Good morning, and ‘welcome’ back to my weekly summary of what has been happening over in Gaza & the West Bank. This summary is based off of my daily ‘briefs’ that I share on Instagram (jessi1980) that are based off of the daily live blog feed from Al Jazeera. I’d decided that instead of writing daily here (and more or less ‘repeating’ what I wrote on Instagram)—I’d do a weekly summary. So some points may seem ‘out of place’…but everything talked about here has happened over the past week in Gaza & the West Bank.

The numbers as of 10:15am, May 18, 2024: For Gaza—at LEAST 35,386 dead; at LEAST 79,366 wounded; and somewhere between 8-13,000 still ‘missing’. Over in the West Bank: at LEAST 503 dead; OVER 4,950 wounded; and OVER 8,700 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped), including people who were released back in November. That makes it somewhere between 122,752 to 127,752 lives either lost or forever altered. This is between 5.3 to 5.5% of the population of Gaza. How in the hell are people okay with this?

What’s happened this week in the region?

Well, Egypt is formally joining South Africa in regards to the ICJ case agains the occupiers. South Africa called for another emergency hearing with the ICJ with hopes that the ICJ will ‘order’ the occupiers out of Rafah. Those hearings were held on Thursday & Friday—and actually spilled over to Saturday…as the German judge asked a question after the occupiers finished giving their ‘defense’…and basically was asking what is happening in the so-called evacuation zones (specially al-Mawasi)—if they’re “safe” and how people are suppose to get to them.

Technically the ICJ is suppose to give their ruling on this latest request sometime this coming week…though we all know that the occupiers will probably ignore the ruling—as they’ve done with every other ruling that has never been in their favor. Spoiled children??

At least 630,000 Palestinians are attempting to flee Rafah…heading northwest towards al-Mawasi (hence the German judge’s question). Not to mention that people are being told to flee refuge camps from northern & central Gaza as well. With seizing of the Rafah crossing last week…besides ensuring that no aid is entering via Egypt…the occupiers are now in progress of violating the Camp David Peace Accords…since they have tanks sitting along the border…looking towards Egypt.

Everyone is claiming that it is ‘irresponsible’ of the occupiers to go into Rafah without a solid plan to protect civilians. Why is everyone so dense? So gullible? We all know that they don’t want to protect civilians…they want to kill them. They ‘claimed’ they were done in the north…but the occupiers are back bombing and trying to level areas of northern and central Gaza—particularly around the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

You idiots do realize that you can’t really destroy an idea/thought that has turned into a movement, correct? Of course you haven’t realized that…which explains (in part) why you’re back in the north trying to level things even more. Kudos to those that showed up to protest the occupiers participation in the Eurovision competition…they should have been banned—Russia was banned…and the far western part of Russia, could almost be considered part of Europe…whereas occupied Palestine isn’t even close to being part of Europe.

While most colleges have had their spring commencement ceremonies..there were protests within those ceremonies. Do colleges actually think that the students will forget about this over the summer?

Medical staff have been told to evacuate various hospitals within Rafah…if they leave…patients die…if they stay—they run the risk of dying alongside their patients.

Two more members of the Palestine Red Crescent Society were released—after being detained for weeks from central Gaza. There are still four other members being held hostage…and no one knows their status.

Doctors Without Borders members have been ‘forced’ to leave the Indonesian Field Hospital in Rafah amid the advancing attacks by the occupiers. There are still 22 patients within the hospital that hopefully can get transferred to other facilities…but there is no way to ensure their safety amid transfer. Oh…look—you fired on a vehicle that was decked out stating it belonged to the UN…and you killed an UN employee. Can the rest of the global community step up—in terms of ‘isolating & alienating’ the occupiers? Can we just make them a pariah state already? Like yesterday…please?

Okay…I’ll start sounding like a broken record—if you don’t want to be accused of carrying out a fucking genocide—get the hell out of both Gaza & the West Bank. Return land, go back to the 1967 boundaries (which are really a little too kind to you assholes). Also—since Palestinians speak Arabic…the speech wasn’t anti-semitic, because AGAIN—semitic refers to a family of languages, and newsflash kiddies—Hebrew isn’t the only language in that family.

Kudos to South Africa for hosting a Global Anti-Apartheid Conference for Palestine this weekend. I agree with their one statement: “outraged by a century of colonialism; 75-years of ongoing Nakba; 75 years of Israeli genocide, colonialism, and apartheid”.

I’ve lost count of the number of double-standards this country has…but the most glaringly obvious one is the one in regards to the occupiers.

