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Day Seven of photo challenge

Well today is a little of a two for one—the photos are both for the challenge and also for almost completing an task off my 101+ Goal List.

If you remember with the goal list (and even level 10 life), you can set anything to be a goal as long as you try to complete it within next 1001 days (or for the level 10 life, whenever you’re going to be doing another reassessment of the levels and whether or not that goal is on that particular list).

The extremely cluttered desk is almost back to normal


One of the things that has been on my nerves lately has been my desk (see the above picture left corner). It is a catch all for just about everything in my life right now (due in part to not having a dresser and it taking the place of said dresser). There were a lot of things on the desk that needed to either find a new home (I boxed up the big notebooks that were taking up quite a bit of the space), or just get organized (nothing like using one of the many coffee cups that I seemed to have collected as a pencil/pen holder).

There is some free space now in the middle, to where if I want to place a chair near it I probably could put my computer on the desk and actually feel like somewhat of an adult for using the desk for its main purpose.

One of the books that I’m reading (and ones that I’ve finished) state that the bedroom should be kept to just sleeping and getting dressed, and therefore shouldn’t have everything else from the house found in there–I agree, with the exception that for the most part it is the rest of the house (minus the bathroom and kitchen) for me (especially if I want to get away from everyone else–having the TV is nice that I can watch what I want without worrying about what others might be wanting to watch).

There are still a few other things that probably can be moved off the desk and will over the next few weeks, but at least I’ve started to clean off the catch-all that my desk had become. Not bad for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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Feeling like I’m on a merry-go-round

Is there any way to turn back the clock a week or two? How about a couple of months? It feels like all the progress I’ve made in August and September have been lost over the past two months. I enjoyed my time in London and stepping out of my comfort zone a little on that trip (going to the Nature Job expo to network), but since getting back it seems like I’ve been sliding backwards.

Tomorrow will start week three of T25–I should have restarted it last week, but was feeling slightly under the weather, so I’m going to start week 3 again tomorrow (even if I feel like I should be totally starting over–I won’t). I’m hoping that it will give me the jolt that I need to try to get back into the routine I was slowly getting into before I went over seas.

Nutrition has totally sucked the past two weeks, and I’d been doing so good for about a week and half before everything went downhill.  It sucks when you realize that you only have probably a year or less left with a pet that you’ve had for over fifteen years (canine cancer sucks). We found out that she has cancer (probably thyroid) and its spread. I’d made the decision that she gets to live out the rest of her life being spoiled (she is now getting turmeric gravy every night before bed), until she shows signs of pain, and then it will be time for her to run free at the rainbow bridge.

So if there are sporadic posts at times–that is why I’m spending time spoiling my precious pup (yes, I know she isn’t technically a puppy-but to me she will always be my puppy).

Chewi sleeping on the couch

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Tried the sneak peak of 80 Day Obsession, and planning my minimizing self challenge

Well this week Beachbody is doing something different with their on-demand workout platform. They are giving a week long streaming sneak peak of the new workout program that is coming in January, that is called 80 Day Obsession. This is Autumn Calabrese’s latest workout program for Beachbody. Now I have a love/hate relationship with Autumn’s 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workout programs–I love them, but at the same time I hate them.

This is one of my more favorite memes when it comes to her workouts–during both 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme–the workouts were one minute–but it is one long minute.

So her newest program is of a similar fashion–but its 80 DAYS, instead of 21. The sneak peak today was a core focused workout–and I only managed about half of it (and that was even more modified than what the modifier was doing). I think this is going to be a really cool program, but since I’ve neglected my fitness regime for the past year or so–I know that I need to work up to doing this program.  Currently I’m doing a second round of T25 with Shawn T, and will be restarting week 3 tomorrow (last week wasn’t a good week). After I get through all three rounds of T25, I’m going to move on probably a hybrid program that will mix cardio with weight training (something that I miss doing), and hopefully by the summer be able to give Autumn’s new workout program the attention that it deserves.

So the other thing that I’m going to be trying to plan this week is a minimization challenge. I’ve realized that depending on how the job hunt goes (I do have a slightly informal job offer, and an Skype interview next week), I could be moving within the next two months. Now I have a lot of stuff in my storage unit that needs to get repacked, due to the fact that the boxes have been sitting in that storage unit for almost 5 years now, and the boxes are starting to fall in on themselves and the tape is starting to come off. The thing is I don’t want to be adding another 15-20 boxes into that jumble, and I’m not sure right now how many boxes it would take to pack up everything that I’ve acquired since moving in with my parents.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to work on lessening the amount of things I have to pack, though right now majority of it is clothes (which may be a little harder for me to part with), but we shall see what I’m able to do (or at least how I’m able to do creative packing). 🙂 Nothing is ever a quick fix, fast route, or easy solution. Trying to figure out where we should be, our dream job(s), and what our life should look like takes time, and the roads at time can curve back around and it will seem that we’ve ended up back at square one.

It isn’t square one in the same sense–you’ve been there before, and now can chose a different door (or window). Remember we are all in charge of our own futures (even if it doesn’t always seem that way).

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Review of Minimalist makeover: Four easy step-by-step strategies to simplify your life as much as you want; By Zoe McKey

So far this month I’ve been able to finish Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert and start another book. I’ve decided that the next few books that I’m going to read are going to revolve around minimalism.

Now I’m not going to all of a sudden just have the extreme bare necessities in my future home–it will be cozy, but I have come to the realization that I can be a pack rat at times with certain things. I think trying to take suggestions from Zoe McKey’s book and some of the other books I’ve read I can design an scheme that works for me–it may not work for other people, but it can bring some sense of balance to my own life.

I’ve been thinking about reducing the amount of “stuff” I own for quite awhile. One reason is that when I move I don’t want to be adding a massive number of boxes to what I already have in storage (that I’d be sorting through once I got to my new place). Other reasons is that with things going more and more digital—do I really need all the CDs or DVDs (answer—I’m going to keep some—but not all).

I agree with the author that the western hemisphere has the mentality of more, more, and more, which does drive capitalism, but doesn’t really buy us happiness. I’ve also realized that having too many things, which I never get around to dusting, is causing both my allergies and my anxiety to flare at times.

Zoe introduces two theories of minimalism from Japan and two from Nordic countries. She also emphasizes that you can pick and choose the parts of the theory that resounds best with you to work with. Personally—I’ll probably be going more with Nordic ways of lagom and hygge than the KonMari or Wabi-sabi methods (but in a year to two, I may incorporate a little of those as well).

As Zoe said in her book “You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Know your goals and act, declutter, and minimize accordingly”. For me that is to ensure that if I ever have to use a storage unit again for long term—it will only be half filled.

Moving is a pain in the rear, if I can condense down my belongings to half (or even a third) by the time I have to do a second move (after the next one)–that can save quite a bit of money in the long run.

So one goal is to try to go through the clothes I’ve acquired over the past four years and see how many can be donated or re-purposed to something else.

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