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Six months of death & destruction…and for what? Hate & Greed.

Good morning, everyone! I’m working at bring back a weekly summary of what has been happening with Gaza & the West Bank to the blog. I’m writing on it daily over on Instagram (I can be found at jessi1980 there), and I’m also sharing this ‘weekly update’ over on Substack as well (I can be found at jessimatts over there). I decided instead of writing in three different places daily on what is happening within Gaza & the West Bank–I’d do two ‘weekly’ summaries (based off what I’d wrote throughout the week on Instagram), here and on Substack.

I know that this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of ‘tea/coffee’ and that a lot of people probably just want to ignore what is going on in the region…and that’s fine–that’s your decision. I’m writing/sharing because I’m choosing to use my voice (and various platforms) to bring awareness of what is happening in the area. Everything that I’m writing about here, is summarized from the daily live blog feeds from Al Jazeera’s website that is covering this atroticity.

So, if this isn’t your cup of tea–don’t open the email, but if you’re interested–continue reading. So what’s been happening?

There are at least 33,686 dead, at least 76,309 wounded, and somewhere between 8 to 13,000 still missing within Gaza. The ‘missing’ could be dead within the rubble, dying within the rubble, or ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped). Over in the West Bank, it’s at least 462 dead, over 4,750 wounded, and over 8,100 ‘detained’ (aka kidnapped)—including people who had been released back in November (during the first ceasefire agreement).

Well—there are still weekly protests happening around the world, as the global community strives to turn the tide and get a permanent ceasefire implemented in Gaza for the Palestinians.

While Iran hasn’t totally ‘responded’ to the destruction of their embassy in Syria last week—they have seized a ship that was trying to leave the Persian Gulf this morning. Many think that this is a ‘warning’ to west to stay out of whatever comes up—or they’ll start really disrupting things in the Persian Gulf. 

You can’t strike another country’s consulate (in another country) and then demand that the other country gets labeled as a ‘terror organization’ for seizing a cargo ship that is associated with you…if they’re labeled an ‘terror organization’—you also need to be labeled as a ‘terror organization’. #justsayin’

If things ‘escalate’ in the region—it is all due to you twits…not Lebanon, not Syria, not Iraq, Iran, or any other country—it’s all on you guys.

UNRWA is still working to provide medial assistance to everyone within Gaza, even though the occupiers are trying to ‘break’ them. 

On April 6—only three aid trucks made it into to northern Gaza, with aid for the struggling hospitals and clinics (one truck had fuel, the other two had medical supplies).

Ireland has started to divest from businesses that could be doing business in the occupied Palestinian territory.

There were hearings this week at the ICJ in regards to the case Nicaragua brought against Germany for supplying weapons to the occupiers. Nicaragua has also closed their embassy within Germany (could be temporary, but could be permanent—we shall have to wait and see).

While thousands of Palestinians have been killed since Oct 7th…Dozens of Lebanese & Syrian civilians have also been killed due to the indiscriminate (and sometime targeted) bombing of both Lebanon & Syria by the occupiers.

Last week the security council did pass a ceasefire resolution (the US abstained from voting)…but of course the occupiers are ignoring it…while various countries (such Saudi Arabia & Pakistan) are calling on them to heed the ceasefire resolution. 

What type of international efforts could force them to heed it?  How about this—everyone recall their ambassadors, quit sending military aid (looking at you US), cut economic ties, and slowly turn them into a pariah state.

Nope…all international pressure needs to be directed at you asshats…because, again…Oct 7th didn’t happen in a vacuum..yes, it was horrid & atrocious…but it was also a response to 75+ years of murder, destruction, and terrorization of a group of people by others. What the hell did you expect would happen at some point?

Also—remember children, you gave up your ‘right’ of self-defense when you decided to illegally occupy territory that doesn’t belong to you…it’s in the UN charter—remember, the one you signed?

While everyone within Gaza is starving…the situation is even more dire in the north, where little humanitarian aid is able to get in…and what aid does get in is usually targeted by the occupiers (or they target the civilians waiting for the aid)…I think that various political & military leaders of the world need to be forced to survive on less than 300 calories a a war zone..because folks this is totally unacceptable…but the world seems to be accepting it.

