Good morning, and ‘welcome’ back to my weekly summary of what has been happening over in Gaza & the West Bank. This summary is based off of my daily ‘briefs’ that I share on Instagram (jessi1980) that are based off of the daily live blog feed from Al Jazeera. I’d decided that instead of writing daily here (and more or less ‘repeating’ what I wrote on Instagram)—I’d do a weekly summary. So some points may seem ‘out of place’…but everything talked about here has happened over the past week in Gaza & the West Bank.

Numbers for the week:

Within Gaza: there are at LEAST 37,296 dead; at LEAST 85,197 wounded; and still somewhere between 8-13,000 ‘missing’ (dead/dying in the rubble and/or ‘detained’ [aka kidnapped]).

Over in the West Bank: at LEAST 547 dead; OVER 5,200 wounded; OVER 9,100 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped), including people who had been released back in November.

So what’s happened this past week:

Nuseirat Refugee Camp Massacre:

Saturday the occupiers were able to ‘rescue’ four hostages from Gaza…but they murdered 274 Palestinian civilians & injured almost 700. They ‘snuck’ in using humanitarian aid trucks…and I guess only one of the two ‘rescues’ went off without a problem.

Of course the ‘west’ is glossing over the murder of 274 Palestinians…and calling it an ‘military’ operation. I’m calling it a fucking massacre.


It’s been deemed that the destruction in Gaza over the past eight/nine months is more destructive than the entire period of WWII for Europe…more bombs dropped in the past eight/nine months—than the entire period of WWII—and that lasted for YEARS…this genocide has only been going on since Oct.

There was a summit in Jordan…where everyone is ‘talking/speaking’ on the horrors of Gaza…but no one is willing to step up and ‘walk the walk’…

Various countries are willing to send in ‘peacekeepers’ to help enforce the ceasefire resolution…but I doubt that the security council will pass that particular mandate..and I doubt that the occupiers would ‘allow’ troops from other countries in that don’t “agree” with their genocidal/apartheid rules.

Latest Ceasefire:

Hamas wants a guarantee that the occupiers will leave Gaza…that ‘request’ doesn’t seem to be sitting well with the occupiers or their backers (the US)…but they’re (Hamas) are willing to sit at the table & talk…unlike the other ‘party’ that just wants to have their own way…

In addition…they want Palestinians to have control of the Rafah crossing & the border region (along the border with Egypt).

This ‘ceasefire agreement’ is very similar to the one that Hamas agreed to back in May. The only ‘party’ that is holding things up—are the occupiers.


More indiscriminate bombings…including using catapults to send ‘firebombs’ into agricultural regions..I think that can be written up as a war crime.

I agree with Lebanon’s prime minister…all the attacks on Lebanon by the Israeli military can (and should) be labeled as terrorist attacks, especially since they’re starting to destroy agricultural areas & burn crops.

Also I’m pretty sure that using white phosphorus bombs is still against international laws/rules of warfare…


Yeah…that’s not going to go well for you guys—let’s remember that the last time you tried to go head-to-head with Hezbollah, it ended in a draw…and that was when you hadn’t depleted your forces by engaging in eight months of genocide in Gaza.

Nope…I say that Hezbollah only bears about 0.0001% of the blame for the hostilities at the border. The rest (99.9999%) of the blame goes to you guys & hour backers. If you weren’t illegally occupying land, committing a genocide…people probably would leave you alone.

Hezbollah has been using both drones & missiles to give the occupiers a headache along the border.

Yemen & the Red Sea:

The Houthis are still going after ships in the Red Sea…and various western countries are still bombing Yemen—instead of trying to rein in the occupiers.

Medical personal/facilities/health issues:

There are no working hospitals within Rafah…so if someone is injured & if the paramedics (or others) can reach them…they have to then try to head north to Khan Younis in hopes of getting treatment/help.

498…that is the number of medical professionals that have been murdered since Oct 8.

Hundreds to thousands will die of starvation, dehydration, or related complications over the next month if more food & clean water isn’t brought in…but that is what teh occupiers want..

No nutritional supplements have entered Gaza since early April.

Kudos though to all the women-led humanitarian organizations within Gaza that are still up & running…even with having their offices either damaged or destroyed.

West Bank:

Raids…daily raids in the West Bank. Centering around various refugee camps including the Far’a & Jenin camps.
Children even in the West Bank are dying of heart attacks…where’s the rage from the West?


So the ICJ told you to stop…the security council passed a ceasefire resolution…but you’re still bombing the hell out of Rafah & all of Gaza.

Now you’re ‘threatening’ to leave the UN…leave…and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. 

Rafah Crossing:

The Rafah crossing is still closed…there are over 2,000 trucks sitting on the Egyptian side waiting to get through…but the occupiers are still destroying Rafah…and they still have their military close to the crossing.

Which is one of the ‘main’ reasons why Egypt won’t open their side…they want the occupying military gone from the crossing…as it is currently an violation of the Camp David Accords.


Over 1.7 million people within Gaza are being displaced again…trying to flee north as the occupiers continue their assault on Rafah—even after being told by the ICJ to quit their shit.

Here’s the thing:

If you guys weren’t acting like jackasses…no one would be ‘fighting’ you. But you’re engaging in genocide in Gaza…you’re illegally occupying land in the West Bank…you’re illegally occupying lands that belong to Syria & Lebanon…and you’re indiscriminately bombing both Lebanon & Syria…this is why a good chunk of your neighbors don’t like you & are willing to fight you.

If the west forced the occupiers to accept a ceasefire & totally withdraw from Gaza today—it would still take 14 years to rebuild Gaza. Over a decade…why in the hell aren’t more people in the west (and in positions of power) pissed over that detail? Are you that greedy/hateful/spiteful or do you just not care?

Again…for there to be peace in the region—Israel has to be held ACCOUNTABLE for all the shit that they’ve done over the past 76+ years…probably wouldn’t hurt to hold their backers (mainly the US & UK) accountable as well. 

This colonial project needs to be brought to an end…it’s rabid, bloodthirsty & totally psychotic. It’s survival relies on things that are destroying society: the patriarchy, white supremacy, and all their little bits & pieces. It’s time to start dismantling all of those things. Because if this colonial project is allowed to continue to bully/threaten their neighbors—there will ALWAYS be armed resistance somewhere.

So again, can we leave what is left of the exploitable non-renewable (or at least very slowly renewable) resources in the damn ground? Let’s reinvest in biofuel & renewable energy research & tech. Let’s reinvest in education, the sciences, the arts & humanities, infrastructure, & our damn communities. 

Again…if you’re still silent—your silence is helping to prop up the oppressor/aggressor. It does nothing but helps to uphold the patriarchy & white supremacy. When this blows into a regional or global war—are you really willing to fight it? Or have your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren fight someone else’s war of hate & greed? Why? Is your heart also filled with hate & greed…or are you just that brainwashed?

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