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Introducing the first of the Wilder Brothers: Eli

Welcome to Texas, and the Wilder brothers series.

This is a ‘spin-off’ series focusing on Eliza’s brothers (who were first briefly introduced in Inked Obsession [book two of the Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins mini-series]).

One Way Back to Me is the first in the series and focuses on Eli and Alexis and takes place about two years after ‘A Night for Us’ (the free prequel to the series).

Eli and his brothers bought land from a retired Air Force general, and are slowly figuring out the ‘civilian’ life—including how to run a resort and winery.

Each brother has their own little piece, and the resort and winery are going well—but they need a wedding coordinator.

They’ve gone through two wedding coordinators in two years, and are desperate for one that will last.

Who should apply for the job—the one woman that Eli didn’t think he’d ever see again—Alexis.

Alexis applies for the job, as she is need of a new beginning after the disastrous end to her marriage.

The brothers hire her on as the new wedding coordinator for the Wilder Retreat and Winery.

Alexis and Eli realize that their attraction to each other wasn’t just a ‘one-night’ thing.

While they’re trying to figure out their relationship—someone comes ‘knocking’.

What does Alexis’s ex want? How big of a pain will the Dodge family be, and who is being hired as the top chef???

The answers to those questions, and a ‘surprise’ visit from a few familiar faces from Colorado can be found within the pages of ‘One Way Back to Me’.

I absolutely loved this book and the introduction of Eliza’s brothers. I will freely admit that when I read she had six brothers—I had my fingers crossed that there would be another spinoff series.

Carrie Ann did not disappoint with this book. I loved Eli and Alexis’s story, and am going to have to hold off until all of the Wilder boys get their happily-ever-after before I can decide on my ‘favorite’.

So, grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle in to find out what the Wilder boys are up to and I’m hoping to see a glimpse of Eliza and family in each additional book.

I give ‘One Way Back to Me’ five out of five stars and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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Introducing the Wilder brothers and Alexis…A great prequel, now waiting on book one

So what happens when you and your younger brothers all get out of the military at the same time?

The Wilder brothers (first introduced in Inked Obsession) are out of the Air Force and figuring out how to adjust to civilian life.

Eli, Evan, Everett, Elijah, East and Elliot are settling into life in Texas, and deciding on what to do now that they’re all civilians.

Eli has the crazy idea of them buying land and going into business together.

A friend invites Eli and Everett to ‘crash’ a wedding, and that’s where Eli finds her—Alexis.

A Night for Us was a great introduction to Eliza’s brothers and Alexis. I’m now impatiently waiting on “One Way Back to Me” to be released to find out how Eli and Alexis’s relationship turns out.

I’m sure that the Wilder brother series will have an appearance or two by Eliza, Beckett, and the Fort Collins Montgomery family.

I give “A Night for Us” five out of five stars, and highly recommend it (and the Montgomery Ink World) to anyone looking for a great contemporary romance to read.

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Evernight Unleashed: The Final Installment in the Ravenwood Coven Trilogy

Welcome back again to Ravenwood, Pennsylvania—a small town both like and unlike others.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy (Dawn Unearthed and Dusk Unveiled)—I suggest you stop here, and go read both Sage and Rome’s, and then Laurel and Jax’s stories before continuing…

Evernight Unleashed is the final book in the Ravenwood trilogy and is Rowen and Ash’s story.

What happens when the ‘family’ curse takes your soul?

What happens when your mate bond breaks?

Rowen and Ash grew up together, loved each other, and then ‘loss’ each other—or did they?

While trying to save her town, Rowen discovers the enemy’s ‘tie’ to both her and the town.

The coven needs to break the Christopher family ‘curse’ once and for all in order to survive…

What is ‘buried’ beneath the town?

All these and yet more is revealed in the pages of ‘Evernight Unleashed’.

While I enjoyed the trilogy—I think that this one was my favorite. I was always wondering what secrets Ash was hiding when he came back to town.

There are a few other little twists thrown into the story…Possibly another mystical creature…

Paranormal romances are one of my favorite genera, and this book (and actually trilogy) did not disappoint. I highly recommend Evernight Unleashed (and the previous two books) to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance with a few twists.

Carrie Ann Ryan doesn’t disappoint whether it is contemporary or paranormal romance. I highly recommend the Ravenwood Coven trilogy to anyone who wants to take a trip without leaving the comfort of his or her home (or favorite chair).

So, pour yourself some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and settle into getting to know some dear friends. I give Evernight Unleashed five out of five stars.

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ARC review: The latest Montgomery Ink: Inked Craving-A friends to Lovers tale

Welcome back to Fort Collins, and the Montgomery Ink family.