Where is the outrage from the western medical communities? Scalpels are having to be reused between surgeries…but they’re becoming blunt…patients are having undergo surgeries without painkillers…wounds aren’t healing because people are suffering from malnutrition & dehydration..

Over the past few days more aid trucks were able to enter Gaza…but why are the occupiers being allowed to determine what can come into Gaza? Like they’re war criminal folks…also it’s beyond time that various countries (including the US) gets off the damn ‘guilt’ train about what happened during WWII…Yes, that was a ‘dark’ time…but again—two wrongs don’t make a damn right.

The Security Council will be talking about Palestine’s application to become a full member of the UN (again)…it will be interesting to see if it can make it out of the Council (where the US could very well just veto their application…like they’ve been threatening to).

This past week also saw another round of attempts of getting a ceasefire ‘agreement’ agreed upon. Hamas is sticking with their ‘line in the sand’ (complete withdrawal of the occupying forces, allowing everyone to return to their homes to start rebuilding, funds, and the stupid wall around Gaza dismantled). While the occupiers are refusing those demands, and only proposing a ‘six-week’ ceasefire (without withdrawal of troops from Gaza), and demanding release of all hostages (that may or may not be alive still within Gaza—thanks to their own indiscriminate bombing of Gaza).

The occupiers are trying to potentially play mind games—by claiming they have a date set to invade Rafah…that statement only seems to have potentially derail the talks—like why bother trying to negotiate when the enemy is just going to ‘invade’ anyway.

Also…where are 1.4 million people suppose to go? You told the Palestinians that Rafah was a ‘safe’ zone…but you’ve been bombing them daily there for well over a week…and now you’re threatening to invade? If they try to head north—they’re potentially detained, or killed…and if they head ‘south’—that’s into Egypt…and we all know that you’d refuse to allow any Palestinians back in after they ‘voluntarily’ leave.

Okay…if you’re going to sanction one group over the violence from Oct 7th—you need to be sanctioning the other group (the occupiers) for the same type of violence after Oct 7th (and probably even prior to Oct 7th)…because if you don’t sanction both groups…you’re showing your hypocrisy…#justsayin’

So an UNICEF aid convey came under fire, luckily no one as killed this time (unlike the strike that killed seven World Central Kitchen helpers)…I agree with Amnesty International—peaceful protests need to be protected & that the Jordanian government needs to release those that have been ‘detained’ for protesting…

Hats off to the various humanitarian aid workers who are willing to risk their lives to get humanitarian aid delivered to people within Gaza. UNRWA is still unable to get food aid into northern Gaza (their last attempt was back in January) as either their vehicles or civilians come under fire…the occupiers are using starvation as a weapon of war and collective punishment.

More journalists have been wounded while covering an attack on a refugee camp in central Gaza…one journalist has lost at least one foot.

While the occupiers are slowly pulling their military out of various parts of Gaza (probably to build up to start invading Rafah)—over 50% of the buildings within Khan Younis have been destroyed—this includes homes, schools, hospitals, places of worships, everything.

Türkiye has placed a slight export embargo on the occupiers (restricting export of at lest 54 products) due to the occupiers refusing to allow them to participate in humanitarian aid drops within Gaza. Again—why in the hell are the occupiers being allowed to decide who gets to help, and what gets to be allowed in?? Of course, the occupiers are threatening to retaliate in kind in regards to an ‘embargo’….tit for tat…I guess we are back on a playground somewhere…

I agree with Human Rights Watch…sanctions need to be imposed on the occupiers…not only to force them to allow aid into Gaza—but to force their asses out of Gaza.

Why keep things a ‘secret’? Usually when weapon sales are ‘secret’ it means you have something to hide…it usually doesn’t keep reputations ‘clean & squeaky’. So—Australia, your reputation has been damaged…#justsayin’

I agree…but it should be all countries (not just Muslim) that severe ties with the occupiers…and I don’t think it should just be temporary…it should be permanent & they should be forced into becoming a pariah state.

