Welcome back to the world of Gansett Island, as one of the island’s favorite couples finally gets their own book. The couple: Dan Torrington & Kara Ballard.

Now…if you’ve been reading the Gansett Island series by Marie Force, you know that Dan & Kara’s story has plays out over several different books—they’ve been a ‘featured’ couple—but never the ‘main’ couple of a book. That all changes with this particular book, we get to revisit their whirling romance on Gansett Island, and get bits and pieces of their lives before coming to Gansettt and when they’ve been ‘off-island’ as well.

So why are they getting their own book now? Well—have you read Hurricane After Dark (the latest in the Gansett Island series)? If you have—you know how that particular book ended…and without giving away any spoilers—it’s exactly how this book ends as well.

I loved this book—Dan and Kara have always been a favorite couple within the series, and it was nice getting some of history (both as individuals and as a couple)—not to mention a different ‘view’ of a certain event from a previous Gansett Island book (the boys’ sailboat accident). Yes—I did just refer to the McCarthy men & their friends as ‘boys’.

I look forward to the new series coming out later this year or early next year, and I still hope that Dan & Kara will be popping in every so often within Gansett as well. This is a great book to not only introduce you to a beloved couple from Gansett Island—but the rest of the group as well, in addition to new individuals that will be popping up in the spinoff series Downeast (again later this year—or probably early next year). I give this prequel five out of five stars and will be going back to re-reading it numerous times throughout the rest of 2024. 

So–grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a cozy chair and settle in to catch up with friends both old and new.