Good morning, and ‘welcome’ back to my weekly summary of what has been happening over in Gaza & the West Bank. This summary is based off of my daily ‘briefs’ that I share on Instagram (jessi1980) that are based off of the daily live blog feed from Al Jazeera. I’d decided that instead of writing daily here (and more or less ‘repeating’ what I wrote on Instagram)—I’d do a weekly summary. So some points may seem ‘out of place’…but everything talked about here has happened over the past week in Gaza & the West Bank.

So…Since April 13 what’s been going on?

Well—Iran retaliated against the occupiers (who had targeted the Iranian embassy in Syria at the beginning of the month, and several people were killed), in addition to seizing a cargo ship trying to enter the Persian Gulf.

Iran sent hundreds of drones & missiles towards the occupiers…causing most of the surrounding countries to close their airspace. Most of the drones & missiles were intercepted, but there was some minor damage done…Iran has also stated that this concludes their retaliation—for now. They did warn the occupiers and others (Europe & the US) that if they tried to retaliate—their response would be more severe. While I know that the occupiers were ‘whining’ & ‘crying’ that they were attacked—they bombed Iran’s embassy in Syria…that is an act of war…and since various countries on the Security Council used their veto to veto a resolution that would have condemned that attack—Iran was within their right to invoke part of the UN charter that allowed for retaliation.

If sanctions are passed against Iran…sanctions should also be passed against the occupiers—because they started this problem…like 75+ years ago.

Can various western countries please lose the mantle/cape of guilt…like seriously—get the fuck over yourselves…yes…WWII & the holocaust were horrid, atrocious and various countries should have done more to try to stop what unfolded…it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to continuously feel ‘guilty’ and allow the occupiers to get away with this shit. Though the occupiers have started to bomb various parts of Gaza again this morning. Unfortunately there is a clock ‘ticking-down’ to when the occupiers decide to invade Rafah.

Did it ever occur to people that Iran wasn’t out to ‘draw’ blood…but to send a message? They only targeted things related to the military…they didn’t target schools, hospitals, homes, or places of worship (unlike the occupiers)…so maybe—people should focus (again) on trying to get the occupiers to calm down, instead of those that were just doing what was within their right…because, remember two weeks ago, the occupiers bombed the Iranian embassy…in a foreign country—which basically is an act of war. Of course you guys are going to claim that you weren’t told…because if you acknowledge…it means that you can talk to them…and you want the world to think that everyone refuses to talk to each other…can we get off the damn playground please?

Can you jackasses just leave? Like seriously—you’re not going to ‘win’—at least not the way you want…you’ve already lost. While political leaders are still willing to ‘recognize’ you…the rest of us aren’t.

Let people return to the north & try to rebuild their lives…but you won’t…you’ll continue to try to starve out those that stayed, and open fire on those that are trying to return…because you have no morals or compassion.

I do agree with Iran…they have been showing great restraint over the past six months..and various western countries should be ‘happy’ about that.

Okay…here’s the thing kiddies…the occupiers are currently the biggest threat to regional stability…the second biggest threat—not sitting down & talking to each other like adults, oh—and allowing western powers to have a ‘seat’ at a table that they really don’t belong at. 

Eight medics were detained trying to evacuate patients from the al-Amal hospital over 50 days ago…two have been released…the status of the other six are still unknown.

And another mosque is destroyed…and the world is still buying that this is all about Hamas? Like really folks—can everyone please quit drinking the spiked kool-aid?

Tensions are along the Lebanon border, in the Red Sea area & generally just across the entire area.

I agree with Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants…the region has reached the edge of the abyss…so when are countries going to start really trying to ‘rein’ in the occupiers?

Also…can UN peacekeepers go in and arrest the various ‘squatter’ militias that are wrecking havoc in the West Bank?

Why? We refuse to talk to them ‘one-on-one’ (and I’m talking about Iran)…so we’re sanctioning them more? They did what they said they were going to do—retaliate, and now they’re done—unless the occupiers are dumb enough to try to attack them again.

Want to de-escalate things? How about starting to make the occupiers a pariah state? No more political, economic, or military aid? Your ‘talk’ is nice boys…but it’s beyond time to see if you can also ‘walk the walk’…

What a shock (not)…the occupiers are refusing to allow witnesses and victims from Oct 7th to talk to UN investigators…usually that means they’re trying to hide something.

And there are drone strikes within Lebanon…at least one person has been killed.