Permanent ceasefire…not temporary…again kiddies—it is up to the Palestinians to decide who is in charge in both Gaza & the West Bank…it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world doesn’t agree with their choices…you are civil & respectful….it’s called adulting 101…not that hard of a concept to grasp.

Well it’s nice to finally see a letter from about 2,000 people associated with higher education in North America, finally condemning what has been happening for the past six months…especially the destruction of Gaza’s educational infrastructure.

Okay…let’s review things shall we children…when you terrorize, brutalize, and murder a population for decades (and get away with it for the most part)—there is going to be armed resistance popping up…even if you somehow manage to ‘dismantle’ Hamas…you haven’t gotten rid of the cause—look in the mirror for that. Can countries start sanctioning them please…turn them into a damn pariah state at any time.

‘Multiple arenas’…can various countries start serious sanctions against the occupiers…like yesterday? Because if they’re not reined in soon (like yesterday)…this is going to blow into a huge regional (and then potentially global) conflict. They want it to blow-up into a huge conflict…and since no one else really does—it’s time for various global leaders to find their backbones & start serious sanctions.

Yesterday (April 12) saw the occupying military & police storm the al-Aqsa mosque after prayers & ‘arrest’ (aka kidnap) numerous individuals.

Everyone is wanting to have Iran ‘chill’ out…but maybe people should think of having the ‘occupiers’ chill out? Also—maybe act like an ‘adult’ and open the communications channel with the country (Iran) yourself, instead of ‘demanding’ other countries talk to them?

With help from the occupying military & police…squatters are grabbing more land in the West Bank.

More youths within the West Bank are starting to take up arms against the occupying military, police & squatters.

Tensions are still high in the West Bank…after squatters stormed villages (with the protection of the occupying military) burning cars & setting homes on fire…While it’s ‘understandable’ to be concerned when a teen goes ‘missing’—setting cars and other things on fire trying to find them…nope—that isn’t cool. 

Of course…another mosque within Gaza has been destroyed…you guys do realize that targeting places of worship are no-no’s and also a ‘sign’ you are engaging in genocide—right, you do realize this?

I totally agree with the former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, “two genocides do not make one right”. He was also suppose to speak at a pro-Palestinian conference in Berlin that was shut down (before it could start) by German police.

Thoughts/views that I feel need to be on ‘repeat’:

For there to be peace—Israel has to be held ACCOUNTABLE for everything they’ve done over the past 75+ years. Their backers should also be held responsible as well. Dismantle the signs of apartheid, return the land to the Palestinians, have one set of rules/laws/regulations for EVERYONE. Again, non-Palestinians don’t have to leave…those that fear persecution usually were the ones that participated in persecuting others. If Israel is allowed to continue to bully/threaten their neighbors—there will ALWAYS be armed resistance somewhere.

The US is struggling to hold on to their image of ‘global superpower’…so they’re willing to prop up a rabid, bloodthirsty, & dying colonial project. People are ‘waking up’ and realizing where their tax dollars are going…and we’re not happy about it..

Science lesson—when the world totally collapses (when everything is polluted)—you do realize, you won’t survive either…right? There is NO planet B, NO moon OR Mars colonies to save you…just good ole planet Earth & the 8+ billion of us that would really like to live in peace with each other (as a DIVERSE GLOBAL COMMUNITY)…

Therefore—Let’s  leave what is left of the exploitable non-renewable resources in the damn ground. Let’s reinvest in biofuel & renewable energy research & tech. Let’s reinvest in education, the sciences, the arts & humanities, infrastructure & our damn communities. So could everyone else—PLEASE find your empathy & compassion (not to mention dust off your common sense & critical thinking skills), & join the rest of us in trying to save society? 

Okay…again folks…two deaths won’t bring back the first life lost…killing and injuring over 118,000 won’t bring back those lost on Oct 7th—and it sure as hell isn’t making the world safer. Also…the land doesn’t belong to you…the land actually doesn’t belong to anyone…we belong to the earth.

