Order Gaviiformes

*Note: One thing I’ve noticed with doing even basic research for the bird pages, is that there are some families/orders that have been studied more than others. That is the case for the members of this order (Gaviiformes) and family (Gaviidae). The pages will be short in terms of information–only because I don’t want to be repeating massive amounts of information that will be present on the pages for the various species.

Common Loon spotted on Boomer Lake

The order Gaviiformes consists of a single family and genus with five species.

The species are found within the Northern Hemisphere and are referred to as either loons (North America) or divers (Eurasia).

Unlike other water birds, loons have denser bones which aid in their ability to dive and swim underwater.

These birds will breed in the northern regions of both North America and Eurasia, and then winter further south and along coast lines.