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Update on my reading list for the 101+ Goal Challenge

So I thought that I’d give an updated reading list for my 101+ Goal challenge. These books include personal and professional development books, autobiographies, and then other books of interest (science or otherwise).  Some of the books are short reads, mainly because they revolve around answering a series of questions (see # 32 and #111), these could even become a series of blog posts on their own (depending on when I get finished answering the questions). While I’ve finished several of them so far (look for the bold lines), I haven’t finished writing all the book reviews to post on the blog yet. But the new goal is to now finish at least 112 books before September 28 2020.

1. Black Hole Focus by Isaiah Hankel
2. Rewire Your Habits: Establish Goals, Evolve your habits, & improve your relationships, health and finances and free time by Zoe McKey
3. Minimalist Money Makeover by Michelle Moore
4. The No Spend Challenge Guide: How to stop spending money impulsively, pay off debt fast, and make your finances fit your dreams by Jen Smith
5. Minimalist Living: Declutter your home, schedule, and digital life for simple living (and discover why less is more) by Aston Sanderson
6. Self Talk: How to train your brain to turn negative thinking into positive thinking & practice self love by Aston Sanderson
7. Tame Your Emotions by Zoe McKey
8.The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
9. The happiness advantage by Shawn Achor
10. Am I making myself clear by Cornelia Dean
11. Escape the ivory tower by Nancy Baron
12. Kiss that Frog by Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein
13. The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel
14.Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Berstein
15. Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Berstein
16. Science Blogging: The Essential Guide. Edited by Christie Wilcox, Bethany Brookshire & Jason G. Goldman
17. Hiding in the bathroom by Morra Aarons-Mele
18. The Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
19. Introvert Survival Tactics by Patrick King
20. T is for Transformation by Shawn T
21. Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss
22. The Scientist’s Guide to Writing by Stephen Heard
23. Write Science in Plain English by Anne Green
24. The Science Writer’s Handbook edited by Thomas Hayden & Michelle Nijhuis
25. A Field Guide for Science Writers Edited by Deborah Blum, Mary Knudson, and Robin Henig
26. 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
27. The confidence code by Katty Kat & Claire Shipman
28. You 2.0 by Ayodeja Awosika
29. Thrive by Arianna Huffington
30. The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobensteine
31. Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher
32. Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself by Henri Junttila
33. I thought it was just me (but it wasn’t) by Brene Brown
34.What color is your parachute? 2018: A practical manual for job hunters & career changers by Richard N. Bolles
35. Manage your day to day: build your routine, find your focus, & Sharpen your creative mind. Edited by Jocelyn Glei
36. Raise your vibration by Kyle Gray
37. Sugar Free: 8 weeks to freedom from sugar and carb addiction by Karen Thomson Read More

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Vision boards (A mini review of a book and a goal met).

So what is a vision board? Vision boards (or dream boards) are boards that can help you clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on either a specific life goal or an overall change. This is where you display images and sayings that represent what you want to be, do, or have in your life.

Usually when people do vision boards, they may make one for the coming year, or they may make a five or ten year goal one—where they may switch out images or sayings that no longer resonate with their vision with different images or sayings.

I have to admit that I have always been curious about doing vision boards (and I think I may have done one or two in school [but they were called something else]), but at the same time I wanted to know more about the process before getting started (this is where my slight OCD comes into play). So one of the books that I finished back in February was “The Complete Guide to Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit to Get Wildly Clear & Create the Life of Your Dreams” by Christine Kane.

Complete Guide to Vision Boards by Christine Kane. Image (c) Amazon.com

This book covered a lot of different areas of creating a vision board—from the type of vision board you can create, to the supplies that you should have on hand, to the type of questions that you should be asking yourself before getting started. This book opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to creating a vision board than gluing pictures and words onto a pieces of cardboard—you have to have an idea of the direction you are heading (even if its—I need a change), before getting started. I know that I still have quite a bit to learn on this topic (even if it is a fairly straight forward topic), because I don’t want to start manifesting the wrong goals or changes and then having to start back over from scratch (i.e. I don’t want to take a job that may or may not work out—only to find out it isn’t going to work out and I’m either potentially unemployed again and/or having to move back home).

So, now on to a goal met.

One of my goals on my 101+ goal list was to make a vision board. And there were various reasons behind that goal.

So, in one or two of the groups I belong to on Facebook have suggested at one time or another that we should make a vision/dream board at least yearly (for one of the groups—the other had the suggestion to be more long term in thinking). So I’ve spent the past couple of weeks answering different personal and professional development type questions and actually trying to figure out both what I wanted in life long term, and where I saw myself in a few years.