What will make the world safer…people ‘waking’ up, realizing & embracing the fact that we’re suppose to be a diverse global community. We’re suppose to be different from each other and learn from each other. This level of hate & greed that is festering in West Asia is heartbreaking and almost mind numbing to witness…but we have to bear witness…and we have to work at trying to break hold of those ‘emotions and traits’.

Sanctions…cutting political, economic, & military ties…with the occupiers—that is what is needed now. As I’ve said (so many damn times) if they aren’t reigned in soon—this is going to become a regional (and then potentially a global) conflict. They want it to explode into a regional conflict—because that is how a certain person will be able to stay in power. 

(Again)–What happened on Oct 7 was horrid & atrocious…but also didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was a ‘response’ to over 75 years of death, destruction, and terrorization of a group of people by another. Oct 7 was when it boiled over…

Again—two wrongs don’t make a right…killing thousands of people (mostly children) won’t make things right…and it sure as hell won’t improve your global image. Your pathetic attempts at gaslighting aren’t working that much either…no matter what ‘successes’ you claim. Also—these six months of death & destruction aren’t making anyone safe (or safer).. It’s time to break this karmic loop of death & destruction due to hate & greed…because if we don’t break it soon—someone is going to hit a red button, and then it becomes an nuclear war…one that most of society may not survive. Who is really willing to fight someone else’s war of hate & greed? Who is really willing to have their children (or grandchildren) fight it?

It’s time that a good chunk of society (including myself) works at #decolonizing our minds. It’s time to learn the real history of places & people. Time to dismantle various other aspects of the patriarchy, then work at earning our seat at the global table. Because if we don’t….greed & hate are going to destroy society & the world.

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‘As the World Crumbles’ Episode 1: Gaza & the West Bank


I’d stated that one of the goals I had this year was to become a better global citizen. That means educating myself on various global conflicts…unlearn and relearn various times in history. One way I’m doing that is sharing an weekly update here on the blog…This weekly update is starting with what is currently happening within Gaza & the West Bank–but will later include topics such as what is going on in the Congo, Sudan, Yemen, and various other areas of the world.

Basically—this is a ‘recap’ post of my daily posts that I’ve been doing on LinkedIn and Instagram. Now, I know that there are going to be people that tell me to stay in my ‘lane’ and not write about global conflicts since I’m not a political scientist…and since ‘global conflicts’ technically isn’t my ‘niche’…

Well..what I will say to those people…’there’s the door…unfollow this particular blog…or maybe ask yourself why the post upset you…you might have some ‘unlearning and relearning’ to do as well.

Today marks 91 days…91 days since Israel launched an attack on Gaza. Before anyone tries to throw ‘self-defense’ and ‘but…Hamas’…at me—international lawyers have stated that when you occupy a territory (Like Israel has been occupying Gaza & the West Bank)—you loose that argument & ‘defense’…you have no rights to ‘self-defense’…but the other side does have the right to resist.

Now…all my updates to LinkedIn and Instagram come from summarizing live news briefs from Al Jazeera news, where they’re running (and updating) a daily blog on what’s going on. The numbers cited come from either Al Jazeera or the Euro Rights Monitoring group.

So in basically three months:

Over 30,000 Palestinians are dead, missing, or being ‘detained’ for questioning. It was just released earlier this week that 51 of the women & children being ‘detained’ from Gaza are now being held in the Damon prison.

Over 58,000 Palestinians have been wounded, and thousands have had to undergo surgeries without the benefit of anesthesia…thousands of children have lost at least one limb.

Approximately 90% of the population within Gaza has been displaced and is homeless. Winter is arrived, and people now are also (unfortunately) freezing to death as well at night.

Basically everyone within Gaza is starving…people are only able to have single meal once (or sometimes every other day) a day. There is also limited clean water coming into the area as well.

Over 70% of hospitals and clinics are non-functional. Those that are still ‘functional’ have to deal with dwindling medical supplies, limited staff (as numerous doctors & nurses have been killed or ‘detained’ for questioning), and being targeted by missiles and snipers.