The occupiers are now trying to use spy balloons across the area…can we leave balloons out of this…I’d like a little bit of childhood left un-tattered. Families that have been sheltering in UNRWA schools within refugee camps in the northern & central parts of Gaza are being forced to flee…again…but again—where in the holy fuck are they suppose to go? Norway is aiming to quadruple their aid to UNRWA for the Palestinians. Did you know that Palestinians have to walk almost two miles to find water to drink? Let’s not forget that there is still indiscriminate bombing along the Lebanon border (and within Lebanon itself)…and probably a dozen (or so) Lebanese civilians have been killed this week.

It’s jackass week in the West Bank…through the aid & protection of the military & police squatters are destroying aid that is coming in from Jordan to be delivered to Gaza. At first it was just pulling the food & supplies off the trucks and smashing them in the streets…now they’ve escalated to setting the humanitarian trucks on fire. Ceasefire talks have stalled…not surprising when one side actually wants peace (Hamas), and the other side wants the total and complete destruction of Gaza & total displacement (or death) of all Palestinians (the occupiers).

Various countries in the region are worried about regional radicalization…here’s an idea—‘alienate & isolate’ the occupiers—or better yet…dissolve the country, give the land back to the Palestinians, get rid of all signs of apartheid, have one set of rules & regulations for everyone…that may help ‘reduce’ the possibility of regional radicalization. I wonder when Jordan may cancel the so-called ‘status quo’ that they agreed to in terms of the al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem…since the agreement didn’t extend to squatters holding service within the mosque, & the occupiers have been real assholes in terms of keeping Palestinians out of the mosque for their prayers.

I think the number of citizens that are ‘proud’ of the enduring relationship between the US & the occupiers is falling daily. I wonder when Sri Lanka is going to potentially cut diplomatic ties with the occupiers? Kudos to Spain for refusing to allow any ship that has weapons for the occupiers to dock at any of their ports.

May 15 was a Remembrance Day for the 1948 Nakba…not that it has ended…the occupiers have been doing an ongoing Nakba since 1948…and the past eight months have been absolutely atrocious.

I agree with this statement from the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation):

“…reaffirms the responsibility of the international community towards the necessity of putting an end to the Israeli occupation and activating international justice mechanisms to hold Israel, the occupying power, accountable for the crimes it has committed against humanity, and to rectify the historical injustice that continues to befall the Palestinian people.”

As far as I’m concerned—if the mouth of the prime minister of the occupiers is open…he is lying..and if anyone believes anything he says—you’re delusional and should seek immediate psychiatric care/help.

Everyone seems to have forgotten..we have separation of church & fucking state in this country…it’s in the damn constitution…the one that you asses swear to protect & uphold..but ignore instead. Why in the holly hell are lobbyists for foreign countries (particularly the occupiers) able to sway the government so well? I think they need to be labeled as ‘foreign’ assets & everyone (from the president down) needs to be labeled as a foreign agent…because they sure as hell aren’t looking out for the best interests of the US (or at least not the best interest of the average American).

Belgium is trying to push for a total ban on the sale of weapons from the EU to the occupiers…and I’m not surprised that Germany is against it—again, get rid of the fucking guilt coat (it isn’t a good look)…try to find a backbone…unless you enjoy supporting genocides?

Yep…failure to hold the occupiers responsible for the past eight months (and technically 75 years prior to that) of violating international law is a danger to everyone.

Okay…you think you’re ‘wearing Hamas down’…how can you ‘wear’ a feeling/movement down? By killing everyone? Because that is what you assholes are doing—targeting everyone & everything. There’s talks of an international peace conference…good idea—but ensure that you don’t invite the occupiers or their backers. Kudos to the one French politician who is speaking up, supporting demonstrations & protests, & calling what is happening within Gaza the truth—a genocide. Kudos to Gothenburg (Sweden’s second largest city) for proposing to ban all purchases that would originate illegally in the West Bank (things made by the occupiers) and elsewhere as well.

Since October—the occupiers have stolen over a million dollars from various Palestinian shops in the West Bank. Where is the coverage in the west on this? Where’s the outrage? While the US has finished building their ‘pier’ in central Gaza & aid is starting to arrive via ships…there are problems: one—it’s relying heavily on the occupiers to deliver the aid; and two—depending on what type of canned food was delivered (as the first shipment contained 88,000 cans of food among other supplies)—this is literally a drop in the bucket. I’ll take the word of the WHO over the occupiers any day of the week. The WHO hasn’t been able to get medical aid into Gaza for over two weeks (since the Rafah crossing was seized at the beginning of the month). Ban the occupiers from ALL international sporting events…including next years Olympics. If they aren’t banned…it’s just another glaring show of western hypocrisy.

