So the moon will be heading into it’s next full moon—tomorrow. Which means that I need to reflect back on the goals I’d set for the Libra full moon, before looking ahead to the Scorpio full moon.

So what were the goals that I’d set for the Libra full moon? Well, they included:

  1. Reflecting on the first quarter of 2024 & potentially ‘fine-tuning’ goals for the rest of the year.
  2. ‘Brain-dump’ for April
  3. Continue working on my two-to-five year plan 
  4. Start drafting an outline for a personal/professional growth plan (also known as personal/professional development plans—but I like using the word growth instead of development).
  5. Work on creating an fitness calendar or game board to help get me back into an fitness routine.

How did I do with each of them?

Reflections on the first quarter of 2024:

Yep…I managed to get a decent amount of stuff done during Jan-March. Did I get everything I wanted done (or even started)? Nope..but I got a decent amount of things done. The biggest thing that ‘derailed’ me—was having to ‘argue’ with a certain platform to get access back to my account. While people probably think that I enjoy following rules (since I was never much of a ‘rule-breaker’ growing up)…I only follow the rules if they make sense & agree with my values…I’m currently very begrudgingly following rules on a certain platform until I build a large enough following off of that particular site.

I’ll be ‘fine-tuning’ some goals for the rest of the year. I’d initially aimed to listen to at least three podcasts a week and watching at least three TedTalks a week, and writing a ‘blurb’ weekly on different science papers. All three goals will be getting ‘modified’ going forward. In addition—I haven’t ‘restarted’ a photography challenge…because I haven’t decided if it will be daily on Instagram and then bimonthly update on the blog or what…decisions, decisions…

‘Brain dump’ for April:

Yep…this is the second one that I’ve done this year…and it’s starting to help me get slightly organized and giving me numerous projects that I just need to ‘number’ and start focusing on. I’d kinda forgotten how much I enjoyed doing a mixing research and creative writing…now I’m working on a series of ‘creative’ interviews (currently focusing on different dinosaurs—though I’m thinking of stretching it into other areas as well).

One thing I may do with future brain dumps—after the initial, take the ideas and break them into groups, based on the amount of work that needs to go into ‘completing’ the project. So..that means I need to think of the titles for the different ‘groups’.

Continue working on the two-to-five year plan:

So, this is probably going to be a work in progress for a couple of months—the main reason, is that I’m working on merging a couple different goal setting methods into one plan: Having the ‘long-term’ (aka possibly five year goals) set via the ‘value-based’ method; then the yearly goals via the OKR (objective & key-results), with new and full moon goals weaved through as well.

I know my values: Learning/Knowledge; Creativity/Curiosity/Imagination; Authenticity/Self-Respect; Growth/Evolution/Transformation; and Spirituality/Inner Harmony.

Now…it’s just a matter of setting goals that fit within those values…and then breaking them down to yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily goals/habits.

Start drafting the outline for the personal/professional growth plan

Nope..this is on the schedule for the upcoming week (or next month). 

Work on creating a fitness calendar or game:

I have a rough-draft of a fitness board game. Last week I meant to sit down and write up the ‘rules’, tracking sheets (mainly for the weights), and start using the game…that never happened. So I’d consider this goal to be about half done. One goal for this week is to write up those rules, draw up the tracking sheets & start using the damn game. While I’m not aiming to hit any particular number on the scale…I am aiming to get into the best shape of my life (regardless of what the scale states my weight is at).


I made five goals for the Libra full moon…and I managed to ‘totally’ accomplish two of them (reflections and April brain dump). The creation of the fitness game is in progress (I’d say I’m about halfway done with that), I’m making a little progress on the two-to-five year plan, and I really need to sit down and create my personal/professional growth plan (mainly for launching the different freelance businesses and to ‘focus’ my attention on different craft projects).

I’m starting to actually try and track my energy throughout the month…and sometimes it varies—but the week before either the full moon (this month) or the new moon, I literally don’t feel like doing much of anything. This was me last week…I had quite a few things I wanted to get accomplished, and while I got probably about half the list done…I could have done more—if I had the energy to do.

So..that is another ‘project’—tracking my energy throughout the day, week, & month. When I’m feeling ‘blah’…I may focus more on learning (reading and e-courses) or networking, and when I’m feeling more ‘energetic’…I will focus on more ‘research’ intensive projects. But—at all times give myself grace, since productivity can vary from day to day, week to week. What is productive for me, may not seem productive to others…and that’s fine—it’s my life, my lane, not anyone else’s.

So…now before I look ahead to the Scorpio full moon, I’ll inquire—how did you do with your Libra goals?