Over 100 journalists have been killed in three months—this is more than the number of journalists killed during WWII, the Korean, or Vietnam wars—and all of those lasted a hell of a lot longer.

200 historical and/or archaeological sites have been destroyed—including the oldest church and mosque within Gaza.

This is also an ‘ethnic cleansing’ against the Palestinian Christians as well…there are less than 700 living within Gaza.

The history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israel go further back than Oct 7 2023. The problems and conflicts started in the early 1900s…before the state of Israel was established. There is history that has been left out of history books (or rewritten to make the west & Israel look ‘good’ and to try to paint the Palestinians as the ‘problem’). 

I’m still educating myself on the past 100+ years (basically from 1917 to present), and have bought the following books:

  1. Palestine, Peace not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter
  2. The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017 by Rashid Khalidi (I’m about a quarter of the way through this book)
  3. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe
  4. The Crime of Nationalism: Britain, Palestine, and Nation-Building on the Fringe of Empire by Matthew Kraig Kelley
  5. The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories by Ilan Pappe
  6. The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a US Spy Ship by James Scott
  7. Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History by Nur Masalha
  8. They Call Me a Lioness: A Palestinian Girl’s Fight for Freedom by Ahed Tamini & Dean Takruri
  9. Gaza: An Inquest into its Martyrdom by Norman Finkelstein
  10. Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on the US-Israeli War on the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappe (I’m about a third of the way through this book)

Before anyone say’s that the reading list is ‘bias’ towards Palestinian voices—Ilan Pappe is an Israeli historian…and currently I’m more interested in hearing the story from the side of the oppressed than the side of the oppressor.

I’m also going to start learning of some of the other global conflicts that are occurring (the genocide in the Congo, the ongoing civil war in Sudan, the issues within Yemen, and other problems throughout the world). While there are usually two sides to each conflict…the current conflict in Gaza is the result of 75 years of suppression, death, destruction, and force exiled. While violence shouldn’t be the answer—sometimes it is the only thing that the bully/oppressor understands.

So…that is the recap of the last three months of the genocide and ethnic cleansing that has been going on in Gaza. We’re in 2024–and ‘Never Again’ is suppose to mean exactly that ‘Never Again’. It’s sad, frustrating, and maddening that this happening and being carried ‘live’ across social media. The conflict has also shown exactly how little power the general assembly of the UN has, and how the permanent members will abuse their powers to keep others out of ‘trouble’.

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Proud to be a geek: ‘Celebrate your geekness day’

Today is ‘celebrate your geekness’ day, a day that was created by Wellcats Holidasy as a day about being proud of what you do, who you are, and what you’re ‘obsessed’ with. I will freely admit that I’ve always been a ‘geek’, and I’ve been proud of being a geek. While I may seem ‘quiet’ and slightly ‘unsociable’, it is more of the fact that I’m wondering what I can add to the conversation. Depending on the topic, I may either be more of an active listener or an active participant. While I am a ‘geek’ on various subjects, I also admit that some areas I’m reconnecting to, so I may not be that big of a ‘geek’ in terms of random knowledge.

I like these five reasons from ‘a big think edge’ blog post back in 2018 on why one should embrace thier inner geek:

  1. The term communicates that you are intelligent
  2. You may be more socially competent and mature than the ‘cool kids’
  3. As a geek, you are viewed in a increasingly positive way
  4. You are technically savvy and an early adopter of new technologies
  5. Geeks bring different perspectives and knowledge to the conversation

I agree with all of them, with the exception of number four–I really don’t care for updating/upgrading my electronics and such unless I either absolutely have to, or the update/upgrade has something really going for it.

So what are things that I consider myself a ‘geek’ about?

Hobbies such as:

Birds (and bird watching)


Reading (fiction, especially romance)

Knitting and other crafts

Being outdoors, gardening and nature

Learning, especially on topics related to:







My pets

What am I currently learning or teaching myself?

Python coding, cross-stitching, jewelry making, and brushing up on subjects such as intellectual protperty and clinical trials.

What are my end goals?