Schools are suppose to be protected….and now people have to figure out how to remove 1,000-pound bombs that were dropped (but didn’t explode) from schools within Khan Younis…

There are no longer any FULLY functional hospital within Gaza…there are only ten partially functional hospitals. It’s thought that even with an immediate ceasefire, thanks to how the occupiers decimated the healthcare infrastructure—another 12,000 will die due to contracting an infectious disease (which are usually preventable & treatable).

Every ten minutes one child is killed or injured according to UNICEF—that’s 144 children a day that are either killed or injured…where’s the outrage from the west?

Another mosque destroyed in northern Gaza…And an mass grave has been found at the one hospital…and it seems that the occupiers are now surrounding a school…and everyone is fearing a repeat of what happened at the al-Shifa hospital. AI should NEVER be used in war….like literally never…I think there have been numerous movies that show why it’s a bad idea…Yes, why? Why in the hell are the squatters getting away with their shit in the West Bank?

Quit giving the occupiers, squatters, & their backers air time…that means quit interviewing members of the occupying government & member of the backing governments (which includes the US)…because they’re only going to lie and try to gaslight…so can news networks start limiting their airtime please? Oh..for the love of…you jackasses started this—you bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria—an embassy of a sovereign nation in another sovereign nation…not to mention that you (and your backers) bear the blame for everything that has happened over the past 75 years.

Now will the Security Council listen to the head of UNRWA? I’m sure that fourteen out of the fifteen members will…it’s the bully at the table (the US) that will probably turn off its hearing aid.

Thank you to Spain who is pushing for more European nations to recognize Palestine as a sovereign country. It’s nice to see that there are at least 139 countries around the world that already recognizes them…now if those (or at least two-thirds) will decide to no longer recognize the occupiers…that would be even better. Now it’s up to at least 140, as Jamaica has stated they’re going to recognize Palestine as a sovereign nation.

It’s not ‘famine’…it’s induced starvation…famine suggests that weather has been part of the problem…when the problem is that the occupiers aren’t allowing aid into Gaza…especially northern Gaza where people are trying to survive on less than 300 calories a day.

Tensions are high along the Lebanese border as the occupiers and Hezbollah trade missile fire. 

Talks are in progress to get the crew of the one cargo ship seized by Iran released…Portugal wants the cargo released as well…who know if that will happen since it seems this particular company is also partially owned by someone associated with occupiers.

Really…bombing a playground? Bombing a fertility clinic? Why in the hell am I not surprised you’re doing this? I’m more disgusted with the silence from majority of the governments of the world…

But of course…we’re still in a snit that they managed to overthrow our overthrow…we refuse to have any type of communication channels open…and when they retaliate (and not kill anyone)…we add additional sanctions…but hey—that the glowing hypocrisy of the US government.

Another mass grave found at al-Shifa hospital…so what are the occupiers going to do to take the focus off of that? Bomb another playground or another embassy in another country?

Well…majority of the world knew that this wasn’t about rescuing your hostages….I mean why in the hell have you destroyed or damaged 2/3 of the homes within Gaza…other than trying to ensure that the Palestinians have no choice but to become refugees in another country…so you can illegally steal their land (like you’ve been doing for the past 75 years).

Should I be shocked that the Secretary of State is ignoring briefings on the deplorable treatment of Palestinians taken in custody? Well…I’m not…I’m sickened..angered…but not shocked.

Indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon continues.

Squatter violence is still on the rise in the West Bank…not surprising since they’ve got the backing of the occupying military & police.

Of course…the US used their veto power yesterday to veto the application for Palestine to become a full member of the UN..because they can…and they’re assholes. Yes—I’m calling my own country an asshole…because those that run this country (and most states) are assholes…

I agree with the UAE—full Palestinian membership within the UN would help peace efforts—it would also force others to hold the occupiers responsible for their shit of the past 75+ years…but let’s face the west isn’t ready for their little colonial project to die (just yet).

I agree with China’s foreign minister—full UN membership for Palestine would be a good move towards rectifying decade of historical injustice.

Nope…the fault of no ceasefire lies solely on the shoulders of the occupiers & their major backer—the US…we’re to blame in part (because we’re giving aid to the occupiers even with the fact that the dead and/or wounded sits at over 120,000 lives in six and a half months).

Also, have you guys not learned your lesson? You really want to try to have a multi-front ‘engagement’…sending a missiles towards Iran isn’t very intelligent…but hey…you guys have already shown you lack the brains & smarts…

And you’re raiding the West Bank…bombing Lebanon…and continuing to bomb Gaza. I truthfully hope that there is a special place in hell for all of you—every political & military leader that is allowing this…and every solider on the ground taking part in this genocide…I hope you spend eternity rotting in hell and having to listen to the screams, wails & cries of every person you’ve murdered over the past six months.

