So we’re heading into April’s full moon tonight, and it will be a couple more months before the next partial lunar eclipse (there was the full lunar eclipse last month). Unfortunately, I never feel like trying to stay up late enough to see the lunar eclipses…this month’s earlier solar eclipse was neat…to bad I didn’t have the right filter on the phone to be able to get a picture of it.

Since the moon is moving through Scorpio over the next few days, here are some questions that one can reflect on (according to ‘Moonology’ by Yasmin Boland):

Have I been jealous, vengeful, suspicious, or otherwise behaved toxically?

Have I been living out of fear rather than joy?

Have I been brooding and dark: focusing on the negative rather than the positive?

Have I been cruel and cunning?

Am I having the sex I need to feel good about myself (of course some people need no sex at all to feel good about themselves)?

If I were to number the above questions 1-5, my answers would be as follows:

  1. I’m not acting jealous of others. I’m not acting vengeful towards others (I’ll leave that to karma). Am I suspicious of others? Well…there is the on-going (live-streamed) genocide in Gaza…and as I’d mentioned a couple times on Instagram—I’m losing respect for those that think what is happening is okay…I’m still working on ‘derailing/fixing’ internal ‘toxic’ thoughts (when I notice them). Since I started trying to write out a weekly schedule again—I’ve gotten a little better at time & project management…but catching and controlling the inner critic/imposter syndrome is a little more tricky (I don’t always notice when it grabs the ‘wheel’). 
  2. As I mentioned a couple of years ago: Am I afraid of failure? Yes. Am I afraid of attempting something new (and possibly failing)? Yes. This is in part to the inner critic/imposter syndrome, but also in part to how I was raised—I was raised to ‘be better than average’ (though I know my parents meant only academically)—and it is a mindset that I’m working letting go. 
  3. Again—Have you seen the world lately?? I mean with all the damn problems going on—yes, I probably have been focusing a little too much on the negative rather than the positive (especially when I can’t control the events of the world). Therefore, I need to focus on what I can control, and what will hopefully bring more positive and less negative vibes to my life.
  4. No, I have not been cruel or cunning to others or myself. Though I’m sure that there are others that would argue against this…but as far as I’m concerned—I haven’t been cruel to others…if you can’t handle the truth—that is on you, not on me.
  5. Nope..I don’t need to be having sex to feel good about myself. Also—currently not in a relationship. I could recycle parts of my answer from two years ago (since I didn’t write about my Scorpio full moon goals last spring)…but will leave it at this: I’m not in the mindset to get out and meet new people (aka not into dipping my toes into the dating pool).

The moon then also moved through my first house (or my Image zone), as I usually work with my rising sign (which happens to be Scorpio; my sun sign is Virgo & my moon sign is Pisces). This house/sign is focused on yourself and what you want to fix/update/refresh/toss or whatever in regards to both your personal and/or professional life. 

As I mentioned in yesterday’s review of my Libra full moon goals—I’m going to try to start ‘tracking’ my energy patterns throughout the day/week/month. As I’ve realized that there are some days/weeks that I really don’t feel like doing anything…and no amount of internal ‘pep’ talks can get me to move the needle very far during these periods. This was something I was dealing with last week..I didn’t feel like getting much done…so I focused on just a few things (like trying to share a sciences news ‘blurb’ daily on LinkedIn, doing a daily update on Gaza on Instagram and things like that).

I know that this is a ‘cyclic’ nature—as I’d mentioned two years ago: “everything is cyclic in nature—what goes up, must come down”. I also know that I need to ensure that the downward trends are ‘dips’ and not a sharp drop-off that I struggle to recover from. Our ruts/routines that we fall into when dealing with burnout or grief are sometimes the hardest ones to break…as I’m discovering. 

So what are a few goals that I can work on over the next few weeks to help bring myself back towards all my other goals?

Well, those goals will include:

  1. Planning out for May: setting up (at least the basic) calendar, the May BINGO card, the May brain-dump, and also trying to set up the ‘editorial’ calendar for the oracle card instagram channel.
  2. Continue working on my two-to-five year plan,
  3. Writing out the rough draft for my personal/professional growth plan
  4. Set up a new 90-day content challenge plan

Four goals…in theory all could be ‘one-and-done’ goals…if I manage to actually sit down and write out goals–that I can ‘logically’ break down into yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly goals…that is where I usually either freak out (I set the time period too short or too long), or I just don’t break them down. That is a goal–make a ‘large’ goal, that I can logically breakdown into easier, smaller & more manageable goals.

And above all remember—Aim for progress and not for perfection.

What is one of your Scorpio goals?