Continuous learning, finding harmony between ‘work’ and ‘everything else’, and bridging the communication gap beteen the scientific community and the general public.

What is one scientific topic that you wished was communicated better?

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National Bald Eagle Day: Raising Awareness for An National Symbol and Treasure

So today is National American Eagle Day or National Bald Eagle Day. This is the day that various organizations set aside to help raise awareness about our national symbol–the Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle soaring through the sky

The history behind the bald eagle being chosen for the national symbol is slightly humorous. In case you haven’t heard some of the history, here is a very condensed version:

Since most countries adopt an animal for their national symbol, the Continental Congress wanted to do so as well, but the first national seal was actually Lady Liberty holding a shield. Since that wasn’t what they wanted, they made inquires with others for thoughts and the first ‘choice/suggestion/selection’ was actually the golden eagle.

Again, the Continental Congress wasn’t happy with the suggestion–mainly because the golden eagle could also be found in Europe and therefore it wouldn’t do. They then looked to ‘native birds’ and decided on the bald eagle (though the turkey was also suggested as it was also ‘native’).

Bald Eagle soaring through the sky

The bald eagle was ‘fierce-looking’ and the fledgling country thought it was a better representation of the country to the world–therefore it was selected. Even after the war was over, there was discussion on whether to keep the bald eagle as the emblem or think of a new one–Benjamin Franklin kept rooting for the turkey.

This story does raises a fairly good historical question–if we had managed to breakaway from England without war, what animal would have been chosen as the national symbol–would it still have been the eagle, or maybe the turkey, or maybe something else?

So that is the brief history behind how the bald eagle became our national bird and symbol.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t had really ‘clear skies’ over the past three hundred years.

By the 1950s both the bald eagle and the golden eagle were at risk of becoming extinct. This was due to a combination of over hunting (young bald eagles happen to look a lot like golden eagles, so they were often killed ‘by mistake’–hunters thought they were bagging young golden eagles), pesticide use (DTT poisoned fish led to eagles laying eggs with very thin shells, which ended up at times getting crushed from the parents sitting on them), and habitat loss.

Once DTT was banned, and the eagles placed on the endangered species list their populations started to make a recovery. In case of the bald eagle, they were downgraded from endangered to threatened in 1995, and then in 2007 they were removed entirely from both the endangered species and the threatened species lists as their populations had recovered enough. They’re usually under state protection these days.

Bald Eagle and gulls flying over Boomer Lake

Though in recent years, there had been a die off of bald eagles in the southeastern portion of the US, but that has finally been traced to a toxic algae bloom in the waters (something scientists are now keeping an eye on).

I enjoy catching site of the bald eagle as it soars over Boomer Lake throughout the year, and I also enjoyed watching the bald eagles up at Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota sit on top of the Norway pines as they watched the waters waiting for their next meal to come closer to the surface.

Bald Eagle sitting at the top of a Norway pine at Lake Vermilion

Have you seen a bald eagle in the wild?

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How to stay ahead of the inner critic and boredom? Create an personal/professional development board game.

So while contemplating on how to really start stepping into the stretch, risk, and die zones more often–I decided to jump right into the ‘risk’ zone and created a personal board game.

I’m thinking of it as a mix of chutes-and-ladders, trivia pursuit, and life. Why these three? Well, there are squares to move forward or back a certain number of spots (or even boards), covers/reviews numerous subjects (though I do admit it does lack sports and entertainment), and it is never-ending (though even the game of life ended after awhile).

My never-ending personal and professional development game

These are topics that I find interesting in the sciences and humanities (though some are missing), in addition to numerous personal development ideas and projects. I taped the two boards into a normal file folder so that I can folded it up and take it with me even on trips, without it getting damaged.

The goals for the game include:

  1. Learning to turn some items (such as writing, learning programming, and refreshing a foreign language) into daily habits.
  2. Learning more about various job directions (and how to possibly meld some of them together).
  3. And finally: embracing the learner mindset in terms of both multiple science and non-science topics, by refreshing my knowledge of the topics and learning what is ‘new’ in the different fields.

