Alrighty…the science, health, and medical blog/website is now ‘live’. I published the fourth blog post over there–Overview of oncology terms, which is the first ‘full’ blog post in my first biweekly (Friday or Saturday) series where I’ll be covering different aspects of cancer biology.

So, why am I posting here on the fact that the other blog is live–to help start building the following on that blog. This blog is semi-well established (I’ve at least posted multiple times a year since 2017)…and the other blog is a newbie, without a lot of traction (currently). So if you’re interested in cancer biology–go check it out.

The first post is covering various terms that are found within cancer biology papers and used by oncologists (the MDs that specialize in the treatment of different cancers) and cancer biologists (the PhDs and/or MDs that are doing all the research behind the scenes trying to find better treatments for all the various cancers).

The next several installments of the series will be covering how cancers are classified. Then I will be diving into the cell and talking about DNA, replication, transcription, translation, and different cellular pathways.

Questions/comments–drop them. Though if it’s a specific science, health, or medical topic related–please head over to the other blog and drop the questions there.