So the moon is going to be moving through the Taurus constellation midweek, marking the fifth new moon of the year. I did managed to see part of the solar eclipse last month during the Aries new moon—but didn’t have the proper filters on the phone to be able to get a picture.

But before looking ahead to the Taurus new moon, I should look back at the goals that I made for the Aries new moon and see how I did with each of them. So what goals did I set for the Aries new moon? Well, they included:

  1. Make a draft of a 13-to-15 month plan
  2. Start using the intentional board-game that I drew last month
  3. Start having yogurt & fruit for breakfast, more veggies throughout the day/week; change up what I’m eating
  4. Read at least one of the books i have on ‘positive’ mindset
  5. Mediate nightly

So how did I do with each of them?

Draft of a 13-to-15 month plan:

I have several long-term goals written out: getting the freelance businesses up, getting debt down, getting the storage unit emptied (and my bedroom turned back into a mini studio apartment), and so forth. 

Turning those (plus the few others) into an combo plan has been a little harder than I initially thought. Mainly—trying to turn a long-term value driven goal into smaller ‘objectives’ (with their key results). Doing monthly moon-phased goals usually works well (for the most part). So I’d say that I have this goal about 50% done.

Making use of the intentional board-game that I drew

While I printed off a tracking sheet for using weights…I still haven’t fully made use of the board-game yet. Mainly because I don’t schedule in the time…and allow everything and anything push intentional movement to the bottom of the list.

Yogurt with fruit for breakfast:

Yes, I’ve had yogurt with fruit for breakfast a few more times during the week. Breakfast has always been one of the meals that is ‘rushed’…so I can try to get the day started…so I can get things off the to-do list…so that I can ‘relax’ after dinner and unwind. 

Obviously this is still something that I need to work on…as I’m still working to heal my relationship with food (working at removing various terms like ‘diet’, ‘serving size’, and so forth from my mental vocabulary).

Read at least one book on ‘positive’ mindsets:

I recently finished: “B*tch don’t kill my vibe: how to stop worrying, end negative thinking, cultivate positive thoughts & start living your best life (self help with a little sass) by Reese Owens.

When you’ve been bullied throughout your childhood (mainly at school)…negative thoughts are an almost guarantee when you’re older. I’ve been slowly working on trying to ‘catch’ the negative thoughts and work at ‘rephrasing’ them in a more ‘positive’ light.  But at the same time…it is literally impossible to be happy/positive all the time. Also trying to ‘maintain’ positivity/happiness all the time…only helps to uphold ‘white supremacy’…something that really needs to be fucking dismantled in the world today.

Meditating nightly:

I’ve been able to ‘sit’ quietly for a few minutes every night. I need to get back to the ‘guided’ meditations to try to go a little longer than just three or four minutes. But considering the state of the world..I’m happy that I’m able to sit ‘quietly’ for just a few minutes every night.

Conclusions and thoughts:

With the exception of trying to become better at doing daily intentional movements—I at least started every goal I’d set for the Aries new moon. One thing I’ve realized—is that I’m getting ‘tired, worn down, frustrated, add in just about any other ‘negative’ emotion’—due to the hypocrisy of the western world. 

Why in the hell is everyone okay with the genocide that is going on in Gaza? Like really—why? Why is there silence on the on-going genocide-within-a-genocide—where the Palestinian Christians are also being targeted? Did you know their (Palestinian Christian) population has fallen by over 3% since this current genocide started in Oct? 

I’m realizing that I’ve been ‘silently and slightly blindly’ complicit in things over the past few decades…and by that I mean due to trying to figure out my own life that I’d ‘tuned out’ global politics and things happening around the world…that is white privilege being able to do that…and I while I acknowledge & ‘own’ that privilege…I’m trying to release that privilege as well.

People seem fine with the fact that a foreign country is carrying out a genocide with American tax dollars…yep folks—those taxes we pay are funding this genocide—with the total approval of the US government (with a few minor exceptions within the house of representatives).

The ‘timer’ already went off and the occupiers have started to invade Rafah (the technically ‘last safe’ zone within Gaza)…now it’s a matter of time before this turns into a regional and then a global war. One that could have been avoided…but for some reason various politicians (along with military leaders & all their blind followers) have avoided ending…while they may say they don’t want a ‘war’…they truthfully don’t care…because their children, grandchildren, and children of those they know won’t be the ones fighting & dying in it…that they’ll leave to their ‘blind followers’.

If that above paragraph offended you…sit with those feelings…and realize that is how a huge percentage of the globe has felt since the occupiers started their latest attack on Gaza…killing men, women & children with total lack of empathy, compassion, or caring.

I’m going to try to continue to be productive throughout the day…trying to figure out my life…and the direction I want it to go in…one thought now is how can I become at least 85% self-sufficient (i.e. how to ensure that I’m not spending that much money on companies that are backing genocidal maniacs)? I know putting in a veggie garden is one way to do that…unfortunately we missed the peak planting season for quite a few veggies & fruits…but I can plan for next spring—write down the best times and so forth for planting lettuce, cabbage (probably purple), onions (would like to plant some red/purples along with the ‘normal’), carrots,  and then the usual tomatoes and peppers. 

As I’d mentioned previously (in several different posts—maybe?) one huge goal is to turn my bedroom into a mini studio apartment & to clean out the storage unit…possibly clean out the garage and attic while I’m at it…there is so much stuff that we don’t need (or use) that can be donated to habitat for humanity, sold/traded, or whatever…but it’s time to really figure out what my particular vision of minimalism/maximize—or maybe it should be called moderation??

I’m now going to try to look ahead to the Taurus new moon, and see what goals I can set for those few weeks. I’d love to wake up tomorrow (the morning of the new moon) to hear that countries have forced the occupiers into accepting the ceasefire agreement & that various political & military leaders have been arrested and are on their way to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes.

But…for now—happy, safe, loving thoughts, vibes, and prayers sent to everyone in the world that needs them—especially those with Gaza, the Congo, Sudan, along the Lebanon border, within Syria, Yemen, and any other place that is being targeted by people who want to exploit not only the resources but the people as well.