Order Coraciiformes

Information is sparse for the overall order, so page will be getting updated at a later time with more information.

This is an order of colorful birds that includes the kingfishers (family Alcidinidae), bee-eaters (Family Meropidae), rollers (family Coraciidae), motmots (family Momotidae), and todies (family Todidae).

While the order get it’s name from the rollers (family Coraciidae), there is discussion on whether all families belong within the order (which is why overall information is sparse).

In terms of global representation: majority of the birds can be found in the ‘Old World’, while in the ‘New World’ it is limited to members from the families Alcidinidae, Momotidae, and Todidae.

Within the United States, the only representation comes from the family Alcidinidae.

Belted Kingfisher sitting in a tree at Boomer Lake

Photography goal(s) for this order include: getting a picture of the other two kingfisher species that can be spotted within the United States (southern Texas), and then getting a picture of at least one member of the other four families. Also in regards to the families Momotidae and Todidae–it would be getting a picture of one in the ‘New World’ and a picture of one in the ‘Old World’.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/coraciiformes