Of course the US didn’t sign the letter of warning to the occupiers. The foreign ministers of thirteen other countries (Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea & Sweden) signed a letter basically calling for them to get out of Rafah & to open all crossings to get aid into Gaza.

Let’s remember children…this didn’t start on Oct 7th (or 6th)..this was started well over 75 years ago…technically we could probably trace it back to Napoleon in the late 1700s…but it’s all started via European greed…European hypocrisy..and the European colonial mindset (which unfortunately hasn’t died off yet).

Kudos to those that are still marching weekly, calling for governments to force the occupiers into accepting a ceasefire. Austria has resumed funding UNRWA. Again—UNRWA had NOTHING to do with Oct 7th.

What a shock (not)…it looks like authorities in the occupying prisons are being accused of medical negligence of Palestinian detainees.

The occupiers are still bombing refuge camps in the northern & central parts of Gaza. As well as still bombing southern Lebanon—you idiots do realize that Lebanon would totally be within their rights to start bombing you back…right?

I’m pretty sure that burying people alive (whether its in a grave or by blowing up all the buildings around them) is a war crime. 

The Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank had been targeted by intense bombings as well over the past two days.

If this was any other international incident—there would be outrage from the west on the attacks against the medical infrastructure…but since it’s Gaza…it’s mainly crickets from the West. Kudos though to the three American healthcare workers that are sticking around in Rafah to continue trying to help the Palestinians out. Technically the national security advisor will be in the region this weekend…probably making things worse…not better…because that’s how the US rolls currently.

The bits & pieces of various thoughts/comments I’ve written over the past few months:

For there to be peace—Israel has to be held ACCOUNTABLE for everything they’ve done over the past 75+ years. Their backers should also be held responsible as well.  Dismantle the signs of apartheid, return the land to the Palestinians, have one set of rules/laws/regulations for EVERYONE. Again, non-Palestinians don’t have to leave…those that fear persecution usually were the ones that participated in persecuting others.

If Israel is allowed to continue to bully/threaten their neighbors—there will ALWAYS be armed resistance somewhere. The US is struggling to hold on to their image of ‘global superpower’…so they’re willing to prop up a rabid, bloodthirsty, & dying colonial project. People are ‘waking up’ and realizing where their tax dollars are going…and we’re not happy about it..

Science lesson—when the world totally collapses (when everything is polluted)—you do realize, you won’t survive either…right? There is NO planet B, NO moon OR Mars colonies to save you…just good old planet Earth & the 8+ billion of us that would really like to live in peace with each other (as a DIVERSE GLOBAL COMMUNITY)…

Therefore—Let’s  leave what is left of the exploitable non-renewable resources in the damn ground. Let’s reinvest in biofuel & renewable energy research & tech. Let’s reinvest in education, the sciences, the arts & humanities, infrastructure & our damn communities. So could everyone else—PLEASE find your empathy & compassion (not to mention dust off your common sense & critical thinking skills), & join the rest of us in trying to save society? 

How long? How long until this clusterfuck blows up into a regional and/or global war? Days? Weeks? 

By the end of the week there should be a ruling from the ICJ in regards to the occupiers & Rafah…but I sincerely doubt that the occupiers will listen to whatever the ICJ tells them to do…because they’ve been ignoring everyone for the past eight plus months (technically the past 75+ years).

Is it worth repeating? That I don’t understand this level of hate/greed/fear? That this is all for land and the non-renewable (but exploitable) resources that can be found within (or off) of the land. Again, it’s beyond time that this bloodthirsty & rabid colonial project is dismantled. It’s beyond time to embrace being a diverse global community…and to remember: you can’t squash the thirst for self-determination, the need for self-government, or the desire to live life according to an groups own history…not everyone wants to be a cookie-cutter copy of the west.

Karmic loops…repeating ‘events’…in order for a lesson to be learned. It seems that majority of society has failed to learn these lessons over the past few hundred years…can everyone PLEASE start paying attention? Let’s break this karmic loop of death & destruction in this lifetime…in this generation. Let’s actually try to make society better for our youth…or at least step aside so they can fix all this shit.

I’ll ask again: Are you really willing to fight someone else’s war of hate & greed? Are you really willing to have your children (or grandchildren) fight it? It’s past time to start really dismantling the patriarchy, white supremacy, and everything else. It’s time to learn the real history of places & people. It’s past time to realize that we have to earn our chair at the global table.

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