Welcome back to Colorado and the Cassidy brothers…and their friends (which may include an Montgomery or two). Last Minute Fiancé is Addison’s & Luca’s story and takes place shortly after Good Time Boyfriend.

Luca is the youngest Cassidy brother, and a vet…who has been dealt a little bit of heartbreak in the past. Addison is Denvey’s best friend, enjoys numbers, and is stuck in a job that she isn’t sure if she still loves or not. At a birthday party…they both might have had a few too many birthday shots & cake…and it might have led to a few things in the bedroom. 

What happens when you’re working in a male dominant field and find out that you might not get the promotion that you’re more than qualified for…because you’re a single, independent woman? Well…you might talk your best friend into going along with your little ‘white’ lie…that you’ve engaged…and, oh could he take the weekend off to come to a business retreat with you? After a little in-home test confirms something else?

What to do when you’re both freaking out about the results of that little in-home test, your boss is a giant a-hole, and your ex gets the promotion?

Throw in some family drama, wine, kittens and puppies—and you have the storyline for Last Minute Fiancé. To find out how Addison & Luca navigate the ups and downs of what life is throwing at time…plus catching up with Luca’s siblings—grab Last Minute Fiancé as soon as it comes out.

I love these little spin-off series that Carrie Ann does from the wider Montgomery Ink world. You not only get to know a wonderful group of people—but it gives you a lot of books to later buy and binge read. Last Minute Fiancé is a five out of five stars, and I can’t wait for the final book in this ‘short’ series, which is due out in October—but until then, grab a series (or two…or three) and get to know the Cassidy brothers, the Montgomerys, and all their friends and family.