Welcome back to Texas and the Wilders. There’s a wedding coming up…but then again—there are always weddings, since the Wilder Retreat is a wedding venue.

But this is a special wedding…it’s a Wilder wedding.  But the main scope of the story—is that Naomi & Amos finally get their time in the spotlight.

Naomi & Amos have been around the Wilders since the beginning…they were actually employees that decided to stay on when the Wilders bought the winery/resort from the previous owner.

Throughout the books—they’ve had an on/off relationship…but it all comes full circle in A Wilder Wedding.

I loved seeing Naomi & Amos get their time in the spotlight…and Amos did need to have a little sense knocked into him by the Wilders.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Wilders—you know who’s getting married…and if you haven’t…well you should probably grab the last book (or two) to catch up with everything that’s been happening around the Wilders.

It wouldn’t be a Wilder book if there wasn’t just a little bit of mayhem…because they seem to attract it like honey. 

What mayhem? Well—it’s a little bit of family drama (possibly not the Wilders), and just a little bit of drama in general.

I give A Wilder Wedding five out of five stars. I love this series, and am glad that there were the cousins to bring in to keep it going for a while longer. I’m looking forward to Wyatt’s story later in the year.

The best thing about A Wilder Wedding—you technically don’t need to have read the rest of the books in the series…this is a perfect ‘introduction’ to the loud and loving Wilder family.

A Wilder Wedding will be available to purchase on Monday May 13 from all online bookstores. So plan on taking Monday afternoon off…grab a cup of tea (or coffee, or whatever), a good chair and settle in to visit some possibly new friends down in Texas as they come together to host a family wedding.