Good morning, and ‘welcome’ back to my weekly summary of what has been happening over in Gaza & the West Bank. This summary is based off of my daily ‘briefs’ that I share on Instagram (jessi1980) that are based off of the daily live blog feed from Al Jazeera. I’d decided that instead of writing daily here (and more or less ‘repeating’ what I wrote on Instagram)—I’d do a weekly summary. So some points may seem ‘out of place’…but everything talked about here has happened over the past week in Gaza & the West Bank.

The ‘current’ numbers for the week:

In Gaza—at LEAST 36,379 dead (this includes at least 37 people [mainly women & children] who have died of either starvation or dehydration); at LEAST 82,407 wounded; and somewhere between 8-13,000 still ‘missing’.

Over in the West Bank: at LEAST 519 dead; OVER 5,000 wounded; and OVER 8,900 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped), including people who had been released back in November.

Of course, there is no way to ‘compare’ numbers for political prisoners. Countries usually don’t want those numbers out…but did you know it’s thought that occupiers are holding 9,300 political prisoners within their prisons and over 3,400 people are held as administrative detainees (held without charge or trial)—and a large number of those are children? 

Did you know that a Palestinian child can be given a life sentence for throwing a fucking stone? While a squatter is given a slap on the wrist for murdering a Palestinian in cold blood?

What’s happened this week?


The biggest question of the week—how many more red lines must be crossed before the international community actually does something? Several countries are voicing support for sending in peacekeepers…with both Colombia & Indonesia already stating they’d send troops as peacekeepers.

The ICJ gave their ruling last week that the occupiers had to halt their aggressions in Rafah, open various crossings to allow in aid, and to allow (and not hamper) the investigation of an independent UN team into the allegations of war crimes.

The occupiers have been ignoring that ruling (not surprising)…and have been going out of their way to bomb Gaza from north to south…targeting anything and everyone. 

They’re also claiming that they will still be fighting within Gaza for the rest of the year…but at the same time are willing to be back at the negotiation tables…can we say two-faced fucking hypocrites and assholes children.

Can someone put the occupiers on a fucking time out…like seriously…I guess now they’re trying to push to have UNRWA declared as a ‘terrorist’ organization. The only ‘terrorist’ organization I’m seeing are you fuckers and your backers.

They’ve bombed several tent areas within Rafah…burning civilians alive…and beheading children. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen this week. I’m also extremely pissed—there was such outrage over the rumor of beheaded Israeli babies…but silence from the West on the documented cases of beheaded Palestinian babies and children.

Some aid trucks were trying to enter Gaza via the Karem Abu Salem crossing on Sunday (at least four trucks carrying fuel entered)…but whether the trucks got to where they were needed? And if the fuel was enough for more than a day or two? Those are the questions.

‘Legal mechanisms’ for ownership of the Rafah crossing on the Palestinian side? How about this—the Palestinians have control. Get the occupiers out of Gaza & the West Bank. If we have to ‘start’ at the 1967 borders (and work backwards)…I guess that’s what we’re going to have to do…in order to achieve a free Palestine.

Then there was the ‘incident’ at the Rafah crossing…where a couple Egyptian soldiers were killed & other wounded…I’m thinking the occupiers were hoping to start something that would have taken the ‘eyes’ off of their massacre earlier in Rafah.

Egypt is refusing to open their side of the Rafah crossing as long as the occupiers have military on the Gaza side…which makes since…having military on the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing is in direct violation of the Camp David Accords signed back in the 1970s.

Hamas is stating that for any talks to restart…the occupiers have to get the hell out of Gaza…and they reminded people—it will be up to the Palestinians to decide who is in charge…not the West, nor the occupiers.

