Shift Shop

This is the breakdown of my first go through of Shift shop which as of August 2017 was the newest program offered by beachbody.

August 1st through August 20th (Round 1)

The program that I’m doing right now is Shift Shop, which is the newest program offered by Beachbody

The Shift Shop Rules (courtesy of blog)

Right now I’m down about 8 inches after the first week, weight wise its about a pound. As a total disclaimer–I’m following the workout schedule, but not the meal plan right now. I know that nutrition is also key to losing the weight, but when things are crazy (and you are the only one in the household trying to lose weight), its better to pick the areas that you have control over (for me right now that is exercise more than the buying of groceries).

Okay, so I’ve started week 2 of Shift Shop, and oh boy am I going to be sore.  I know I’m out of shape so I stick with the modifier usually 100% of the time, depending on what the exercise is–if it is something I know I have trouble with I modify even more or substitute in a different exercise.  This week it almost feels like I’m doing T25–its two rounds, but instead of building the intensity with 3 mini rounds per round, its just a normal and then the burnout round.  Right now I’m not sure which muscle group is going to be the most sore tomorrow–the abs or the glutes/thighs.  So tomorrow is going to be Sculpt 35. Depending on how I feel this week goes, I might do it again next week and then go on to Speed/Sculpt 45.  But baby steps are happening and that is all that matters.


August 8–Review of Sculpt 35

So this was the resistance training workout for the week.  It was a tough 35 minute workout (there were certain exercises that I have trouble doing, so now I know that I will need to figure out a substitute exercise for them come Thursday).  I manage to between my 8 and 2 pound weights depending on what the exercise is, and hopefully by the time I make it through another round (which may be right after this one [haven’t decided] I might be able to go between 8 and 14 pound weights.


So far I’m enjoying the workouts of this program (can’t comment on the nutrition plan since I’m currently not following it [though if I was I know I’d be seeing even better results]), and would have to give the program a B+ (mainly because it’s only 3 weeks and I know at time it takes longer than that for me to see results; and I’m not sure how many rounds I’m willing to do right away).


Review of Shift Shop:

So I’ve finished shift shop (probably down 4 pounds and about 13 inches overall).  The workouts definitely got progressively more challenging each week. The first week it was 25 minutes of different exercises (basically 1 minute each), then the follow week added a second round of 45 seconds, and then the 3rd week added a round of 30 seconds.  This is a program that I will be doing again, now that (1) I have an idea of what to expect from it; (2) I have an idea of the meal plan–something that I hadn’t checked out before starting the program; and (3) I can challenge myself by trying to do more of the exercises unmodified.

Earlier I rated the program as a B+, and after getting through the routines, I’m raising the score to an A-.   This is a good program, that will give results, but for the best results the meal plan should also be followed (something I didn’t do).