I decided that this first vision board was going to be digital (mainly because I’m hoping to move within a year, and I don’t want to be packing up anything more than what I already am going to be having to). The second reason for doing the digital form is that I can see it daily if I have it as the background on my laptop. This will remind me of what I want to accomplish in my life, and that in order to accomplish it—I need to keep working towards it (no matter how slow that progress may feel).

                             My Vision Board

So within my vision board, I’m reminding myself that there are several areas that I know I want to change—I want to get into the best shape of my life (and also have a successful beachbody business—but I need to start working on that [actually following a program and nutrition plan (this is more or less—it won’t be a 100% because I don’t do that much of the shopping and right now I hate meal prepping) to make sure that I can both “walk the walk and talk the talk” in terms of what beachbody has to offer. By getting into the best shape of my life—I could probably manage a hike at the Grand Canyon or going to the Incan ruins in Peru (which right now I know I’m no where near ready for). I want to travel (leisure mostly, but occasionally for business), and I want to be a leader in industry as well. Plus a few other things that I have on the board as well (balance life, crafts, time for pets, and owning either my own small house or maybe a condo).

Looking at the board daily, will push me to make sure that I’m making progress towards all of these goals (especially the fitness and transitioning into an industry position), and will serve as a reminder—that it’s time for me to quit being a bystander in my own life, and take control of where I’m headed.

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Another goal done: Photography Challenge Day 11

So this past weekend, I managed (with the help of my father) to get some major yard work in the front yard done. We had planted monkey grass or Liriope under our maple tree shortly after we planted it. Then it had been several years since we had leveled the bricks around the tree (silly roots grow closer to the surface than other trees), and the monkey grass was also pushing the bricks around.

Before the leaves were removed and the monkey grass was thinned out.

So the above picture is showing one side of the tree with leaves still covering the grass (though the flowers had been coming up through both the leaves and the grass for at least two months) to work as a before picture.

Slowly starting to thin out the monkey grass

Now the other side is showing the work that I slowly had been making–basically I was removing the bricks, pulling up the monkey grass that was growing between the bricks to replant somewhere else in the yard, and then using the pruners to trim back all the other monkey grass around the tree.

My father went and got a couple bags of top soil so that we could start leveling off the bricks and have them in a nice circle around the tree. So our method was that I was removing the monkey grass for transplanting and trimming the rest of the monkey grass, while he worked to re-level all the bricks around the tree (he even had to go back to the store to get a single brick due to having to take the circle out a little further).

The pruned monkey grass and leveled bricks

And then finally after about four hours of work, we managed to get everything re-leveled and I have two topsoil bags full of money grass to now replant somewhere in the yard over the next few weekends (I think Sunday is suppose to be nice).

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Update on my 101+ Goals in 1001 days challenge

Warning—Long Post…….. 🙂

Update on goals

So here is a quarterly update on my 101+ goals in 1001 days


Start Date: January 1 2018

Finish Date: September 28 2020

First Update is on March 31, 2018


Decided that I needed to give quarterly updates on how I’m doing with my different goals in this 101+ Goals in 1001 days. Hard to believe that we’re 90 days into the both the year and the challenge. That means there are only 911 days left on the challenge (at least I’ve gotten two things [more or less] check off the list). So not everything has an update on it, and those areas that I decided to update on are in bold print.

Here are my 101+ goals for the next 1001 days (random and non-grouped):