Hmm…instead of just sanctioning squatters in the West Bank—how about putting out arrest warrants for them? How about sanctioning the occupying state? Or turning the occupying state into a pariah state? The raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank has entered it’s second day…

The world is losing it’s human values…as it allows the occupiers to continue to not only bomb Gaza but to do their illegal raids on refugee camps in the West Bank, their illegal bombings of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & Iran.

There was a explosion (of some sort) at a Iraqi base that houses the Popular Mobilization Force (PMF)—that Iraq has integrated into their security forces, but others (aka the West) see as a ’threat’ (because they’re semi-aligned with Iran as well)….Now the question is what hit the base? Drone? Missile from a plane? What? And then who?

There is a meeting in Türkiye with Türkiye would like to help with the mediations…and Qatar is thinking of backing away from the table..and one can’t blame them as a certain party is refusing to play nice (and I’m not talking about Hamas).

Okay…boys—you want more done…start applying political, economic, & military pressure to the occupiers…start standing up for your neighbors…and start standing up to the bullies.

Tensions are high along the Lebanon border & in the Red Sea…and I hate to break it to various political leaders (but I will)—the Houthis are not the reason why humanitarian aid isn’t getting into Gaza…the occupiers & their backers are the reason. 

Numbers for Gaza: at LEAST 34,049 dead; at LEAST 76,901 wounded; somewhere between 8-13,000 still missing. Over in the West Bank: at LEAST 472 dead; OVER 4,800 wounded; OVER 8,300 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped) including people who had been released back in November.

The bits & pieces of various thoughts/comments I’ve written over the past few months:

For there to be peace—Israel has to be held ACCOUNTABLE for everything they’ve done over the past 75+ years. Their backers should also be held responsible as well.  Dismantle the signs of apartheid, return the land to the Palestinians, have one set of rules/laws/regulations for EVERYONE. Again, non-Palestinians don’t have to leave…those that fear persecution usually were the ones that participated in persecuting others.

If Israel is allowed to continue to bully/threaten their neighbors—there will ALWAYS be armed resistance somewhere. The US is struggling to hold on to their image of ‘global superpower’…so they’re willing to prop up a rabid, bloodthirsty, & dying colonial project. People are ‘waking up’ and realizing where their tax dollars are going…and we’re not happy about it..

Science lesson—when the world totally collapses (when everything is polluted)—you do realize, you won’t survive either…right? There is NO planet B, NO moon OR Mars colonies to save you…just good ole planet Earth & the 8+ billion of us that would really like to live in peace with each other (as a DIVERSE GLOBAL COMMUNITY)…

Therefore—Let’s  leave what is left of the exploitable non-renewable resources in the damn ground. Let’s reinvest in biofuel & renewable energy research & tech. Let’s reinvest in education, the sciences, the arts & humanities, infrastructure & our damn communities. So could everyone else—PLEASE find your empathy & compassion (not to mention dust off your common sense & critical thinking skills), & join the rest of us in trying to save society? 

This comment might upset people…but I really don’t care any longer—but I have little to no respect for anyone who is still backing what is going on in Gaza & who thinks that the occupiers are acting within the laws of war—when it’s beyond clear that they aren’t and the fact that this is a FUCKING GENOCIDE!

The main thing that the past six months has shown—how completely broken society is and how totally fucking corrupt basically every government in the west is…not to mention the fact that they’re all willing to wear the mantle of ‘guilt & shame’…that should have been discarded and burnt years ago.

Again…yes—WWII & the Holocaust were horrid & shouldn’t have happened…but they did…and people swore never again…but again is happening…so is the ‘never again’ based on religion? Skin tone? Geographical location? What?

Again…killing/injuring over 120,000 people won’t bring back the lives lost on Oct 7th…and it won’t (and isn’t) making anyone safer…only a bully would think that beating up on another makes anyone safer…sooner or later—more turn on the bully…and guess what folks—tick, tock, tick, tock…that clock is ticking down.

It’s time to break this karmic loop of death & destruction due to hate & greed…because if we don’t break it soon—someone is going to hit a red button, and then it becomes an nuclear war…one that most of society may not survive. Who is really willing to fight someone else’s war of hate & greed? Who is really willing to have their children (or grandchildren) fight it?

It’s time that a good chunk of society (including myself) works at #decolonizing our minds. It’s time to learn the real history of places & people. Time to dismantle various other aspects of the patriarchy, then work at earning our seat at the global table.

Because if we don’t….greed & hate are going to destroy society & the world.

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