that problem. So various family members are a little bit more ‘over-protective’ than usual…and with the Montgomery men—that’s saying something.

Hugh use to own his own security business…but sold it & moved to Colorado to be closer to his ex-wife & daughter, Lucy. Then his ex decided that it was easier to start ‘anew’ without reminders of the past…and Daisy understands how Lucy feels better than Hugh knows.

Since moving and starting in a new school, Lucy is befriend by none other than Nora Montgomery…who views all ‘strangers’ as friends not yet made. It’s extremely cute seeing how these two six-years plot sleepovers, playdates, and such—playing all adults…nothing better than a sweet little smile from an adorable six-year old.

Though, it does become a little ‘tricky’ when Lucy asks if they’re meeting Daisy for dinner again in front of a couple of Montgomery men. Plus there is the ‘little’ issue of an competing security firm trying to buy them out…or underbid them on jobs.

Can Daisy & Hugh figure out their relationship…and ensure that it doesn’t ‘bleed’ over into their jobs?  Will they discover who was behind the warehouse explosion? In addition to dealing with the competing security firm?

The answers…plus wine, beer, cheese, and ax-throwing can all be found within the pages of Last First Kiss.

I love this next generation of Montgomerys, plus I love when various members of the ‘original series’ pop in for a visit as well..it’d been awhile since I’d seen Daisy’s parents. In fact—I went back and reread their story as well (want to check out their story—grab Fallen Ink (book one of the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs spin-off). The best thing about the Montgomery Ink world (whether original or Legacy)—you can start literally anywhere, and know that you have a whole world you can binge read.

Last First Kiss (Montgomery Ink Legacy #5) will be available at all major online stores Monday March 4 2024. Five out of five stars…and I would suggest reading it on a full stomach…or you might just go raid the cheese…or need to go on a run for Indian food…or whatever is your favorite food.