So…it looks like the US is trying to float a ceasefire proposal that is basically what Hamas agreed to earlier in May…that the occupiers refused to agree to. So we shall have to see what comes of this latest round of talks…especially since it’s extremely damn obvious that Biden is only floating this proposal in order to ‘gain back’ voters that are pissed that he’s been backing a genocide for eight months…newsflash—you may only gain back very few…most of us are done with the ‘vote blue no matter who’ mentality that we’d been sucked into.

Also talks are suppose to happen tomorrow to try to reach a ‘deal’ to open the Rafah crossing (on the Egyptian side)…let’s see how that goes…

On Tuesday—Ireland, Spain, & Norway recognized Palestine as a sovereign country. On Friday—Slovenia recognized Palestine as a sovereign country. Of course, the occupiers are throwing a fucking fit over those actions.

It’s also come out that back in 2021…the occupiers (the ‘intelligence’ arm) had been threatening the ICC prosecutor then to stop looking into potential war crimes then. You know kiddies—one doesn’t threaten others, if one is truly innocent. Threats usually come out when you’re trying to cover things up.

It’s thought that 16,000 people are trying to shelter in (and around) an UN-school in Deir el-Balah.

The US & UK bombed Yemen on Thursday night…killing at least 16 people & wounding over 35 others. 

Violent and daily raids are happening throughout the West Bank (with a lot of them centering around the Jenin refugee camp). Students are being arrested in the West Bank (and I’m not talking about college kids). Scabies is spreading quickly among Palestinian detainees in various prisons run by the occupiers.

This isn’t a “famine-stricken” zone…it’s man-induced starvation by the fucking occupiers to either try to starve & kill the entire population or to try to drive them out of Gaza…and ban them from ever returning.

Medics have been killed…in Rafah, and in Lebanon. Another journalist was murdered in Gaza…bringing the total number well over 140 media workers having been murdered in the region since Oct 7th.

Family members that ran a free meal kitchen in central Gaza were killed when their car was targeted by a drone.

Bakeries in Gaza are closing (at least 98% have closed) due to the fact that fuel isn’t getting into Gaza…and if it is getting in—majority is heading to hospitals & clinics.

The ‘floating pier’ that the US built (several millions of dollars of our tax dollars) started to come apart over the weekend…and the ships that were helping to ‘dock’ it off the coast, broke free from their moorings and ended up marooned on different shorelines. Rough seas? Or potential ‘sabotage’ by the occupiers? Who knows…

Missiles were thrown into occupied Palestine…from Gaza…which means that the occupiers haven’t been ‘squashing’ Hamas like they’ve thought (and tried to gaslight the world into believing).

Over 1,000 homes within the Jabalia refugee camp have been destroyed over the past three weeks…where intense fighting was going on..since obviously the occupiers didn’t “squash” Hamas like they claimed.

Belgium is donating money to help rebuild & improve the Palestinian educational system within Gaza, the West Bank, & East Jerusalem.

My thoughts/musings:

The push is back for the ‘two-state’ solution…for peace. But, I think the only way for that to work—is if the occupiers are held responsible for the shit they’ve done over the past 76 years (including the current genocide in Gaza).

The best peace solution—dissolve the state of Israel…give the land back to the Palestinians. Because, believe it or not—people of all religions were living together in relative peace before Western powers came in and fucked things up epically. One country…one set of rules/regulations for everyone. Get rid of the signs of apartheid. Again, non-Palestinians don’t have to leave…those that fear being persecuted—well, they usually took part in persecuting others. Because news flash folks…there is no planet B, no moon or Mars colonies (at least not in this life time)…there is only planet Earth & the 7.9 billion of us that want to live in peace with each other…so if everyone else could get on the same page, it would be nice.

If you’re not outraged by the past eight months of genocide—ask yourself why? Do you realize that by staying silent you’re actually upholding the patriarchy & various aspects of white supremacy? If you claim to wanting to smash the patriarchy & dismantle white supremacy, but are currently silent—you’re not doing your ‘job/task’. It’s beyond time to start dismantling the status quo. It’s time to start working towards earning our seat at the global table…an diverse global table.