Inked Craving picks up where Inked Devotion left off, and features Paige and Lee.

Paige is the youngest of the Montgomerys (she has four older siblings, and fifteen older cousins), is the office manager for the family business, and is workingo nmeding her broken heart.

She had thought she was getting a proposal, instead she is working on mending her heart and determined to move forward with her life.

Lee has been an ‘honorary’ Montgomery for years–what with being best friends with Beckett and Benjamin.

He comes to Paige’s rescue during a thunderstorm, and is the first to find out her ‘secret’.

He promises to be there as a friend to help her adjust and deal with things, since she is determined to do things without family interference.

They slowly go from friends to lovers, with all the ‘normal’ bumps in the road.

Though there is also some danger lurking in the shadows….

Who is Clay’s ‘secret admirer’?

Will Paige and Lee be able to hand the bumps and twists?

The answers and more can be found within the pages of Inked Craving; I give Inked Cravings five out of five stars. I’m really enjoying the Fort Collins branch of the family, and especially enjoyed the appearance of a couple of Montgomery cousins from Denver. I would say that I’m ‘sad’ that Archer’s story is the last in the Montgomery family—but it looks like we’ll be seeing the next generation as they grow up and get their own stories.

Looking forward to seeing Archer get his happily-ever-after this summer. Take a dive into the Montgomery Ink World—a perfect way of dealing with the chills of winter.

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Back to the Montgomery Ink World: Review of Nothing But Ink

Welcome back to the Montgomery Ink world.

‘Nothing But Ink’ is set within the Fort Collins branch of the Montgomery family, and features Clay and Riggs.

The story also features an appearance by some of the members of the Denver branch of the family.

Clay is first introduced back in the ‘original’ Montgomery Ink world (Inked Expressions), and has grown up a lot since then.

Riggs was first introduced in ‘Inked Persuasion’ as the owner of a local bar ‘Riggs’ that the Montgomerys frequently go to.

Unknown to the others—Clay and Riggs knew each other in high school…

Coveted looks have been shared up to this point…when they take a night just for themselves.

Clay doesn’t think he has room for someone else in his present, not with having to care for his cousins…

Rigg’s past is back to haunt…

Can they find their way back to each other??

The answer, plus the more can be found within the pages of ‘Nothing But Ink’.

It was nice to see Clay and Riggs get their story, and to see how far Clay had grown since Inked Expressions.

I enjoy every trip back into the Montgomery Ink world (and probably should schedule a weekend to binge read all the interconnected series), and Nothing But Ink, delivered another breathtaking hit.

I give Nothing But Ink, five out of five stars and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a second-chance romance and it’s a ‘perfect’ introduction to the world if you haven’t read any of the previous books.

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Review: Dusk Unveiled. Fated Mates, A Curse, and More

Welcome back to Ravenwood, Pennsylvania–a town both like and unlike others.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series (Dawn Unearthed)–I would suggest you stop here, and go and read Sage & Rome’s story before continuing…

Dusk Unveiled picks up shortly after Dawn Unearthed, and features Laurel and Jaxton.

Laurel is the fire witch of the coven–who is unable to fully use her powers due to the Christopher family curse.

Jaxton Dark is the leader of the local hawk shifters, and a ‘fixer’ within the town.

While they know they’re mates—Laurel refuses to cement the bond as she strives to protect those she loves…

While everyone is still recovering from the last battle and the lives lost—their enemies don’t waste time and attack again…

Can they find a way to break the Christopher family curse before they lose each other?

Is the coven strong enough to repel Oriel’s latest attack?

Is there a traitor hiding within Ravenwood?

The answers to these questions and more—lie within the pages of ‘Dusk Unveiled’.

I loved the second installment of the Ravenwood Coven trilogy, and reading Laurel and Jax’s story.

There was an ‘unexpected’ twist at the end of the book—and I’m looking forward to the third and final book (Rowen and Ash’s story) to see how the coven handles the twist and to see Rowen and Ash get their happily-ever-after.

I’ve always enjoyed paranormal romance books, and the Ravenwood coven books have been hitting it out of the park across the board—though I hope that there may be a novella (or novel) for Nelle and Aspen as well in the future.

I give ‘Dusk Unveiled’ five out of five stars and highly recommend it to anyone who likes idea that the supernatural live among us.

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An opposites-attract, and friends-to-lovers story: Review of My Bad Decisions

‘My Bad Decisions’ is the final book in the ‘On My Own’ series by Carrie Ann Ryan, and features Tanner and Natalie.

This is an opposites-attract, friends-to-lovers romance.

