Good morning, and ‘welcome’ back to my weekly summary of what has been happening over in Gaza & the West Bank. This summary is based off of my daily ‘briefs’ that I share on Instagram (jessi1980) that are based off of the daily live blog feed from Al Jazeera. I’d decided that instead of writing daily here (and more or less ‘repeating’ what I wrote on Instagram)—I’d do a weekly summary. So some points may seem ‘out of place’…but everything talked about here has happened over the past week in Gaza & the West Bank.

Numbers for the week:

For Gaza: at LEAST 38,098 dead; at LEAST 87,705 wounded; somewhere between 8-13,000 still missing. These are the numbers based on being able to ‘identify’ the dead…it’s actually thought that the number is well over 200,000 for dead and/or wounded.

Over in the West Bank: at LEAST 560 dead; OVER 5,300 wounded; OVER 9,500 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped), and this includes people who had originally been released back in November during the first ceasefire agreement.

Just a reminder: the occupiers are holding probably now OVER 9,300 political prisoners within their ‘prisons’ and over 3,400 people are being held as administrative detainees (held without charge or trial). Why isn’t there more outrage from the west?

What has happened over the past week:

Outside the region:

Iran just had their run-off elections, and it seems that the more moderate/centrist candidate, Massed Pezeshkian, won the run-off—but his win still needs to be ‘verified’ by the Ayatollah…so we shall have to see what happens. It looks like this president is wanting to try to open up the country more to the world….hopefully not by totally giving into the western bullies.

Lebanon, Hezbollah, & everyone else:

More indiscriminate bombings within southern Lebanon has killed more civilians including several members of Hezbollah.

Iran has stated that if the occupiers are dumb enough to invade Lebanon, they may have to get involved…which had the occupiers ‘stating’ that Iran deserved to be destroyed….kiddies—you can’t handle both Hezbollah & Iran at the same time…hell, you can’t handle Hamas & Hezbollah at the same time.

If this blows into a regional/global conflict—the blame lays solely with the occupiers & their backers…especially since the US & Europe basically have stated that they probably won’t be able to ‘rein’ in the occupiers if they decide to invade Lebanon…so yeah…this shit show is about to get a lot worse.

Ceasefire Talks:

Ceasefire talks have resumed this weekend…it seems that the only adults at the table are Hamas. They’re willing to ‘cede’ one of their major demands: an early agreement to a total & complete ceasefire. It seems they’re willing to start with the initial ‘plans’ and continue negations through that phase to achieve a total ceasefire. Now the question—will the occupiers ‘agree’, and actually adhere to it? Probably not…but that’s just my opinion.

I also agree with various world leaders—the west (namely the US) needs to pressure the occupiers to also adhere to any agreed ceasefire agreement…and start to act like at least a semi-mature adult.

West Bank:


So one of the psychotic ministers has stated that they may start naming their new illegal settlements after countries that have acknowledge Palestinian sovereignty…yeah…that’s really ‘mature’…and still totally against international law…but that is something that you guys have no respect for.

The occupying government just ‘approved’ a land grab…that the rest of the world is against…but of course they’re not going to be listening to the world.

It’s act like a huge jackass day in East Jerusalem…as the occupying military is refusing to allow Palestinians into the Al-Aqsa mosque for prayers…as tomorrow marks the Islamic New Year.

Attacks are being carried out on various refugee camps within the West Bank…allegedly to ‘target’ resistant fighters within the occupied region. Guess what kiddies…since you’re illegally occupying the West Bank (and technically Gaza)—they’re allowed armed resistance…that is totally okay under international law—you know the laws you like to ignore & break.

Homes & businesses within the West Bank are also being damaged or destroyed as well.

Dozens have been wounded and/or killed over the past week within the West Bank due to the actions of the occupying military & the squatters. As of this morning (July 6) at least nine Palestinians were wounded in a refugee camp, due to the occupiers carrying out a ‘preemptive’ strike on the refugee camp.

Also the squatters were setting various agricultural lands (olive groves and such) on fire..with hopes of driving the Palestinians out of the region.

Healthcare & other infrastructure within Gaza:

Various hospitals only have about 48 hours worth of fuel left…once that fuel runs out…various pieces of equipment may stop working & they may not be able to perform surgeries.

A desalination plant in southern Gaza was given back it’s electricity…which upset a bunch of the psychos within the occupying government….the military is claiming its to aid the troops & whatever captives may still be in southern Gaza (and alive).

Two-thirds of the water & sanitation facilities/infrastructures have been damaged or destroyed within Gaza since Oct 7th. Sewage is flowing in the streets & infectious diseases are on the rise.

Other bits & pieces from Gaza:

A quarter of a million people were told to evacuate Khan Younis again…but with no place to go…

Five more journalists (and some of their family) were murdered within Gaza over the past twenty-four hours, along with at least six police officers within Rafah. This brings the total number of media personnel murdered since Oct 7 to over 150. Journalists are suppose to be protected under international law….if you’re targeting them…it means you’re trying to hide something…like carrying out a genocide 24/7.

Over 8,600 students within both Gaza & the West Bank have been murdered since Oct 7th…with a vast majority of those murders happening within Gaza. 

My final thoughts on this past week:

Everyone wants the region to chill out…everyone wants peace in the region. The problem—is how will that peace be achieved?

The first thing that needs to happen: Israel has to be held ACCOUNTABLE for everything they’ve done over the past 76 years…

Then dismantle the signs of apartheid in the West Bank, return the land to the Palestinians, and have one set of rules/laws/regulations for EVERYONE. As I’ve mentioned numerous times: non-Palestinians don’t have to leave…those that fear persecution, usually are the ones that have participated in the persecution of others.

If the world doesn’t rein in Israel…and if they’re allowed to continue to bully/threaten their neighbors—there will ALWAYS be armed resistance somewhere.

With the current ‘ceasefire talks’:

This just means that the ‘pause’ button on the ticking-time bomb has been hit…because if the world doesn’t reign in the occupiers—this entire situation is going to blow into a regional conflict…possibly then a global. All due to greed, mistrust, fear/hate being able to run around without question (or being ‘reined’ in). Again—this is what happens when European colonialism gets out of hand…I have to wonder if a global conflict will at least start to dismantle white supremacy (as I’m not sure how much of a dent it would put into the patriarchy).

Again—when will people wake up? You do realize that our tax dollars are funding this genocide correct? When will we start electing officials that actually care about not only their citizens—but all global citizens. We’re a connected global community. We’re suppose to be a diverse community—different cultures, religions, languages, & even political views. We’re all tied together by a common thread of humanity: caring about each other—it’s called empathy & compassion.

Again, we don’t need a new cell phone, computer, flat screen tv, or other gadget every year. Even those ‘hybrid’ or electric cars, (and even solar panels) are part of the problem—minerals for the batteries/panels have to come from somewhere.

It’s beyond time to dismantle this bloodthirsty, psychotic, & rabid colonial project. Staying ‘silent’ does nothing but props up the oppressor/aggressors. It does nothing but helps uphold the patriarchy & white supremacy. Are you really willing to fight someone else’s war of hate/greed? Have your children/nieces/nephews/grandchildren fight it? Are you that greedy/hateful? Or are you just that brainwashed?

It’s time to learn the real history of places & people. It’s past time to realize that we have to earn our chair at the global table.

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