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Reflecting back on September…….

Well tomorrow is yet another new month, the planet continues it orbit around the sun (though I’d swear some days are longer than others)—but where did the month go??? According to the calendar we’ve entered the fall season, which is my second favorite season (right behind spring). Hopefully the temperatures will start to agree and stay out of the 90s.

Sunset caught after getting of the T one night in Boston.

Though one thing this month I didn’t do was actually committing to a workout program—I just couldn’t find the mindset or the workout that appealed to me (Going to be working on this one for awhile). I’m thinking that I’ve probably gained a pound or two back this month—stress and worry can do that, especially when you have a sweet tooth that you let run wild.

I did make it through the monthly squat challenge—today was actually a combo day to get the last two days in (though I did managed some yesterday)—so yes I basically did 200 squats throughout the day today.

I again came close to my monthly step goal of 300,000. Again stress and worry had me sitting on my butt a couple of days (and I have realized that I tend to be more sedentary on the weekends), and I’m basically down two days (more or less). If I manage 12,000 steps/day for the rest of the year I may be able to break 4 million by Dec 31st.

It was also my birthday this month, which means that I’m yet another year older, but not any closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life. I’ve been doing both personal and professional development this month working on that question, and I’m not sure I’m any closer to figuring out the answer today than I was at the beginning of the month. Read More

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Reflecting on the past year……

I bet you’ve clicked on this post because of the title—right? Or I may be wrong. But it is a catchy title…

So Wednesday was the birthday, and I’ve taken the past couple of days trying to reflect on the past year, how things have gone, what I want to change (or what needs to change), and where would I like to be by my birthday next year. I’ve been doing a lot of reading of personal development books since the job ended July 31st, and several of them have gotten me thinking about my career.


I love science, the research (not so much the hours or low pay), the collaborative environment that most academic places have, and just always getting to meet new people. One drawback on that is—scientific research is really the only thing I know (not counting the paper route that I had as a kid), I’ve been doing research in some form since I was a senior in high school—so basically half my life (or a little over that now) has been spent in a lab doing something.  Read More

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