  1. Transition into a biotech or biopharma company as a research scientist or land another type of industry position
  2. Become fluent in Spanish
  3. Become fluent in German
  4. Learn to program (R and maybe python)
  5. Visit at least three new countries (0/3)
  6. Start jogging/running
  7. Run a 5K (0/1)
  8. Move to a new(ish) city for #1
  9. Make it through at least 150 days of beachbody workouts (share on twitter?) (0/150)
  10. Paint & frame at least one original painting (0/1)
  11. Finish the program management e-course bundle
  12. Finish the Six Sigma e-course bundle
  13. Finish the SMBA program
  14. Finish the Youtube for bosses course
  15. Finish the Youtube course creation for bosses course
  16. Launch a youtube channel
  17. Launch a online course
  18. Get blog traffic to 500+ views/day
  19. Publish 5-10 scientific blog posts (0/10)
  20. Practice more photography (1-2 posts a week) This is also part of the 365 photography challenge
  21. Get instagram followers to 800+ (To date I have: 195 followers) If you want to follow I’m at jessi1980
  22. Showcase crafts on blog (afghans, artwork, jewelry)
  23. Learn to make my own jewelry
  24. Re-pierce my ears
  25. Finish at least 50 personal/professional development books (and post reviews) (0/50) (So far I’ve finished 9 out 90, and have added another eight or so books)
  26. Interact more on Linkedin (actually network with connections) (at least 4 a week) (8/140)
  27. Share benefits of beachbody workouts
  28. Reach at least 14,014,000 steps (1,266,429/14,014,000 (or at 9%)
  29. Visit at least one new national (or state) park (0/1)
  30. 5 pushups on toes (0/5)
  31. 10 pushups on toes (0/10)
  32. Run a 10K (0/1)
  33. Visit one new city & state (US) (0/1; 0/1)
  34. Go to one or more scientific conferences (0/1)
  35. Go to a blogging conference (0/1)
  36. Thin out monkey grass and relay bricks under maple tree in front yard
  37. Present at a scientific conference (0/1)
  38. Post free monthly challenges in facebook groups
  39. Write (or start) a book
  40. Complete a 365 day photography challenge (0/365) [have restarted the challenge since I had the flu earlier this month–before the flu I was at 59 days; now I’m back down to day 6]
  41. Clean the desk Now here’s hoping I keep it clean
  42. Reach 400+ followers on pintrest So far I’m still at 94 followers. I lost one this month (I didn’t post as much on pintrest as I needed to—having the flu bites).
  43. Reach 1000+ followers on twitter So far I’m at 96 followers; if you want to follow I’m at becoming_jessi
  44. Publish at least two blog series (0/2)
  45. Mediate at least 5 minutes a day (0/1001) [I’m probably somewhere between 65 and 75 days out of 90 so far. I know that there was a week in Feb that I didn’t really mediate, and that there were quite a few days this month that I didn’t mediate either. So this is something that I really do need to work on.
  46. No extra snacks at work (i.e. no hitting the coffee shop for cookies in the morning) (0/1001) I know that I have been bad at this so far this year—if I’m lucky I can usually manage not to grab something at least three days a week. One goal for April will be if I’m buying a snack it’s a fruit cup only (no chocolate chip cookies).
  47. Declutter the movies in the house
  48. Create an editorial calendar for blog [ I’m 0/3 and see note on #61 for explaination]
  49. New camera for photography
  50. Credit card debt down to less than $500 (or paid off)
  51. Monthly budget (plus list of monthly recurring charges on credit cards) (0/33) I have kept track two out three months (March has been a washout in terms of most goals with having caught the flu)
  52. Learn to give mani/pedi and give myself one a month (0/33) So far this is 0/0 in having done. Again something (as this can be considered self care/love) that I’m going to try to add to either the April goal list or make sure its on the list for May).
  53. Get a new sewing machine and make a new quilt for bed
  54. Make my new moon & full moon goals (0/66) [I missed the last new moon [March 17th] and will a little late possibly in posting the goals for the most current full moon [March 31st]]
  55. Buy a new couch and chair for my living room
  56. Buy a new dresser for my bedroom
  57. Buy a new mattress & boxspring for my bed
  58. Buy a new TV & stand for living room
  59. Reorganize my storage unit
  60. Buy fabric & foam and make new cushions for rocking chair
  61. Create a posting schedule (editorial calendar) for facebook pages (0/66) So far I’m 0/0. I realize that I get OCD at times with more the layout of the calendar than what I’m putting on the calendar. Then I start filling in the calendar and since I try to have multiple things on the same calendar it gets to where it spreads out over more than one page and I don’t like that—so yeah, I’m still in a semi-design phase for all the editorial calendars.
  62. Generate at least three months of memes for facebook pages (0/3)
  63. Create posting schedule (editorial calendar) for instagram (0/33) [I’m 0/3 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  64. Learn to use photoshop for memes & posts
  65. Make a 30 day Zumba schedule & stick with it (0/30)
  66. Visit one or more new zoos (0/1)
  67. Visit one or more new aquariums (0/1)
  68. Make a top 10 favorite romance author list for blog
  69. Write and share at least two posts on linkedin every two months (0/32)
  70. Ask for endorsements from 6 well known connections on linkedin (0/6)
  71. Endorse 3 to 5 people on linkedin every four months (0/40)
  72. Renew professional memberships (0/6)
  73. Get into the “best shape” of my life
  74. Finish reading books on scientific writing (review and post) (0/7)
  75. Take a multivitamin & supplements daily (0/1001) [make note on how many days] [as of March 31, 2018 I’m “72”/90. There were two days towards the end of Feb that I was super busy at work and totally forgot to take my multivitamin & supplements once I got to work; plus I was sick (or recovering) for about half of March).
  76. Design a logo for my blog/website This may be finished by the end of the first quarter. I have one designed, but it looked rather large when I tried to import it to the top of the blog, so now I’m in the process of trying to create a smaller one.
  77. Finish 3 hidden object games without using hints, or the strategy guide
  78. Go to a author-reader conference and meet authors
  79. Write in journal daily (0/1001) [Currently I’m somewhere between 72 and 74 out of 90 days of writing in my journal—being sick part of the month (and then recovering from the flu) had me off this month in terms of sticking with a schedule (which includes trying to write down what I’ve ate during the day]
  80. Complete my book of Sudoku puzzles (minus the ones crossed out)
  81. Drink 70 oz of water a day (0/1001) [I’m probably somewhere between 72 and 85 days of drinking at least 70oz of water. I realize that while I should monitor the straight water (no tea), while it is tea—it is still water that I’m drinking and ingesting, therefore should count towards my daily limit—therefore most days now I’m trying to get over the 70oz limit]
  82. Color in two coloring books (0/2) (pictures on blog/instagram)
  83. Knit another afghan (diamond pattern) This has been started
  84. Watch all the episodes of Hawaii 5-0
  85. Go to at least 2 professional networking events (0/2)
  86. Update Linkedin profile (0/2)
  87. Watch all the episodes of Grimm
  88. Design a science based board game
  89. Hold a two minute plank (on forearms)
  90. Hold a 90 second plank (full)
  91. Go at least one weekend a month without social media (0/33)
  92. Create a vision board
  93. Create my own altar (wiccan/pagan)
  94. Learn basic sign language
  95. Create job searching/networking editorial calendar (0/12) [I’m currently 0/12 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  96. Get an additional external hard drive to back up the laptop & external DVD drive for installing printer program on laptop
  97. Create my own coffee table photography book
  98. Touch base with friends that I haven’t talked to lately (0/127)
  99. Determine exercises to help strengthen ankles
  100. Savings up another 20K (0/20K)
  101. Get at least three plants and keep them alive (0/3)
  102. Stretch daily (0/1001)
  103. Editorial calendar for responses to groups and articles on linkedin (0/33) [I’m currently 0/3 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  104. Watch all the episodes of The Librarians
  105. Watch all the episodes of Once Upon A Time
  106. Get Fit with Jessi facebook page to 1000+ likes So far I’m at 40 likes
  107. Get BecomingJessi facebook page to 1000+ likes So far I’m at 35 likes
  108. Get Spelunkers and Friends page to 1000+ likes (This is a late add and is almost the pets page and has 10 likes right now.)

