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The algae eater “standing” on its head (short post)

So today’s photography challenge is brought to you by Jaws the algae eater. We actually have three different algae eaters (one in each aquarium), and Jaws is the one I take the most pictures of, mainly because it is in the aquarium in my room, and I think its also probably the largest of the three algae eaters (I got a rough measurement of about 11 and half inches a couple of weeks ago)–though I haven’t tried to measure the other two–mainly because I never have a tape measure on me, when they’re cleaning the front of an aquarium where I could try to measure their length.

Jaws “standing” on its head

Jaws was having a snack this evening as I was doing my workout (or trying to show off that it could do an head stand, while I can’t do a hand stand). Its been an active fish lately in trying to clean up the gravel in the front to where this is like the third time that I’ve seen it “standing” on its head while eating.

I’ve thought of getting some other fresh water fish for the aquarium, but they don’t seem to live as long as algae eaters do. Who knows, the next aquarium might have a few little gold fish along with an small algae eater, so that Pancakes will have her fish tv to keep her company when I’m at work.

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Doing double duty—Jaws the Algae eater (photography challenge days 20 and 21)

Well I might be having to invest into that new camera soon rather than later (unless I can figure out where I put the charge cord that plugs into the computer). I thought I’d set aside the correct cord (I have two that are of similar lengths but for two different things), but I didn’t pick the correct one–so I either need to remember where I put them (its always that safe spot that you can never remember when you need to); or I need to figure out if I can afford a nicer camera and buy it (though I’m waiting to hear if the cord I saw on amazon will fit my particular camera [it wasn’t listed in the large group]).

So, the double picture for yesterday and today is of Jaws, my algae eater.  Right now he is the only fish in the aquarium because I haven’t spotted any fish at any stores that I like to buy to give him some company.

Jaws the algae eater

Right now Jaws is somewhere between 10 and 13 inches long. How do I know this–I wait until he is cleaning the front of the aquarium and I measure with a tape measure (not the best way–but it does give a somewhat accurate measurement).

Pancakes loves watching all three algae eaters (we have one in each aquarium, where the other two aquariums also have either a goldfish or a koi in it as well), and she taps the aquarium every so often to say “hello”. She also has a liking for the fish food, so if any is dropped, she cleans it up (if algae pellets are dropped, its usually Chewi cleaning those up).

I’m trying to figure out how large of a “fish TV” I’m going to have to get her when we move (either this fall or next spring). I know that there will be an algae eater in it, and then possibly one or two goldfish. I’ve given up on trying to keep a salt water aquarium going (too much water changing, and the fish are extremely expensive).

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