Welcome back to Texas and the Wilders. While all of Eliza’s brothers have gotten their happily-ever-afters, now it’s on to their cousins.

Luckily—these guys, their names all start with different letters…Eliza’s parents thought it was cute to name all their children with the same letter—E.

Moments for You is Ridge & Aurora’s story—and it takes place about two years after the end of ‘Finding the Road to Us’. So—if you haven’t read Elliot’s story…stop right here, unless you don’t mind a few ‘spoilers’.

Finding the Road to Us ended with a Wilder family reunion—plus an uninvited guest—a tornado. 

The Wilder cousins decided to take everyone up on their offer of ‘relocating’, they bought some adjacent land, and the Wilder Winery & Resort, now also includes a distillery and bar—plus the spa and restaurant. Ridge joins the group as part of the security team—even though he’s part ‘owner’ in everything (just like Trace now is)…and he’s there to try to escape his past (one that he hasn’t even told his siblings about).

Aurora is working at putting her life back together after car wreck claimed her husbands life, and left her injured. Responding to a post on Instagram brings her to the Wilder resort…and while she was only suppose to be there for the weekend…she’s a pastry chef…and guess who had just ‘quit’…the latest pastry chef.

Ridge and Aurora gravitate towards each other…possibly as two wounded souls recognizing each other? They start off as friends, and their relationship progresses. Soon, though Ridge is faced with the past he was trying to escape…and comes clean to Aurora—who then urges him to open up to his brothers.

Can they navigate a new future together? Or will Ridge’s past come between them? Find out in Moments for You—the seventh installment in the Wilder Brothers series by Carrie Ann Ryan. Meet up with old friends, as most of Ridge’s cousins and siblings pop in and out of the pages and see how well they were able to rebuild following the tornado that didn’t have reservations.

Moments for You will be available at all online spaces on April 22, 2024. If you haven’t read any of the previous Wilder books…that’s okay—this is a great one to ‘dip’ your toes in as you meet a loving, and loud family. Plus—there are six other books to binge read to find out the backstory of all of Ridge’s cousins (technically seven—Eliza’s story is Inked Obsession (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins #2), and even more series to binge when you jump into the Montgomery Ink world.