So the moon is going to be heading into Sagittarius tomorrow and/or tonight (depending on where you are in the world)—marking the fifth full moon of the year. But—before looking ahead and making goals in relation to Sagittarius, I need to look at the goals I set for Scorpio and see how I did with each of them.

What goals did I set for the Scorpio full moon? They included:

  1. Planning out for May: setting up (at least the basic) calendar, the May BINGO card, the May brain-dump, and also trying to set up the ‘editorial’ calendar for the oracle card instagram channel.
  2. Continue working on my two-to-five year plan, and writing out the rough draft for my personal/professional growth plan
  3. Set up a new 90-day content challenge plan

So did I do with each one?

Planning for May:

I made my basic editorial calendar, my May BINGO card, and did a brain dump for May (and even tried to ‘organize’ the brain dump). I’ve decided that instead of drawing out numerous calendars for everything each month—I’m going to try to ‘organize’ by color. Now I just need to chose which color pen/marker is going to be for what ‘project’/‘channel’. Also need to determine the best time of day for posting to the oracle card instagram channel. I haven’t been ‘consistent’ with that channel currently, mainly because of the pain of switching between channels on the computer (for some stupid reason, I have to keep ‘verifying’ my original account when I switch back..on the same damn computer…in the same damn tab on the browser…but this is actually an ‘rant’ for another day).

So, I would say that I completed 98% of this goal…I knocked two percent off—since I haven’t been consistently posting to the oracle card instagram channel this month (actually haven’t posted since the beginning of the month).

Working on the two-to-five year plan:

Okay. I’ve written out eight goals that I want to accomplish in the next five years in relations to personal/professional growth.

Those goals include:

  1. Having both blogs ranking on the first page of various search engines for different topics (science/health/medical educational topics for the jessicamatts[dot]com site; and personal/professional growth & crafts/hobbies for the becomingjessi[dot]com site).
  2. Consistently posting to both blogs (which right now is a struggle)
  3. Writing consistently on Medium & SubStack
  4. Branching out into writing ‘articles’ on LinkedIn
  5. Have grown a large organic following across various social media platforms & I’m posting consistently to various social media channels. (Which includes the different instagram channels)
  6. Have an online shop for selling crafts/pictures/whatever
  7. Have gotten out of debt & have canceled at least one credit card
  8. Have created my own vision of minimalism along with my own vision of success
  9. Have gotten into the best shape of my life (lift heavier weights, riding the exercise bike longer, hiking/walking further; paddle boarding, kayaking, and whatever).

Now—I just need to break these down into actionable steps & achievable milestones (that won’t have me freaking out)…so I’m about 75% of the way done with this goal. A lot of this comes down to developing a working schedule for research/writing & editing/proofreading prior to posting. Also probably wouldn’t hurt to invest sometime into learning SEO optimization for the different businesses/blogs that I’m wanting to launch/run.

90-day content creation plan

Okay…unlike previous years where I tried to ‘plan’ out how I’d be creating new content everyday for 90-days, I’m going extremely simple this time.

I’ve set up a new spreadsheet that I’ll be using to track different aspects of ‘content creation’: research, writing/editing/proofreading, & publishing (for written things), status of craft projects, if I’ve made it outside with a camera (whether its the phone or my actual camera), what book reviews I written, and then where things are getting ‘published’ and whether or not the content can be ‘repurposed’ into new content for other sites.

Trying to do a single project in a day (or possibly three) was mind-numbing and anxiety inducing when I tried that a couple of years ago. Now I’ll simply keep track of things in a spreadsheet…every time I write something (whether it’s for this blog, the science blog, a random musing that I post to LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever)–I’ll enter into the spreadsheet, at some point I may add in columns to try to keep track of the ‘stats’ of how well the post did…but for now…I’m not going to focus on that (at least until I’ve taken an couple SEO courses).

One series of content that I repurpose weekly are my daily updates on what is going on in Gaza & the West Bank. I do a daily update on Instagram (can be found at jessi1980), and then I compile, edit, proofread the daily updates into an single (fairly long) piece that I publish on both SubStack and the creative blog.

An new challenge will be to see how many different ‘projects’ I can possibly ‘repurpose’ across different channels. Currently—it’s my daily Gaza updates on Instagram (they get ‘repurposed’ on the weekend as a weekly summary that I post to SubStack & the creative blog). That’s one…and I’d like to see if I can manage to possibly have three to four different ‘projects’ getting repurposed.


Three challenges, and I made progress with all of them. I haven’t broken down the goals for the two-to-five year plan into more manageable pieces, but I’ve written out the goals. I’ve got a tracking sheet set up to keep track of the writing I will hopefully be doing daily & to see how many ‘new’ projects I can I plan out to launch come later this summer or early fall.

I commented on someone’s post on LinkedIn this morning, that it’s difficult to engage in ‘training/coaching’ sessions when you have a hard time articulating to yourself what it is you want to accomplish, much less try to articulate it to someone else. Why am I mentioning that here? Well..because it fits in with these goals that I’ll be carrying forward—while I know what I want to do..I need to determine the best path, because there really isn’t a job out there that would let me learn/research/contemplate any topic that I find of interest today…that would let me bounce between different topics/projects or would allow me to put a project on the back burner because I’d gotten slightly ‘bored’ and my brain wanted to switch directions.

So…yeah—I’ve gotta break these goals down into reasonable & achievable milestones…and that will be the next ‘project’ once I’ve gotten the goals for the Sagittarius Full Moon written.

How did you do with your Scorpio full moon goals?