Seven Days and Seven Different Colors

So I decided that this week I’d embark on a different type of photography challenge: Seven days with seven different colors. Most of the pictures are nature shots that I managed to get around the yard, with a pet photograph tossed in to mix things up a little.

Day 1: The color chosen was more of a gray-blue color. The photograph was of a tiny little mushroom growing in the compost heap next to a flower box in the back yard. There were several of these little fungi growing.

                         Tiny Little Fungi

Day 2: The color today was green. There was a little nymph of a true bug crawling around on the patio table in the backyard.

                      True bug nymph

There are a lot of bugs in the yard this year (mainly ants and flies, but then there are some interesting ones like this little guy).

Day 3: The color today was black. The winner of the photograph challenge for the day was Pancakes. I don’t think she was happy to hear that Magnet was coming back for a visit.

     Pancakes wondering who is coming for a visit

Also what is a week without getting at least one picture of one of the animals.

Day 4: The color today was off-white with a tinge of red. A fluffy feather was found in the backyard around the patio. Obviously some young bird was going through a molting period (or had met an untimely fate). Though you really can’t see the tinge of red all that well with the red tile background.

           Someone lost a feather

Day 5: The color today was yellow. There was another sunflower growing in the backyard in the protection of a tomato cage around the choke cherry bush.

        Sunflower, sunflower who do you see??

Day 6: The color today was purple. The wisteria is finally starting to flower again. There had been some blossoms earlier in the spring, but the late killing freezes had done a number on the buds. At least there are still some signs of spring/summer flowers around.

                        Wisteria flower

Day 7: The color for today was pink. The crepe myrtles in the back yard are starting to flower. There is one that has very pale pink flowers on it (couldn’t get a picture because the bush/tree is over 9 feet tall and my arms just aren’t that long), there is another that has more reddish pink flowers (but it hasn’t started to flower due to be in a more shaded area of the yard), and the last one has nice deep pink flowers.

           Crepe myrtle flowers

I’m thinking that my next little photography challenge will still be something natured based, possibly a mixture again of colors, textures, shapes, or different natural aspects.