Welcome back to Denver, Colorado & the Montgomery Ink world….where there is intrigue, and an abundance of family, friends, and cheese.

His Second Chance is Kane & Phoebe’s story, and with a ‘brief’ flashback, starts roughly where Last First Kiss ends.

Kane Montgomery Carr is one of the numerous Montgomery owners of Montgomery Security with his cousins (and their significant others). Phoebe Dixon is his ex-girlfriend…though he isn’t sure exactly how/why their relationship fizzled out.

How did they meet? Well…that first meeting involved a hike, a public restroom, a bear, and an unlocked car…I won’t say who was in the car & who ‘jumped’ in to escape the bear.

Phoebe comes back into Kane’s life…when she needs a body guard & help trying to figure out who is sending her weird messages and such…and Kane won’t let anyone else take the job. He may be trying to also rekindle their romance. Plus…there is still the little problem Montgomery Security is dealing with—their former competitor who seems to still have it out for them.

Can Kane & the rest of the Montgomery Security figure out who is stalking Phoebe? Can they also track down their own ‘stalker’…plus there is a few other ‘surprises’ that will shock everyone within the pages of His Second Chance.

I loved this book…I always enjoy the second-chance romances…where a couple can work through their problems and find their way back to each other. I also LOVED the the little extra shock that sits within the pages…sorry—can’t say more until the book hits ‘electronic’ shelves on the 15th…but it’s a surprise everyone will love. 

What I love about the Montgomery Ink world…besides the fact that each book is more or less a stand-alone story, is that there are numerous books one can go back and binge read. I’ll be curling up later with both the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Spring series (where Kane’s parents are introduced), plus the Less Than series (which is the spin-off series for Kane’s aunts/uncles on his father side). Since we’re in the heat of summer—on July 15, grab a cold iced coffee (or ice tea), a comfy chair, and turn the fans up high, as you immerse yourself into the Montgomery Ink Legacy world with Kane & Phoebe’s story.