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Review of April Goals: Cyclic trend in goal completion

Well, we’re a third of the way through the year–four months down and eight to go. While the number of people getting vaccinated is either going up or holding steady, new cases of SARS-CoV2 are also on the rise in certain parts of the world (namely India). Therefore, this lady is still going to be self-isolating for quite a few more months, even though I did manage to get my vaccine at the beginning of the month (I got the J&J vaccine, so 1 shot and done).

In terms of various news stories–the cop, who was filmed with his knee on the neck of George Floyd was found guilty on all three counts of murder. His sentencing is in another two months or so (and I personally hope it is life without parole). There are so many problems in this country that have their roots sunk deep in racism, and how a portion of cops act towards non-whites is a huge part of that problem. Then there is the whole other topic of gun control (which I’m not going to touch here, at least right now).

I like the fact that we have a new administration that actually listens to and promotes science. While there are still a few hots pots within the country, we’re slowly getting the virus under control. When I published ‘March in Review’, I noted that the US was a little over 31.1 million cases, and now the US is at a little over 33.1 million cases (so it was an increase of basically 2 million cases for the month, slight increase but compared to numbers from last year–nothing really major). I think the slight uptick in cases was probably due to various spring breaks and small regional ‘outbreaks’.

Before looking ahead to May (with the plans of becoming slightly more productive and organized), I should look at the goals that I set for April and see how I did with each of them.

The goals for April 2021 included:

At least 130-150,000 steps; this will hopefully include at least 1 walk at Boomer Lake and several shorter walks with Chaos with the weather hopefully getting nicer

Getting a new pedometer

Finish up CIZE and then move on to 21-Day Fix Live

Read (or finish) 3 non-fiction books

Read 3 fiction books

Finish up the Clinical Research Coalition program, MWO assignments, and at least the 1st module of the Regulatory Affairs Council

No spend days/No spend weeks/Limited Spending Month

Time outdoors and meditation/sitting quietly

Craft time (jewelry design)

Finish (or start) at least 2 other e-courses

Manage at least 30-45 minutes a day learning Spanish

So how did I do with each of them?

At least 130-150,000 steps: I managed to meet and surpass the goal of 150,000 steps. I actually managed to get in 187,411 steps–this included 2 full walks at Boomer Lake, a partial walk at Boomer Lake, and probably half a dozen walks or so with Chaos throughout the neighborhood.

Get a new pedometer: I got a new pedometer that also acts as a watch during the day. I decided that I didn’t need to sleep with it on (as one of the features is sleep tracking), as I usually sleep better without knowing how often I toss and turn

Finish up CIZE and then move on to 21-Day Fix Live: I finished up CIZE (more or less), and while I have started 21-Day Fix Live, I’ve also been walking and doing things outside as well, so there are days that aren’t ‘tracked’ via the Beachbody workout platform, since they no longer have an option for adding in non-Beachbody workouts.

Read (or finish) 3 non-fiction books: While I’ve been reading, I haven’t actually finished any of the three that I started as I’m also trying to work through the various exercises within the books as well. The books that I’m currently reading are:

‘Design Your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

‘Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work’ by Kanika Tolver

‘Reivention Road Map’ by Liz Ryan

Read 3 fiction books: I have manage to read quite a few books this month (though I have yet to write any book reviews). The books I read were:

My One Night (On My Own #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

State of Affairs (First Family #1) by Marie Force

I also re-read the entire Fatal series by Marie Force as well before State of Affairs was released (there were 16 full length books and two novellas in the series).

I also read the first two books of the ‘Steeles at Silver Island’ series by Melissa Foster.

Finish up the Clinical Research Coalition program, work on the MWO assignments, and start in on the Regulatory Affairs Council program (three of the advanced Cheeky Scientist programs): Well, none of this happened this month.

No spend days/No spend weeks/Limited spending month: I did okay for the first three-fourths of the month, there were book splurges towards the end of the month. More on this in the next installment of my limited spending challenge updates.

Time outdoors and meditation/sitting quietly: Weather was nice, so there was more time outdoors, and I have been meditating most nights as well.

Craft time (jewelry design–try to make 1 necklace/bracelet set): Nope, the only crafts I did this month was a little photography and the addictive color by number pictures on the kindle app

Finish (or start) at least two other e-courses: Well, since I didn’t complete any of the cheeky courses, this didn’t happen either.

Manage at least 30-45 minutes a day refreshing Spanish: I think I managed a day or two of Spanish this past month.

So in terms of meeting my goals for April–I think I am more or less at an even fifty percent. I managed to meet half the goals, while not getting close on the other half of the goals. Part of the problem is the nice weather–I want to be outside, so I go outside but I usually don’t take anything out with me to work on–then I get upset with myself at the end of the day when ‘nothing’ has really been accomplished.

Another problem–is just the mindless scrolling through both the internet and social media. Therefore, I’m going to start making use of the one ‘time management’ application (Self Control) that I downloaded earlier in the year, but have yet to activate it. While I have done my ‘May brain dump’, I’m also going to be putting thing on a weekly ‘to-be-accomplished’ list with a set of due-dates for various stages of work (research/rough draft/editing/posting and publication). This will hopefully allow me to get more posts and pages up on the blog, and possibly some posts for LinkedIn as well.