I will accomplish these goals by becoming more proficient in time and project management as shown by creating/writing multiple styles of web content, increased traffic to the blog/website, posts written in additional languages, and an up-to-date GitHub account for example.

There are only a few rules for the game:

  1. No quitting.
  2. If I decide that I want to ‘jump/skip’ a square that I landed on, I have to answer the following questions first:
    1. Why am I avoiding this topic/subject?
    2. Where is this belief (or beliefs) coming from?
    3. What can I do to slowly start in on the topic/subject?

Yes, ‘read’ is down quite often–but since I’m an impulsive book buyer, I have almost 300 non-fiction e-books that I’ve bought over the past five years that I haven’t read yet.

I also discovered that my inner critic/imposter syndrome was trying to ‘derail’ me from starting the game. How, you may ask? By trying to ‘convince’ me that I needed to have a list of topics on hand for anything that had ‘review’ with it on the board. After starting to make a list for both biochemistry and immunology, I realized what was happening.

I decided that I would then add the following ‘rules’:

After landing on a ‘review subject’ square, I would roll the dice again–this would give me a ‘time limit’ (in either hours or minutes) for coming up with a starting list of possible sub-topics to review.

This should be easy enough to do–Google ‘textbook of ‘x’ subject’ and you can usually find a link to at least one textbook that will let you look at the table of contents.

I will then roll the dice again, and the number will hopefully correlate to a topic number. If there is currently no topic to correlate the number to, I will roll until I get a number.

Then I will roll the dice a final time to come up with the ‘time frame’ for the assignment.

All squares will be landed on at one point or another, as there is no ‘end’ to the game. The time frame for each square will vary (even within the topic), and I should hopefully not be ‘sitting’ on a square for more than say three weeks (as that is how long it usually takes to make something a habit), though it may be shorter (as long as I have the topic worked into the weekly schedule and I now to move it over each week).

In terms of the reading squares–if the book doesn’t have any exercises/questions associated with the chapters, I’m going to give myself four to five (no more than six) days to read the book, and then additional two days (max) to write and post the book review to both the blog and possibly Amazon as well. If there are questions/assignments associated with the book then the time frame might go towards two or three weeks.

I started the game last night, and landed on a ‘read’ square. I rolled the dice again to determine the book to pick from the list, and it was ‘The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living’ by Meik Wiking. Since there doesn’t seem to be any exercises/questions associated with the book–I picked another book from the list to start once I have the book review for ‘Little Book of Hygge’ posted, and therefore I will probably rolling the dice for the ‘second’ move on the board around June 4th or so.

What are some of your favorite board games?

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Photography Challenge Day 151 (A day late): Throwback Thursday to old headstones

Well this post is a day late–while I had decided on the topic, I couldn’t quite decide on which exact pictures to share, so I decided I’d look through them again today and decided. So the pictures are all throwbacks to my trip to Boston last year.

Boston is one of my favorite places to visit—it has history, science, and numerous things to do; plus a semi-decent public transportation system. With it being one of the oldest cities on the east coast, one of my favorite things to do is walk the Freedom Trail (of course walking the whole thing depends largely on the weather for that day).

Marking the spot of the Boston Massacre

The Freedom Trail is a two and half mile path through the north end of Boston, that connects sixteen different historical sites and/or monuments. Most of the sites are free, though there are some that require an entrance fee (such as Paul Revere’s house, and one or two of the churches).

I find it fascinating and somewhat calming to walk through the old cemeteries and look at the different headstones that are still somewhat readable after a few hundred years. Some of the headstones you can’t read anything, but you still see some of the stone work that went into the headstones.

The artwork on the tombstone for John Hurd
Some more of the stonework that has survived centuries.

So when walking through Granary Burying Ground, you can see monuments to different historical figures such as:

Paul Revere’s burial site.
Monument to Ben Franklin
Monument to John Hancock

I have other pictures of gravestones (from this graveyard and others) from when I lived in Boston (I would head to the north end almost every other weekend, and I did enjoy wandering through the cemetery and look at the headstones), that I’ll post within other topics as well over the next few weeks.

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