The list will be update periodically (either with a link to the blog post covering said goal, crossed out, or dated and crossed out).


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Day Seven of photo challenge

Well today is a little of a two for one—the photos are both for the challenge and also for almost completing an task off my 101+ Goal List.

If you remember with the goal list (and even level 10 life), you can set anything to be a goal as long as you try to complete it within next 1001 days (or for the level 10 life, whenever you’re going to be doing another reassessment of the levels and whether or not that goal is on that particular list).

The extremely cluttered desk is almost back to normal


One of the things that has been on my nerves lately has been my desk (see the above picture left corner). It is a catch all for just about everything in my life right now (due in part to not having a dresser and it taking the place of said dresser). There were a lot of things on the desk that needed to either find a new home (I boxed up the big notebooks that were taking up quite a bit of the space), or just get organized (nothing like using one of the many coffee cups that I seemed to have collected as a pencil/pen holder).

There is some free space now in the middle, to where if I want to place a chair near it I probably could put my computer on the desk and actually feel like somewhat of an adult for using the desk for its main purpose.

One of the books that I’m reading (and ones that I’ve finished) state that the bedroom should be kept to just sleeping and getting dressed, and therefore shouldn’t have everything else from the house found in there–I agree, with the exception that for the most part it is the rest of the house (minus the bathroom and kitchen) for me (especially if I want to get away from everyone else–having the TV is nice that I can watch what I want without worrying about what others might be wanting to watch).

There are still a few other things that probably can be moved off the desk and will over the next few weeks, but at least I’ve started to clean off the catch-all that my desk had become. Not bad for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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