I’m also giving myself grace, as I realize that everything is cyclic, and while some months may be extremely productive, the next month (or two) may not be that productive, but things can always swing back towards productive with a little bit of focus.

Therefore, the goals for May 2021 will include:

At least 135-155,000 steps; since the weather will be getting warmer, hopefully there will be at least a weekly walk at Boomer Lake, and possibly half a dozen or so with Chaos through the neighborhood

Finish up 21-Day Fix Live and then start 21-Day Fix Extreme Live

Finish reading the 3 non-fiction books listed above

Read 3 fiction books

Finish the Clinical Research Coalition program, the MWO assignments, and the first 2 modules (at least) of the Regulatory Affairs Council program

No spend days/no spend weeks/limited spending month

Time outdoors and meditation/sitting quietly

Craft time

Finish (or start) at least two other e-courses

Manage at least 30-45 minutes of Spanish at least 5 days a week

Activate the time management app: Self Control

While continuing to remind myself: ‘Progress over Perfection’, ‘You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one’ and ‘Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make’

In addition to remembering: Growth, Creativity, Curiosity, Happiness, and Prosperity were the words I chose for 2021.

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Limited Spending Challenge Update #2: Acknowledging the splurge

We’re into March–which means that I review how I did for February in terms of my year-long limited spending challenge.

I decided that instead of trying to do ‘no-spend’ challenges (which I usually failed at, since I have a large impulsive spending habit), I would try to a ‘limited-spending’ challenge.

The main difference: I was labeling things ahead of time as either needed/necessary or splurge purchases.

With that being said–February was a splurge month in terms of books.

We had a period of really cold, chilly, and snowy weather where I was only going outside briefly with the dogs. I spent most of the time inside and curled up with my Kindle. So instaed of making headway through the numerous books that I already had on my Kindle–I splurged and bought several more books.

After finishing one of the books that I had pre-ordered: ‘Blackout after Dark’ (Gansett Island #23) by Marie Force, I went back and ordered the last seven books of the Quantum series (I already had the first one), since a character or two made a ‘cross-over’ in the book.

I also bought and read Catalina (The Alders #10) by Avery Gale, and then went and re-ead the first nine books, read the ShadowDance Club series (numerous characters were mentioned throughout the Alder series; and I bought this series back in December), and then bought and read the Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series as well.

The only series that I haven’t finished (that I bought last month) has been the Quantum series–and after I finish the book I’m currently reading, I will probably start that series.

I also bought several items for my pagan/Wicca altar as well this month. Those items included two small statues and crystals (both rough and smooth). While I like the look of the altar, I’m thinking of possibly getting one more statue (just to have it look symmetrical), and possibly another crystal or two.

The altar looks a little ‘cramped’ but that is because I currently have it on a small shelf, and also have basically all the stones out—I haven’t decided which ones I like best, so I have them all out (probably not the best idea–but that is how I roll). Since the area is cramped an d not the best for also trying to do card readings, I will be moving items to where I do my card readings and then back to the shelf/altar when I’m done with them.

So besides buying numerous books, I also had several pre-ordered as well and those were:

Call You Mine (The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers #4) by Claudia Buroga

Inked Persuasion (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Securing Jane (A SEAL of Protection: Legacy Series Novella) by Susan Stoker

Blackout After Dark (Gansett Island #23) by Marie Force

Crew (Anderson Billionaires #5) by Melody Anne

Rocky Mountain Forever (Six Pack Ranch #12) by Vivian Arend

Submission Impossible (Masters & Mercenaries Reloaded #1) by Lexi Blake

Rory (Hope City #7) by Maryann Jordan

I’ve realized that over the past few weeks that sometimes it is better to do a little bit of splurging instead of trying to not spend the money–I usually end up spending way mor later than I initially had planned on.

The other thing I’ve realized over the past month or so–at times my inner critic/imposter syndrome views money and food in the same light–trying to avoid spending or eating something usually ends up with me either overspending or overindulging in something later. I’m slowly working on striking a ‘balance’ in both areas, but I also realize that I’m an impulsive shopper (especially online) and that is a habit I also need to work on curbing.

As I head into March, I know that there will be at least one additional ‘needed’ purchase (a birthday present for my niece), and then my large Amazon order (which will have Chaos’ flaxseed and omega-3 pills in it)–but no e-book splurges.

Looking at the list of books that I have on pre-order for both this month and next month–I can safely say that I probably won’t be splurging on books. After I finish reading my current book, then the Quantum series, plus a few others that are pre-ordered this month, I will be rereading the Fatal series by Marie Force to be ready to read the first book in the spinoff series: State of Affairs that comes out on April 20th next month.

So–while there were splurges in February, I’ve splurged worse last year and therefore I’m not going to ‘beat’ myself up over the fact. This is a year-long challenge and there will always be slight setbacks in any challenge. The ‘winning’ aspect is acknowledging that you slipped, and trying a little harder next month not to continue slipping backyards–but start sliding forward.

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