They’re the last two ‘single’ roommates between the two houses.

He considers himself to be from the ‘wrong side’ of town, and she’s the ‘rich’ one in the group–the one ‘out of his reach’.

An night out with some high school classmates and Natalie accidentally ‘discovers’ Tanner’s college occupation.

What do stolen kisses, a broken window, and an afternoon together add up to?

The answer(s) can be found within the pages of ‘My Bad Decisions’.

While completing their final semester of college, can Tanner and Natalie also weather the drama of both their families, and figuring out if they’re just ‘friends’ or more than friends?

I absolutely loved the book and how it wove a wonderful ending together for everyone: Dillon and Elise, Percy and Mackenzie, Miles and Nessa, and Tanner and Natalie. While I was sad that the series has ended, I’m hoping to periodically catch glimpses of the couples in future Montgomery Ink books—since they are part of the Montgomery Ink family.

I give ‘My Bad Decisions’ five out of five stars, and hope that there may be a novella or two ( or perhaps four) in the future allowing us to catch up with these wonderful couples.

If you haven’t given the On My Own series a try—go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Mix one part road-trip, two parts secrets, & tequila. Results: Inked Devotion.

Welcome back to the Fort Collins’ branch of the Montgomery family.

Inked Devotion picks up after Inked Obsession (so while it is a stand alone book—it may be easier to understand if you’re read the first two books in this mini series), and focuses on Benjamin and Brenna.

Brenna Garrett is use to large family gatherings, after all she has six siblings—so she usually feels right at home with the Montogomerys.

Though, unbeknownst to everyone she has been keeping a rather large secret (though she did try to tell Beckett).

During lunch with his ex-girlfriend and her wife, Benjamin is surprised by a favor they ask of him.

Brenna has decided to drive back to Virginia for a family reunion—making use of the time to think about how to tell people about her ‘secret’.

Not wanting to deal with his siblings yet, Benjamin asks to tag along so that he can also think on his ex’s request.

Throw in a storm, some tequila, sharing a room for a night, and Benjamin meeting Brenna’s family—and everyone’s plans get shaken up.

Can Benjamin and Brenna figure out how to make their relationship work?

How will the rest of the Montgomerys react to their news?

The answers to both of these questions and more lie within the pages of Inked Devotion; I give Inked Devotion five out of five stars. While I love all the books within the Montgomery Ink world, I’ve really been enjoying the Fort Collins branch. I’m looking forward to the last two books (Paige and then Archer), to see how those two get their happily-ever-afters.

Inked Devotion will be released on October 26, 2021.

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Reunited Lovers Escaping Their Past: Review of Inked Kingdom

The ‘series’ page for Underworld Kings gives the best description for the series.

“A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between. Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for everyone.”

So, while I don’t go with the underworld, biker club, mafia family backdrop all that often, I was curious to see how Carrie Ann would weave it into her much larger Montgomery Ink world. Because you know if the word Inked in is title–some Montgomery is going to be making an appearance.

Inked Kingdom introduces Stone as he is trying to figure out how to get out of the ‘kingdom’ that he no longer wants to be a part of—but knows that the only real way out is death.

With some unexpected ‘help’, he is able to escape and makes his way west.

Sarina managed to escape the ‘kingdom’ years ago and is making a new life for herself in Denver, though she still looks over her shoulder for the past. She has found a place for herself working for the Montgomerys and another ‘kingdom’ escapee.

When their paths cross in Denver, can Sarina put her fear of the past repeating itself behind her and reconnect with who Stone is now—or will the Kingdom be able to keep them apart?

The answers are within the pages of Inked Kingdom.

I enjoyed the introduction of Stone and Sarina, and the visit with the Montgomerys, and will be interested to see if they show up in future books. I give Inked Kingdom five out of five stars.

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Mix together one poltergeist, one departmental audit, and an unexpected past. Catnip & Curses: A Review

The FBI division of Occult Crimes is getting an audit, and a new poltergeist case all at the same time.

To keep their division from being shut down, Elena Rivera and Logan Hawthorne have to prove that the things that go bump in the night are real.

Having converted her ‘non-believer’ partner into a believer, one would think that dealing with their ‘shadows’ would be easy.

But, once you mix in a mad poltergeist, two very staunch cynics, vivid dreams, and a past that no one was expecting—and you have the perfect setting for Catnip and Curses.

I’m looking forward to the final book being released next month and finding out how Elena and Logan deal with their respective pasts, and what the future holds for the Occult Crimes division of the FBI.

I give Catnip and Curses five out of five stars, and highly recommend both the book and the series to anyone looking for a lighthearted mystery, with both a touch of the paranormal and romance.

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