All Things Science

So I’ve decided that I’m going to be adding a new page to the site—All Things Science. This is where I’m going to share reviews of different areas of science that I find interesting, new ideas, and so forth. The pages attached to this one won’t be up as often as blog posts (depending on the time it takes for research, writing the drafts, editing, and creating the images) but I’m hoping to have a new All Things Science post at least once every two weeks (maybe three), and as I become more comfortable at the process maybe even every other week.

In a way this is also another way of working on my transition plan for getting into industry—a way to hold myself accountable. As I try to step outside of my comfort zone, I’m going to need a place to share my thoughts and ideas—my own blog will serve as the testing grounds before trying to share one of the articles that I try to write on say linkedin or some other platform.

Some of the topics I’m going to slowly start writing about will include: biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, plant biology, genomics, and conservation biology to name a few. Of course there will be sub-topics within each of these as well (for example molecular cloning).

Of course if you have any ideas, or questions that you would like answered—leave a comment, and I will see what it is and look into them and try to answer them as well.

Again as a disclaimer—the page will be updated periodically, as scientific topics take a little more time and effort to distill down to understandable terms in comparison to writing a book review.